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  1. 1. Around the world
    20 tons of marijuana confiscated in place Kilitjao de Santander in the south of Colombia
  2. 2. Chandigarh, Indija
  3. 3. Danish soldier at the entrance to Mardah, Afghanistan
  4. 4. President of the United States Barak Obama cheers on Balu governor in the White House in Washington.
  5. 5. In order for a free meal in Haiti
  6. 6. Floods on the Portuguese island of Madeira
  7. 7. Socrates, vicennial Bengal tiger from the zoo in Potassium
    sleep due to the operation of teeth
  8. 8. Gipsy protest in front of government buildings in Bucharest, where seeking the resignation of the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs of racist statements.
  9. 9. Young students in the role of soldiers waiting for their performance in front of the elementary school in northern India
  10. 10. Lunch on angajStock
  11. 11. Dalai Lama during an interview on Hilsu Beverly Hills, California.
  12. 12. Waiting for humanitarian assistance on the streets of Port of Prensa, Haiti.
  13. 13. Italian Minister of Economy Dulio Tremont at a news conference in Rome.
  14. 14. Winter in the north of Ireland
  15. 15. Activists protest at animal protecti fashion week on in Madrid.
  16. 16. At the funeral MenahemaPorus rabbi in Jerusalem, who died in the 95th year.
  17. 17. Torch on the streets of Swiss towns listai during the celebration of local festivals.
  18. 18. Rvako competition in the village of Velika in the north of Turkey.
  19. 19. Nineteen years ago a young man from Cape Town before the rite of initiation into the world of men.
  20. 20. sejt@nk@
    The train departs from the railway station in the sufferer, India.