arcsoft® photostudio® 5 ?· arcsoft® photostudio® 5.5 instantly improves your camera, scanner,...

Download ArcSoft® PhotoStudio® 5 ?· ArcSoft® PhotoStudio® 5.5 instantly improves your camera, scanner, printer,…

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  • ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 instantly improves your camera, scanner, printer, or other image-centric device. By combining advanced photo editing with an intuitive user interface,PhotoStudio 5.5 offers your customers everything they need to create, organize, enhance,manipulate, and print their images.

    Target audience:PhotoStudio 5.5 is the one-stop solution for business users and photo enthusiasts in need of apowerful but easy to use imaging application.

    CUSTOMIZED FEATURESEvery ArcSoft application is fully customizable tomeet the requirements set forth by yourbusiness and device. PhotoStudio 5.5 is noexception. Any feature can be altered and newfeatures added per your request to build thebest possible supplement for your products.

    INTUITIVE AND FUNPhotoStudio 5.5 groups various commands andoptions into separate palettes that can bedisplayed about the screen in an infinite numberof ways. Your customers can arrange theappearance of the desktop however they want inorder to maximize their space and work onlywith the tools that they need.

    MACROS & BATCH PROCESSINGYour customers can save their own sets ofcommands as macros, enabling them to applymultiple effects and edits to a photo with asingle click. Batch processing applies a macro toan entire set of photos all at once.

    3D TITLINGThe ArcSoft 3D Text Factory plug-in comesinstalled with PhotoStudio 5.5, giving yourcustomers the ability to create customized three-dimensional titles, captions, and more. Theyhave full control over the text style, depth, andshading. Three-dimensional text enhances anyimage, slide show, or presentation.

    AUTO SELECTION TOOLSThe "Magnetic Lasso" tool helps your customersmake selections around people and otherobjects by automatically "snapping" aroundthem. The objects can then be cropped out orpasted onto other pictures.

    REAL-TIME EFFECT PREVIEWINGEvery effect and enhancement can be previewedin real-time. Your customers can quickly seemodifications to their photos without having towait for edits to be processed. They'll saveincredible amounts of time and be able to makechanges to their projects in a more effectivemanner.

    IMAGE LAYERINGMultiple photos and text can be stacked into asingle image file, with each layer capable ofbeing edited independently from the rest.Components can be blended together to createprofessional-looking designs and images.

    LOTS OF EFFECTSOver 70 special effect and enhancement optionsare available. Your customers can adjust theintensity of each effect and apply multipleeffects over and over to create truly uniquedigital images. And since every change ispreviewable in real-time, no time is wastedapplying an unwanted effect.

    FAST, AUTOMATIC ENHANCINGRed-eye removal is only a mouse click away. The"Auto Enhance" feature quickly applies a set ofcolor-correcting commands to a photo to makeit vivid and clear. Your customers can freely touchup their photos any way they want, but we'vealso included the tools that do half the work forthem.

    MULTI-CROPPINGPhotoStudio individually crops out single photosfrom an entire bed of scanned images, givingyour customers more time to enjoy their pics.

    SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSWindows 98SE/Me/2000/XP Pentium II-based processor or equivalent 50 MB free hard disk space 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended) 16-bit color display

    SPACE USED ON CD20 MB (one language)


    MSRP: $79.99

    ArcSoft, Inc. 46601 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 Tel: 1.510.440.9901 Fax: 1.510.440.1270

  • Stamps and Fun Edges

    Photo Browser

    Extended Tool Bar

    Built-in ArcSoft 3D Text Factory


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