arpana august (final) 2014. 8. 21.¢  wedding anniversary wishes to greetings and best...

ARPANA AUGUST (FINAL) 2014. 8. 21.¢  WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WISHES to Greetings and Best Wishes ON THE
ARPANA AUGUST (FINAL) 2014. 8. 21.¢  WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WISHES to Greetings and Best Wishes ON THE
ARPANA AUGUST (FINAL) 2014. 8. 21.¢  WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WISHES to Greetings and Best Wishes ON THE
ARPANA AUGUST (FINAL) 2014. 8. 21.¢  WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WISHES to Greetings and Best Wishes ON THE
Download ARPANA AUGUST (FINAL) 2014. 8. 21.¢  WEDDING ANNIVERSARY WISHES to Greetings and Best Wishes ON THE

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  • In Rotary, we mark August as ‘Membership and

    Extension Month’. There is a good reason why we

    remind ourselves of the importance of membership

    early in every Rotary year: because the job of

    growing our membership is one that we can never

    begin too soon. It is also a job that we can never stop

    working on. In order to keep serving, Rotary always

    needs to be growing!

    We have talked for many years about the importance of the family of

    Rotary. In this Rotary year, I want to make not just the family of Rotary,

    but our own Rotary families, a priority in our membership. A�er 37 years

    of following me in Rotary, my wife, Corinna, finally became a Rotarian

    last year. We a�ended the chartering of a new club in Taiwan together,

    and she said, "It's �me for me to become a Rotarian too!" So she joined

    that club. And soon, so did a lot of other people. Now that club has 102

    members, and it's the second-largest club in Taiwan.

    Invi�ng our spouses into Rotary isn't just about ge�ng our numbers up.

    It addresses the reality that Rotary s�ll has far more men as members

    than it does women, and that is something we need to work on. When

    we bring more women into Rotary, our clubs become more appealing to

    prospec�ve female members – and become more produc�ve as well.

    This year we are going to have something new in Rotary: a membership

    support team pin. This means that if you invite a new member into

    Rotary, you get a special pin to wear with your Rotary gearwheel. But we

    all know that the job of growing membership doesn't end when a new

    member joins. It ends only when a new member is enjoying being a

    Rotarian and never wants to leave! And making sure that our clubs are

    enjoyable places to be is a key part of growing membership.

    People come into Rotary for all kinds of reasons, but they stay because

    Rotary is fun to be a part of. So I want to remind all of you to have fun in

    your clubs and your districts. Rotary is based on the idea that our service

    is more effec�ve when we serve together with our friends. So let's enjoy

    our Rotary service, share it with others, and Light Up Rotary together!

    Vol. 32 Issue 2 Aug. 2014/// ///

    The Monthly Newsletter of ROTARY BANGALORE PEENYA


    Dear Rotarian's of Peenya,

    Membership Development has been one of the most cri�cal needs of Rotary in the M o d e r n Wo r l d . Ro ta r y

    Peenya is in the forefront of District 3190 as regards to the projects, but we are just about sa�sfactory when it comes to The Membership. If you look into the membership growth over the past few years, it has been steady but members who have le� the club are also alarming. We have to ponder and iden�fy the reasons for this and transform ourselves from being SATISFACTORY to EXCELLENT

    And pray why new members? What do they bring with them?

    1) More hands to work, 2) Freshness in approach 3) New ideas & Projects 4) New Contacts 5) Generate more resource. The list goes on .

    How do we recruit new members? We give hardly a thought as to how we can a�ract people to Rotary. It is upon us to show them the tremendous value that Rotary holds for them. In fact in Peenya we are blessed with the kind of service our c lub is into, thanks to the contribu�ons of all the past presidents and their team members who have always had something new to innovate and implement.

    In fact for this year Rotary Interna�onal has fixed a target of 85 members for Peenya. To add more strength to our Membership base, we request every Individual Peenyan to bring in at least one new member from his end.

    The friends, colleagues, neighbours, rela�ves and acquaintances maybe invited to a�end our weekly mee�ngs and also to our projects so that they can assess our capabili�es before saying yes to our request.

    We will go stronger, bolder and be�er with a diverse members base. The journey through this will be a learning process and as we cherish these moments, let us also "LIGHT UP ROTARY”

    Thanks & Regards

    Rtn B K Prasad President, Rotary Bangalore Peenya.

    From the Presidents’ Desk



    Growing Rotary through new membership

  • Installing new officers is a very important procedure in Club operations and has a very special significance to both the newly elected officers and to the members. It is a time when Club Leadership is passed from the outgoing team to a new incoming team, eager to place their plans into action. This ceremony is the beginning of a new year of fun and fellowship for everyone.

    Rotary Bangalore Peenya’s 32nd new team led by Rtn B K Prasad marked the yet another new beginning for a wonderful Rotary New year. The new team took it’s oath to serve the community they belonged to, on the 9th of July in The Chancery Hall at Hotel Atria. The monsoon evening stood still and bore the testimony to the ambitious new plans for the year 2014-15. The presence of the District 3190 officials along with the District Governor Rtn Manjunath Shetty and the First Lady Ann Shylaja added to the glitter of the evening.

    Rtn B K Prasad and his team of Office Bearers for 2014-15 were installed by the Governor of the Rotary District 3190, Rtn Manjunath Shetty which was witnessed by the District Officials, Rotarians from Peenya, Friends and Family of the Rotarians.

    President Rtn B K Prasad unveiled Peenya’s Project for the year through the Directors of all the Avenues of Service, as each one of them presented to the audience, their plans for the year. Two members were inducted into the family of Rotary Bangalore Peenya. Club Bulletin ARPANA was released by First Lady Ann Shylaja. Club Roster was released by Dist Gov Rtn Manjunath Shetty and ‘Roster on Wheels’ application was launched by Assistant Gov Rtn Hariram Thakkar. On behalf of the club, President gave a cheque of Rs 20,000/- to Dist TEACH Prog Chair Past Dist Gov Rtn Rajendra Rai.

    DG Rtn Manjunath Shetty in his address complimented the Club for it’s outstanding services to the humanity all along. He called on Peenyans to work tirelessly to “LIGHT UP ROTARY”.

    The flash dance performance by the Rotaract Club of Peenya along with first lady Ann Shylaja joining them, added more glitz and glamour to the evening.

    Secretary Rtn Savitha Suresh proposed the Vote of Thanks.

    Rtn Savitha Suresh


    Formal Induction of Rtn B K Prasad & Rtn Savitha Suresh as President and Secretary repectively.

    Rtn Prasad & Rtn Savitha take their turn in lighting the lamp

    Team Peenya

    The First Lady, Ann Shylaja adding to the glitz & glamour

    The Youth Brigade, comprising members of Rotaract Peenya


    The first weekly meeting of Rotary Bangalore Peenya was held on the 2nd of July at The Dialysis Center. The speaker for the evening was Aralumallige Parthasarathy who is a scholar of International repute. He has authored several books on Dasasahitya, Vishnusahasranama, spirituality, culture, literature and management which have been read and listened

    by millions of people in different parts of the world with rapt attention.

    He has been awarded the Karnataka government Rajyothsava Award in the year 1999. Many titles have been conferred on him by various organizations throughout the world.

    At the meeting, he talked about Rotary and it’s contributions to the world and through his quotations on spirituality urged the Rotarians to think spiritual by being magnanimous and humble when we GIVE. He also said Rotary is a network of People whose common goal is to build humanity and while doing so, if we think small and cheap the entire sparkle is gone.

    A truly spiritual and an amazing personality Dr Aralumallige Parthasarathy quoted various religious scriptures and called on Rotary Bangalore Peenya to continue to serve Humanity and blessed the Peenyans to stand united and stay focussed and wished for a very successful Rotary year.

    The third weekly meeting was held on the 16th of July at the Dialysis center, Rajainagar. The hectic preparation for the ICGF began with this meeting, on the invitation of the Chairperson for ICGF Rtn Nagendra Prasad to all the Rotarians.

    Brochure design was finalised, budget planned, Check lists made and kept in order for a smooth planning and implementation plans for the event. Rotarian Gopi, a visitor from Rotary Club of Chennai graced the meet and presented his Club Flag to our Club President.

    Cadaver Organ Donation, a fascinating but extremely sensitive part of a humanitarian service to benefit end stage organ failure patients was the topic for the weekly meet on 23rd July at the Dialysis Center.

    Mr Raj Sethia, the speaker for the evening, has been in all fields starting from commerce to Hotel Management to heading south India for channel 4, to being the CEO of Gangotree, a popular chain of food joint, he now works as the Director, Projects Head at Gift an Organ Foundation.

    Mr Sethia spoke on the emotional yet superstitious, legal yet sensitive aspects on the intriguing facts about Organ Donation especially in case of B

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