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Arlington Public Schools Gifted Services Wakefield High School Wendy Maitland, Resource Teacher for the Gifted Slide 2 Agenda Part 1: Gifted Services and Resources Part 2: Gifted Identification Slide 3 Professional Responsibilities Promote differentiation strategies in the classroom Provide enrichment and supplemental resources for teachers and students Inform staff about gifted education training opportunities Facilitate the identification process Slide 4 COLLABORATION FOR EFFECTIVE DIFFERENTIATION Classroom Teacher Resource Teacher for Gifted Student Slide 5 Instruction Classroom Environment Professional Responsibilities Planning and Preparation Slide 6 County/State Enrichment Programs: PRIME Summer Residential Governors School Programs Fine Arts Apprentice Program Superintendents Seminar Virginia Space Coast Scholars Independent Study Dual Enrollment Wakefield Gifted Services Slide 7 School-based Extension Activities Its Academic Daniel Alpert French Honor Society Kathryn Wheelock National Honor Society Michelle Harris Newspaper Amy Wathan Math League Team Daniel Alpert Spanish Honor Society Sra. Magaly Reder World Affairs (formerly Model UN) Denis Babichenko VJAS (VA Junior Academy of Sciences) Jessica Baker Slide 8 Role of Parent Supporting Differentiation for Student Resources for Parents: Parent Resource Center Materials - 703-228-7239 National Association for Gifted - Virginia Association for Gifted - Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted - 2e Newsletter Support your childs interest to pursue social and cultural opportunities within and beyond his/her strength area(s) Maintain communication with your childs classroom teachers, RTG, and counselor to monitor social and academic progress Slide 9 Parent Resources Further information about APS Gifted Services is located on the APS website Click on Curriculum and Instruction Click on Programs Click on Gifted Services Slide 10 Cohort & UMG Co-Sponsor Support over 120 minority boys in the Cohort program Support over 50 minority girls in the United Minority Girls (UMG) group Advise, support, monitor, and routinely meet with students on a daily basis. Advocate for students when needed Slide 11 Part II Slide 12 Virginia Gifted Regulations Virginia Department of Education regulations state that each school district must develop a plan to identify and provide services to those students who have learning needs beyond the regular instructional program. Slide 13 Arlington Public Schools Identify students who require gifted services Train teachers in ways to provide services Establish continuous educational services to match the needs of gifted learners Support differentiated instruction to meet the needs of gifted students Slide 14 Gifted Services Identification Specific Academic Aptitude (Grades K-12) English Mathematics Science Social Studies Visual or Performing Arts (Grades 3-12) Visual Art Vocal Music Instrumental Music (instruments taught in APS) Slide 15 Screening for Gifted Services Each year, the total population is screened by school staff to create a pool on candidates based on students need for gifted services Screening is formal-review of testing information Screening is informal-teacher feedback, parent information, honors, awards, student population in school events, competitions, etc. Slide 16 Referrals for Gifted Services Students may be referred for services by their classroom teacher, school personnel, parents/guardians, community leaders, and self or other students until April 1 st of the current school year Identification decisions are sent to parents or guardians by letter within 10 school days of the Identification Committee meeting Referral forms can be found here: Slide 17 Eligibility Criteria Gifted Services in Specific Academic Areas National Named Testing Information Ability testing Achievement testing Teacher checklist School-based Data Parent Information Work Samples Slide 18 Eligibility Criteria Visual Arts or Vocal/Instrumental Music Areas (Grades 3-12) Art and Music Teacher Referral: Observations of Artistic Behaviors Student Products Grades Parent Information Slide 19 Appeals Process An Appeal is available to families following the eligibility process Appeals begin at the school level with the principal A second level of appeal is countywide Gifted Services Administrative Appeals Committee (must be submitted within 30 days of the school level committee decision) Slide 20 Contact Information Wendy Maitland, Resource Teacher for the Gifted Email: Phone: (703) 228-6743 Cheryl McCullough, Supervisor of Gifted Services Email: Phone: (703) 228-6160 Slide 21 Gifted Services Advisory Committee (GSAC) Arlington Public Schools Parent Advocacy Group Part of Advisory Council of Instruction Monthly meetings If interested in serving on this committee, please contact Cheryl McCullough (Supervisor, Gifted Services) Slide 22 Questions and Exit Cards On each table you will find index cards that can be used if you have any specific questions. Please write the question, your name, your childs name and your contact information as well as the best time for me to contact you Slide 23 STUDENT PANEL DISCUSSION How did you apply/become involved in the program? When was the program held and for how long i.e. residential for a month, weekly, throughout the school year, etc.? What was the schedule for a typical day / meeting? What were/are some of the highlights of your experience? What do you think parents and students should know about this program before they apply or decide to participate in it?