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Are You Smarter Than Shakespeare?

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  • 1. Are You Smarter Than Shakespeare?
  • 2. Are You Smarter Than a 5 th Grader? 1,000,000 Iago Knowledge Iago Analytical Othello Knowledge Othello Analytical Cassio Knowledge Cassio Analytical Desdemona Knowledge Desdemona Analytical Emilia Knowledge Emilia Analytical 300,000 175,000 100,000 50,000 25,000 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,00s0 300,000
  • 3. Iago Knowledge Question
    • Why does Iago want to destroy Othello and Cassio?
  • 4. Iago Knowledge Answer
    • He suspects that Othello had an illicit relationship with his wife. He also despises Othello as he promoted Cassio instead of himself
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  • 6. Iago Analytical Question
    • Why is the character of Iago significant? What characteristics of Iago make him an interesting character?
  • 7. Iago Analytical Answer
    • Iago has the biggest role in the play and his actions leads to his own downfall. A very common and reoccurring character in Shakespeares plays. Iagos double face and his use of metaphors in his speech make him an interesting character.
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  • 9. Othello Knowledge Question
    • What is Othello's breaking point to which he becomes filled with rage?
  • 10. Othello Knowledge Answer
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  • 12. Othello Analytical Question
    • What are the factors that drive Othello to believe that desdemona has been cheating on him with Cassio?
  • 13. Othello Analytical Answer
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  • 15. Cassio Knowledge Question
  • 16. Cassio Knowledge Answer
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  • 18. Cassio Analytical Question
  • 19. Cassio Analytical Answer
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  • 21. Desdemona Knowledge Question
    • How does Desdemona justify her silence and patience towards Othellos anger?
  • 22. Desdemona Knowledge Answer
    • -she thinks that the job of a wife is to obey their husbands, and not fight with them
    • -she thinks that it is fair for him to treat her like this, if he thinks it is true that she cheated, since it is such a horrible thing
    • -she does not think she could convince him otherwise since he is already convinced that shes unfaithful
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  • 24. Desdemona Analytical Question
    • Why is the conversation between Emilia and Desdemona about being unfaithful significant?
  • 25. Desdemona Analytical Answer
    • - it shows that Desdemonas mothers maid was abandoned by her love, and so was Desdemona, emotionally
    • -it shows Desdemona would never be unfaithful, even if Othello is accusing her of this
    • -it shows how women were treated in those days
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  • 27. Emilia Knowledge Question
    • How does Emilia's views on marriage say about her character compare to Desdemona?
  • 28. Emilia Knowledge Answer
    • Her personality portrays a modern woman of today. Unlike Desdemona who mirrors the type of women in Shakespearean era as pure, meek, and determined woman. Emilia is very practical in all her decisions as is seen when she had the conversation with Desdemona about marital infidelity. Overall, their characters contrast each other from their opinions to making decisions in life.
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  • 30. Emilia Analytical Question
    • Do you think Emilia's reaction towards Othello's wrong accusation to Desdemona justifiable?Why do you think so?
  • 31. Emilia AnalyticAnswer
    • Yes, since Emilia is strongly attached to Desdemona, it is not shocking that she feel over protective about Desdemona. She feels that Desdemona doesn't deserve to be treated badly as she did not do anything wrong and that women should be treated equal as men.Another reason is her girl instinct, since they are both female they understand each other better especially when it comes to this matter.
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