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Capsicum Malaga Birds Eye Chilli Seeds EXTREMELY HOT African birdseye (or African devil or African red devil) is a cultivar of the chili pepper that grows both wild and domesticated. It is a small and extremely spicy member of the capsicum plant genus. The plants are usually very bushy and grow in height to 45-120 centimeters, with leaves of 4-7 cm length and 1.3-1.5 cm width. The fruits are generally tapered to a blunt point and measure up to 2.5 centimeters long. Immature pod color is green, mature color is bright red or purple. Some varieties of birdseye measure up to 175,000 Scoville Heat Units.

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Capsicum Malaga Birds Eye Chilli SeedsEXTREMELY HOTAfrican birdseye (or African devil or African red devil) is a cultivar of the chili pepper that grows both wild and domesticated. It is a small and extremely spicy member of the capsicum plant genus.The plants are usually very bushy and grow in height to 45-120 centimeters, with leaves of 4-7 cm length and 1.3-1.5 cm width. The fruits are generally tapered to a blunt point and measure up to 2.5 centimeters long. Immature pod color is green, mature color is bright red or purple. Some varieties of birdseye measure up to 175,000 Scoville Heat Units.Piri-piri, peri-peri or peli-peli is the name used in the ex-Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola to describe the African bird's-eye chili. The variations in spelling derive from the various pronunciations of the word in parts of Africa, although "piri-piri" is the correct spelling in Portuguese.

In Mozambican cuisine, piri-piri is often used in preparing sauces and marinades for roast and grilled dishes, especially chicken and various fish. Piri-piri is widely used in a vast number of dishes of Portuguese cuisine.

Nando's, the Portuguese-themed chicken restaurant, originated in South Africa from Portuguese who left Mozambique after the independence in 1975. The chain uses piri-piri in many of its dishes, and helped popularise them worldwide. The company, however, prefers the common South African spelling peri peri on its menus and branded sauces.

In Northeastern Brazil the pepper is known as the malagueta (a term also used in Portugal, but generally for bigger varieties of chili), and it is by far the most common pepper found in both the food and the markets of the region. It is commonly used as an ingredient in the cuisine of Bahia, and as a condiment in the rest of the Northeast.

Piri-piri Sauce isthe hot West African sauce made from dried and soaked piri-piri chillies that is a staple condiment used to accompany many West African soups and stews. Though the origin of this sauce is probably Portuguese, it is now well established as a popular West African condiment and is considered an essential accompaniment to any meal in many households.

Piri-e is also the name given in Portugal to most hot sauces, especially those created with piri-piri. Another explanation for the naming of the piri piri sauce is that it originated from the Gujarati term piri piri, meaning very yellow, in reference to the color of the sauce in the former Portuguese Indian colonies of Daman and Diu. The yellow color of the sauce was imparted by a combination of chilis and turmeric.Piri-piri, un chile muy picante

Elpiri-piri, tambin llamado pili-pili, peri-peri o peli-peli, nicamente por las diversas pronunciaciones de los africanos, esuna variedad de chile muy picante. Lleg a frica a travs de los portugueses, posiblemente a travs de la India occidental.

Elpiri-pirida nombre tambin a las salsas o adobos que se elaboran con esta variedad de chile, hay tanta variedad desalsaspiri-piri como culturas culinarias los han manipulado, Mozambique, Angola, Brasil y por supuesto, Portugal.

La cocina portuguesa tiene muchos platos en los que se aplica el piri-piri, incluso una cadena de restaurantes,Nandos, comercializa su propia salsa piri-piri llegando a los mercados de distintos pases.

El piri-piri es ideal para aderezar carnes y pescados, exquisito si se asa la parrilla, tambin al horno o a la plancha. El adobo se elabora con estos chiles, ajo, zumo de limn, aceite de oliva y especias que van variando segn quien lo elabora, comino, tomillo

Hoy en da se puede encontrar la salsa o el preparado de peri-peri para marinar cualquier establecimiento bien abastecido, tambin los chiles enteros y molidos. Si como nosotros, eres amante de los sabores picantes, seguramente te encantar el piri-piri, adems, puedes darle el grado picante que desees.

Y si ya cuentas con este condimento en tu despensa por qu no nos cuentas cmo lo utilizas?

Peri-Peri conjures up images of tribal healers chanting and sowing seeds of healing and prosperity around red berry bushes in the hot sub-Saharan Africa. Close concept, but not entirelybona fide; Peri-Peri is a renowned native African bird's eye chilli that grows wild in the hilly region of the Southeastern Africa countries of Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Peri-Peri conjures pn imagini de vindectori tribale incantarea i semnat semine de vindecare i de reea Prosperitate n jurul tufisuri boabe n fierbinte Africa sub-saharian.nchidei concept, ns nu n totalitate bona fide Peri-Peri native africane este iute o pasre renumit ochi care crete slbatic n zona colinar a rilor din sud-estul Africii Malawi, Mozambic, Zimbabwe i Africa de Sud.

Photo by David Pastoll: Peri-Peri

The AdvocatePassionate and hot are the words that best described Rochelle Schaetzl when it comes to talking about Peri-Peri. On her tour to Canada last month, Rochelle shed some mysteries surrounding this exotic chilli -- discussed her latest book, "Pain and Pleasure," and the corporate social responsibilities of Nando's International. Rochelle Schaetzl, Research and Development Director for Nando's International grew up in Mpumalanga, Africa. A walking encyclopedia on Peri-Peri, her quest for this African bird's eye chilli began over 10 years ago.

Pasionala si fierbinte sunt cuvintele care Descris Rochelle Schaetzl cel mai bine atunci cnd vine vorba s vorbesc despre Peri-Peri.Pe ei turneu n Canada n ultima lun, vrsat Rochelle unele mistere legate de acest ardei iute exotice - discutat ultima sa carte, "durere i plcere," Responsabilitile social corporativ i de International lui Nando.Schaetzl Rochelle, Director de Cercetare i Dezvoltare pentru Nando's International a crescut n Mpumalanga, Africa de Sud.O enciclopedie de mers pe jos pe Peri-Peri, cutarea ei de ardei iute ochi aceast pasre african a nceput de peste 10 ani n urm.Peri-PeriPeri-Peri means chilli chilli in Swahili language. Also known as Piri-Piri, Pili-Pili or Peli-Peli, this small, pointed, shiny, bright red pod comes from theCapsicum frutescensspecies and the wild varieties are no less than 2 cm in length. Originally from South America, Portuguese explorers brought the chilli to Africa in 1487. The warm, humid, climate coupled with, nitrogen and oxygen rich red soil in South East Africa create the right amount of stress to produce the perfect fiery element and gives this bird's eye chilli itsunique pungent flavour.

The smaller the chilli, the hotter the taste -- this African red devil has a Scoville (SHA) heat measurement around 80,000 to 150,000 making it one of the few top hottest chillies on planet earth. Thai and Habenero peppers are even spicier.Naga JolokiaorBhut Jolokia(ghost chilli) is reported to hold the record for being the world's hottest chilli pepper. Capsaicin is the chemical responsible for chilli's spiciness. Interestingly, capsaicin does not affect birds -- making them excellent chilli pollinators.

Peri-PeriPeri-Peri ardei iute ardei iute nseamn, n limba Swahili.De asemenea, cunoscut ca Piri-Piri, Pili-Pili sau Peli-Peli, acest mic, Point, reea strlucitor, luminos pod mnca din Capsicum frutescens i soiuri de specii slbatice sunt nu mai puin de 2 cm n lungime.Originar din America de Sud, exploratori portughezi adus ardei iute spre Africa n 1487.Umiditate cald,, cuplate cu clima, azot i oxigen reea sol bogat n Africa de Sud-Est a crea dreptul de suma de stres pentru a produce elementul perfect de foc i d acest pasre ochi arom de ardei iute ITS unic neptor.

Mai mici de ardei iute, mai cald gust - aceasta diavolul rosu african are o Scoville (SHA) de cldur de msurare n jurul 80.000-150.000 devenind una dintre ardei CATEVA mai tare top de pe planeta Pmnt.Sunt evenimente Thai i ardei Habenero mai picant.Naga Jolokia sau Bhut Jolokia (ardei iute fantom) este raportat de a deine recordul pentru a fi din lume, ardei iute mai tare.Capsaicina este substanta chimica responsabila pentru picant de ardei iute lui.Interesant, capsaicin Does Nu psri afecta - fcndu-le polenizatori iute excelent.

Addiction, Endorphins and moreA "delicious healthy" addiction, aficionados adapt to its heat, and crave more to relive their initial experience. Too hot for your tongue! Down it with a sweet late harvest wine, sparkling grape and apple juices or dairy products like milk and yogurt. Consuming a tiny pod not only ignites the taste buds, but also stimulates the brain to release endorphins -- creating a surge of exhilaration, pain and euphoria.

Peri-Peri is a rich source for vitamins and minerals -- and holds metabolism enhancing and curative properties. Green Peri-Peri is bursting with Vitamin C. The red ones contain more Vitamin A than fresh carrot -- and sun drying increases the carotene content. Vitamin A is hardy -- components do not breakdown when heated.

From a health perspective, chillies in general are a great cleansing agent, rich in antioxidants -- contain Vitamin B1, B2, B3, folic acid, potassium, phosphorus, iron and calcium -- has no fat, high in dietary fibre and low calorie count. The natural antibiotic -- capsaicin in the chillies delay microbe growth in the human body and also food products. Eating chillies improve blood flow, metabolism and stimulate the appetite.

Dependenta, Endorfinele i mai mult ...Un "delicios sanatoasa" de dependenta, fanii se adapteaz la cldur, i i doresc mai mult pentru a retri experiena lor iniial.Prea fierbinte pentru limba ta!Jos cu un vin dulce recolta trzie, spumant de struguri sau suc de mere i produse lactate cum ar fi lapte i iaurt.Consuma un pod mic aprinde Nu numai papilele gustative, dar de asemenea, stimuleaz creierul s elibereze endorfine - crearea unui val de bucurie, euforie i durere.

Peri-Peri este o surs bogat de vitamine i minerale - i consolidarea metabolismul Susine i proprieti curative.Verde Peri-Peri de rupere este cu vitamina C.Cele de culoare rosie mai contin vitamina A decat morcov proaspete - Creterea gradului de soare de uscare i coninutul de caroten.Vitamina A este rezistent - Nu componente defalcarea Cnd este nclzit.

Din perspectiva sntii, ardeii n general sunt un agent de curare mare, bogat in antioxidanti - contin vitamina B1, B2, B3, acid folic, potasiu, fosfor, fier si calciu - nu are grasimi, bogata in fibre alimentare i caloriiconta.Antibiotic natural - capsaicin n ntrziere microb cretere ardei iute n corpul uman i, de asemenea produse alimentare.Mananca ardei iute mbuntirea fluxului de sange, metabolismul i stimuleaz apetitul.Motivation Behind "Pain and Pleasure"Many countries on the African continent lack awareness of appreciating their heritage. As Rochelle poignantly puts it, "Cultural Amnesia -- forgetting to pay tribute to what they inherited." As a result, little is written on the history and cultures surrounding Peri-Peri -- an African culinary legacy and unique capsicum species native only to this region of the world.

Pain and Pleasureis a book about the contrasts and contradictions of the African bird's eye chilli. Rochelle's interest combined with knowledge, extensive research -- and folklores collected from the locals about this fascinating chilli -- inspired her to document this culinary treasure, the oral stories -- and create a credible reference for future generations.

In addition to her position with Nando's, Rochelle is also a Director with the South African Chef Association. One of her portfolios is to establish and document South African culinary -- to turn myths and folklores to facts. Researching Peri-Peri had opened the door for her to travel, meet, talk, and listen to the stories of the people in almost every country on the African continent.

Pain and Pleasure is a beautifully compiled volume about Peri-Peri -- illustrated with striking photographs, artistic drawings and easy-to-use scrumptious fiery recipes -- a great book for any chilli enthusiasts looking to expand their culinary adventures. The book is currently the most comprehensive source on Peri-Peri in the world.

Motivatia din spatele "durere i plcere"Multe cluburi ar de pe continentul african contientizarea lor Lipsa de apreciere patrimoniului.Ca Rochelle pregnant se pune, "Amnesia Cultural - Uitand sa plateasca tribut la ceea ce au motenit."Ca urmare, putin este scris despre istoria i cultura din jurul Peri-Peri - o mostenire african culinare i speciile indigene Capsicum unic numai la aceast regiune a lumii.

Durere i plcere este o carte despre contrastele i contradiciile de ardei iute ochi pasre africane.Interesul lui Rochelle Combinate cu cunotine, ample de cercetare - i folclorice colectate de la localnici despre acest ardei iute fascinant - inspirat-o s document aceast comoar culinare, povetile orale - i de a crea o referin credibil pentru generaiile viitoare.

n plus, la poziia ei cu lui Nando, Rochelle tambien un director cu Africa de Sud Chef de asociere.Unul dintre ei este de a portofoliilor document culinare stabileasc i din Africa de Sud - la rndul su, mituri i folclor la fapte.Cercetarea Peri-Peri a deschis ua pentru ea s cltoreasc, ntlni, vorbi, i s asculte povetile oamenilor n aproape fiecare ar de pe continentul african.

Durere i plcere este un volum frumos compilat despre Peri-Peri - Baterea ilustrat cu fotografii, desene artistice i uor de utilizat reete foc scrumptious - o carte mare de ardei iute i entuziati de Valori cutarea de a extinde aventurile lor culinare.Cartea este n prezent majoritatea surs cuprinztoare privind Peri-Peri din lume.

Nando's Peri-Peri Sauces

Photo by Nando's Canada: Peri-Peri Sauces

Nando's introduced Peri-Peri chicken and sauces to the world in 1987. Since the opening of its first restaurant in South Africa, Peri-Peri has become a popular ingredient worldwide. Specialty Food Magazine in 2007 rated Peri-Peri amongst the top ten emerging flavours in the world.

African cuisine has strong Portuguese influence -- particularly in countries like Mozambique and Angola. Made from an Afro-Portuguese recipe, Peri-Peri sauces comprised of sun-dried Peri-Peri, lemon, garlic, salt, other spices and ingredients. This all-natural product has an average shelf life of two years. No artificial preservatives are added to the product, as natural anti-microbial properties exist in the chillies, garlic and lemon.

Compared to Tabasco or other Latin American hot sauces, Peri-Peri sauce has a light, clean, slightly tangy, distinct flavour -- a great condiment on chicken, vegetables and seafood -- brings out the flavour of the dish instead of overpowering it. A unique characteristic of Peri-Peri is the delayed heat sensation when consumed -- allowing tasters to savour their food first, then experience the heat.

There is no wonder -- celebrity fans like Oprah Winfrey loves her Nando's Peri-Peri chicken -- and David Beckham and his team frequent the Manchester restaurant. Joining the list are also comedian, Ricky Gervais and famed golfer, Nick Price -- and the popular South African ex-President Nelson Mandela.

Photo by David Pastoll: Peri-Peri grower Mofati Burakufisi with his three wives and children in Peri-Peri fields.

The GrowersThe growers behind Nando's Peri-Peri chillies are subsistence farmers and their families - mostly women in Mozambique who are previous disadvantaged people. Harvesting is a labour intensive job. These small, delicate ripe chillies have to be manually picked -- sun dried to preserve the flavour and shelf life. A chilli when harvested green is called a vegetable and a spice when dried or picked ripe. Approximately 10,000 African families currently benefit from Nando's business.

As global demand rises -- supply of natural Peri-Peri are poised for a challenge. Rochelle and her team are working with the growers and their communities to protect and sustain the production of natural Peri-Peri.

ProductoriCultivatorii de ardei iute din spatele lui Nando Peri-Peri sunt de subzisten agricultori i familiile lor - mai ales femeile din Mozambic care sunt dezavantajai oameni anterioare.recoltarea intensiv de munc este un loc de munc.Aceste ardei iute mic, delicat copt Trebuie s fie alege manual - uscat la soare pentru a pstra aroma i termenul de valabilitate.Un ardei iute verde se recolteaza cand de legume strad i un condiment sau uscate Cnd Cules coapte.n prezent, aproximativ 10.000 din Africa Familii Beneficiai de afaceri lui Nando.

Aa cum crete cererea global - oferta de natural Peri-Peri sunt gata pentru o provocare.Sunt Rochelle i echipa sa lucreaz cu productorii i comunitile lor de a proteja i susine producerea in mod natural de Peri-Peri.

Income and EmploymentSubsistence farming is a common practice among poor rural farmers in most African countries -- a practice that generates little income. To help families become financially independent, Peri Peri cultivation is encouraged. This cash crop generates a greater return for them and their communities than subsistence crops. It also provides employment and paves the way for women folks to earn an income for themselves and their families. In Africa, to create an impact in a community -- education starts with the mother. Give her the money and the fund will be spent to support the children.

Natural and Profitable Defense SystemElephant-Human conflicts are constant issues for many African villages. Elephants trample through the villages seeking water and food sources. To prevent devastation, villagers tend to shoot them. Growing Peri-Peri around the village perimeter creates a natural and profitable defence system for the villages and the people -- as elephants are aggravated by the irritants in the chillies.

Photo by Nando's Canada: Peri-Peri Kebab Dish

Green InitiativesA hip and trendy fast food brand -- Nando's is well aware of the marketing value of going green. Several environmental initiatives are already in place globally -- including the use of biodegradable and recycled materials for packaging and stationeries -- use of wood from sustainable forests for building projects.

Rochelle is presently involved in pioneering a pilot project designing the first completely sustainable restaurant in South Africa. "We want to be known as a responsible brand, and do things right," said Rochelle.

Current regulations require that 80 per cent of a product consist of fair trade sourced material before it can be certified "Fair Trade." Peri-Peri sauces (like most other sauces) are made up of about 40 per cent water -- thus they cannot be certified fair trade -- even though the chillies are sourced in a sustainable fair-trade manner. Fair trade or not, Nando's continues to do what is right from the heart, and gives back to the community.

Charitable CausesA proponent of malaria prevention, Nando's through their partnership with the Kingsley Holgate (humanitarian, author, legendary explorer) in 2007 -- distributed thousands of insecticide-treated anti-malaria nets, malaria prevention pamphlets, books and reading glasses throughout Africa. This cause was supported by proceeds from fundraising events and a portion of sales from Nando's products.

According to NetsforLife, malaria -- a deadly mosquito-borne disease take nearly a million lives annually -- affecting mostly young children under five with 90 per cent of death reported in sub-Saharan Africa. In Africa, malaria costs an estimated $12 billion in lost productivity.

Nando's is also involved in many charitable events throughout their locations worldwide. In New Zealand this year, they are involved in the Tap Project -- A UNICEF's life-saving water project in the developing world. As a food and restaurant brand, Nando's makes it their social corporate project to find causes related to their brand. "We are a global brand with local activation -- being in the community, you have to make a difference in that community," says Rochelle.

As part of their international corporate social responsibility programme, Mark Majewski, National Marketing Director for Nando's Canada, elaborates on Nando's Global Arts Initiative through which individual Nando's restaurants support aspiring local artists by paying them and showcasing their artwork in restaurant dining rooms. The Arts Initiative is currently rolling out in all new, and newly renovated, Nando's restaurants across Canada.

In addition, Mark is proud to share that Nando's Canada's national corporate social responsibility programme has been recognized as The Best of the World by Nando's International. Over the past four years, the brand has consistently supported local food banks across the country and affiliates that rely on these banks like Union Gospel Mission and The Salvation Army. In addition to providing direct support to these charities, Nando's has also created buzz and awareness through partnership initiatives with several radio and TV stations. Nando's is proud to have fed many homeless folks, street kids, and low-income families throughout Greater Vancouver, Toronto and other major Canadian cities.

"The best reward," says Mark -- "is just a 'thank you' and a hug from the people you've helped."

Venituri i ocuparea forei de muncagricultura de subzisten este o practic comun n rndul agricultorilor rurale srace din Africa ", n majoritatea rilor - o practica ce genereaza venituri mici.Pentru a ajuta familiile deveni viabile financiar independent, Peri Peri Cultivarea este ncurajat.Aceast cultur numerar a genera un profit mai mare pentru ei i comunitile lor dect recoltele de subzistenta.Acesta prevede, de asemenea ocuparea forei de munc i femei deschide calea pentru oameni pentru a ctiga un profit pentru ei i familiile lor.n Africa, pentru a crea un impact ntr-o comunitate - ncepe cu educaia mama.D-i banii i a fondului vor fi cheltuite pentru sprijinirea copiilor.

Profitabil i sistemul de aprare naturalConflictele elefant-Umane sunt probleme constant pentru Multe sate din Africa.Elefanii clca prin satele caut surse de ap i hran.Pentru a preveni devastarea, stenii tendon a le trage.Peri-Peri n cretere n jurul perimetrului satului Creai un natural i profitabil Aprare Sistem pentru satele i oamenii - ca elefanii sunt agravate de iritante din ardei iute.

Fotografie de Nando's Canada: Peri-Dish Kebab PeriIniiative verdeUn sold brand la mod i fast-food - lui Nando este foarte contient de valoarea de marketing de a merge verde.Mai multe iniiative de mediu sunt deja n vigoare toat lumea - inclusiv utilizarea de materiale biodegradabile i reciclate pentru ambalaje i rechizite - utilizarea durabil a lemnului din pdurile pentru proiecte imobiliare.

Implicate n prezent n Rochelle este un proiect pilot Pionier Proiectare restaurant durabil Complet prima dat n Africa de Sud."Vrem s fie cunoscut ca un brand responsabil, i de a face lucrurile cum trebuie", a spus Rochelle.

Regulamentele actuale ca 80 la suta necesare ale unui produs este format din comer echitabil surse material nainte de a fi certificate "comer echitabil."salcii Peri-Peri (la fel ca majoritatea slcii Alte) sunt formate din aproximativ 40 la sut ap - Malthus nu pot fi certificate de comer echitabil - Chiar dac ardei sunt obinute ntr-un trg de comer durabil mod.Comerul echitabil sau nu, lui Nando continu s fac ceea ce este corect din inim, i d Inapoi la comunitate.

Cauze caritabileUn adept al prevenirea malariei, lui Nando Prin parteneriatul lor cu Holgate Kingsley (umanitare, autor, explorator legendarul) n 2007 - Mii distribuite de plase tratate cu insecticid anti-malarie, Pamflete prevenirea malariei, cri i ochelari de lectur n toat Africa.Aceast cauz a fost susinut de ncasri de la evenimente de strngere de fonduri i o parte din vnzrile de produse de Nando's.

malaria Potrivit NetsforLife, - o boala transmisa de tantari Aproape un milion de viei ia Anual - afecteaz mai ales femei tinere pentru copii sub cinci ani cu 90 la sut din Death raportate n Africa sub-saharian.n Africa, cheltuielile de judecat malaria o suma estimata la 12 miliarde de productivitate a pierdut.

Nando's este de asemenea implicat n Multe evenimente caritabile NTREAGA locaii lor la nivel mondial.n Noua Zeeland n acest an, sunt implicai n Tap Project - Un proiect UNICEF de ap de salvare n curs de dezvoltare.Ca un brand alimentar i restaurant, lui Nando Face lor proiect social corporatist pentru a gsi cauzele n raport cu marca lor."Suntem un brand global cu activare locale - Fiind n comunitate, trebuie s faci o diferen n aceast comunitate", spune Rochelle.

Ca parte a lor internaionale responsabilitate social corporativ programului, Mark Majewski, National Marketing Director pentru Canada lui Nando, pe Elaborarea lui Nando Global Arts initiativa prin care individ care aspir lui Nando restaurante sprijinul artitilor locali prin prezentarea pltindu-le i opera de arta lor n sli de mese restaurant.n prezent, Iniiativa Arte este rulare n toate noi, i recent renovat, restaurante lui Nando din Canada.

n plus, Mark este mndru de a mprti Asta lui Nando naionale Canadei programului de responsabilitate sociala corporatista a fost recunoscut ca cel mai bun din lume de ctre International lui Nando.n ultimii patru ani, brandul a sprijinit n mod constant bncile locale alimente n ntreaga ar i filialele care se bazeaza pe Aceste bnci precum Uniunii Evanghelie Misiune i Armata Salvrii.Pe lng furnizarea de sprijin direct pentru aceste organizaii de caritate, lui Nando a creat buzz i de contientizare i prin intermediul iniiativelor de parteneriat cu radio i mai multe posturi de televiziune.Lui Nando este mndru s Fed au Muli oameni fr adpost, copiii strzii, i familiile cu venituri mici NTREAGA Greater Vancouver, Toronto si alte orase mari din Canada.

"Cea mai bun recompens", spune Mark - "este doar un" mulumesc "i o mbriare de la persoanele pe care le-ai ajuta."