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Slide deck for my talk at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013. Make more money than you ever will at a regular job. Choose what projects you want to work on. Decide how much you want to get paid. Never work a 9-5 again. Only code when you feel inspired. Use the rest of the time to build your startup, spend time with your family, work on hobbies & projects, or anything else you always wanted to do. You design your own lifestyle. I used to have a regular boring job as an employee who consistently released quality code. Now I can be anywhere in the world I want, whenever I want and make however much money I want. I will show you the process I used to change my quality of life forever. I went from freelancing, to consulting, to products. Now I have multiple streams of income.


  • Are you an underpaid developer? Sherman Lee Email: Twitter: @SHERM8N Blog:
  • Email me - Introduce yourself Where do you work? Why are you interested in this talk? Ill respond to every single one of you Leave a business card!
  • Who is this dude? Sherman Lee - Berkeley CS Corporate job for 6 years Jumped into startups Drained savings and built credit card debt Turned it all around
  • Freelance development Consulting Productized consulting services Products and startups Multiple streams of income The Process to Change Your Life
  • Get your feet wet in becoming independent Finding projects Selling and marketing yourself Understanding business needs Pricing and contracts Freelance Development
  • Business partner versus slave developer Solve business problems Specialized service Consulting
  • Repeatable parts of your engagements Charge monthly for it Easy for you and it may be automated Productized Consulting Services
  • Find a personal problem or need Develop a hypothesis Finding your audience Ask them to pay Listen to your audience Take that audience and make your own Build the product Products and Startups
  • If you have a problem or need others do too I have 97 t-shirts and spent $2,194 Find a personal problem or need
  • What are you trying to find out? For me, if teenagers would buy t-shirts. Develop a Hypothesis
  • The audience you want to sell to already exists somewhere I found mine on Wanelo Finding your audience
  • Collecting money is idea validation Product doesnt need to exist I didnt print t-shirts first Ask Them to Pay For Your Product
  • First sale within 24 hours of idea Ask Them to Pay For Your Product
  • They will tell you exactly what they want Give it to them! Listen to Your Audience
  • Another case with similar design Results even better Listen to Your Audience
  • Look for existing audiences Easier than from scratch Get them to follow you on Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Capture their email Take Audience and Make Your Own
  • Having an audience is when you build Paying customers Idea validated Build the Product
  • Hardest part No audience means nobody to sell to Blogging, Social Media, SEO Build the Audience
  • Builds a fan base for shop owners, sellers, artists and designers Good Audience (my startup)
  • Solved own problem 2 big sellers in LA/SF In Urban Outfitters Good Audience (my startup)
  • Freelancing Consulting Products No need to depend on one Multiple Streams of Income
  • Contact Email: Twitter: @SHERM8N Blog:

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