are you smarter than a lab rat?

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Are You Smarter Than a Lab Rat?

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Are You Smarter Than a Lab Rat?. 1,000,000. 500,000. 300,000. Inference Topic 1. Inference Topic 2. Are You Smarter Than a 5 th Grader?. 175,000. 100,000. F.O.S. Topic 3. F.O.S. Topic 4. 50,000. Author’s Style Topic 5. Author’s Stlye Topic 6. 25,000. 10,000. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Are You Smarter Than a Lab Rat?

  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?1,000,000Inference Topic 1Inference Topic 2F.O.S. Topic 3F.O.S. Topic 4Authors Style Topic 5Authors Stlye Topic 6Characterization Topic 7Characterization Topic 8Plot Topic 10500,000300,000175,000100,00050,00025,00010,0005,0002,0001,000Plot Topic 9

  • Inference 1 Question Im taking a couple of books along and even if I cant reed them ill practice hard and maybe I wont forget everything I learned. What can the reader infer about how Charlie feels about his regression?A. He feels responsible for his regression and is ashamed.B. He blames the doctors.C. He wishes Miss Kinnian taught him more.D. He is lonely without knowledge.

  • Inference 1 Answer A. He feels responsible for his regression and is ashamed of himself


  • Inference 2 Question At Charlies smartest, what does he have in common with his former self?A. He has true friends.B. He uses correct spelling.C. He works at the lab.D. He is lonely.

  • Inference 2 Answer D. He is lonely


  • Figures of Speech 3 QuestionAccording to Dr. Nemur, an IQ test is to intelligence as a scale is toA. fishB. WeightC. a Rorschach testD. music

  • Figures of Speech 3 Answer B. Weight


  • Figures of Speech 4 QuestionWhat parallels are hinted at between Charlie and Eve?A. Charlie and Eve like apples.B. Charlie and Eve like snakes.C. Charlie is tempted by knowledge.D. Charlie convinced another to get the surgery.

  • Figures of Speech 4 AnswerC. Charlie is tempted by knowledge


  • Authors Style 5 QuestionWhy does the author describe Algernons decline in such detail?A. To make Algernon a believable character.B. To show Charlies love for Algernon.C. To create a tone of surprise.D. To foreshadow future events

  • Authors Style 5 Answer D.To foreshadow future eventsReturn

  • Authors Style 6 QuestionWhy does the author of Flowers for Algernon uses Charlies Journal entries A. To show Charlies changes.B. To make Charlie sound smart.C. To show Charlie was paid for the experiment.D. To show how close Charlie was to Algernon.

  • Authors Style 6 Answer A.To show how Charlie is changing.

  • Characterization 7 QuestionWhat type of character is Joe Carp?A. StaticB. DynamicC. MajorD. Typical

  • Characterization 7 AnswerB. DynamicReturn

  • Characterization 8 QuestionWhat character trait makes Charlie a good candidate for the experiment?A. He wasnt smartB. He was super intelligentC. He was motivated.D. He had no friends.

  • Characterization 8 AnswerC. Charlie was self-motivated.Return

  • Plot 9 QuestionWhat is a subplot in Flowers for Algernon?A. Algernons experienceB. Charlie and Miss Kinnians relationshipC. The Thematic Apperception test.D. Charlies intelligence changing.

  • Plot 9 AnswerB. Charlies relationship with Miss Kinnian.Return

  • Plot 10 QuestionWhy does Charlie attend night school?A. He wanted to learn and spell.B. He wanted to make friends.C. He wanted to be a teacher.D. He never attended night school.

  • Plot 10 Answer A. He wanted to learn to spell and read.


  • Million Dollar QuestionWords in Context Topic 11

  • 1,000,000 QuestionWhat word can be defined as lacking in ideas or intelligence, empty, or vacant.A. FeebleB. ObscureC. VacuousD. Unconcious

  • 1,000,000 Answer C. Vacuous


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