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<ul><li><p>Array Scavenger Hunt Lesson Components Description Identification of the Class: Subject: Math </p><p>Population of Students: General Education, Speech, Special Education, Title 1. ESL Grade: 4th Number of Students: 15 </p><p>Virginia Standard of Learning: Math: Patterns, Functions, &amp; Algebra: 4.15 Math: Computation &amp; Estimation: 4.4 b,d </p><p>Rationale for Instruction: To reinforce concepts taught in previous lessons through having students practice finding examples of arrays in their environment and identifying correct equations for them. </p><p> Daily Objectives: Students will recognize arrays in their daily life. This will help them see how multiplication is relevant for them to know how to do and how it can actually make their lives easier. Students will gain practice in multiplying and recognizing factors (which can aid in future division skills). </p><p>Evaluation/Monitoring: Students will fill out a handout provided for them throughout the scavenger activity. Students will also be asked to answer pre-activity questions about arrays that are pre-chosen in the classroom. </p><p>Procedures: 1) Class will together discuss a few arrays a. Two in the room (light fixture is 2x3 and cubbies </p><p>are 1x 20) b. An example on the smartboard </p><p>i. Finding multiple versions of an array for a number. </p><p>2) After practice, students will receive handouts and instructions. </p><p>a. Students will be on a scavenger hunt to find the arrays mentioned in the handouts (they are all around in different areas of the school). </p><p>b. Students will work as partners. The partnerships will be pre-assigned. </p><p>c. Students will be instructed to use 4 voices in the hall because other classes will be trying to learn and we need to be respectful of them. </p><p>3) Students go and do the activity. 4) After students come back to class, they go over the </p><p>handout together as a whole class. </p></li><li><p>a. Students will have the opportunity to share answers (2-3 students per question) </p><p>5) Give a worksheet for the to continue practicing arrays. </p><p>Materials/Equipment/Preparation: Preparation: - Make sure the arrays are present in the places described </p><p>in the handout. - Review briefly prior to the activity examples of arrays in </p><p>the classroom - Review proper behavior in the hallway and expectations </p><p>for the activity. - Print handouts and the assignment after the activity </p><p>Materials: - Handouts - Smartboard - Pencils </p><p>Evaluation of Differentiation: - In order to try to meet the needs of the students in this class, students will be pre-assigned to partners. Partners will be chosen based on previous experience with seeing how well they work together and stay on task, trying to pair students who may need extra help with students who have a stronger grasp of the concepts (allowing them to take on a teacher role). </p></li><li><p>Name: ______________________________ Date: _____________ </p><p>Find an array in Woodbrook today! </p><p>Take a left from Ms. Jaspers Classroom. Keep straight until you come to the crossroad between the 3rd grade and 4th grade halls. Here you will find an array that equals 16. **Clue** Look under your feet. </p><p>Draw the array with the sides labeled: Number sentence (equation): </p><p>Go into the library. There is a very large array with 7 rows and 8 columns. What is it? Draw a picture and label what it is! </p><p>Picture with dimensions labeled: </p></li><li><p>Stay in the library. Draw and label the dimensions of Mrs. Carvers blue carpet: </p><p>Picture with dimensions labeled: </p><p>Number sentence (equation): </p><p>Head towards the K-2nd grade hallway through the library. Turn left towards the second grade hall. On your right, there is an array that totals 70 on one of the bulletin boards. Which teachers bulletin board is it? The teachers name is _________________________ </p><p>Picture with dimensions labeled: </p><p>Number sentence (equation): </p></li><li><p>Head down the second grade hallway and go into the main office. There is a 12 by 6 array in the main office. What is being shown as an array? ______________________________________ What is the total number of the array? ___________________________________ Draw a picture to explain your thinking: </p><p>It is time to go to PE. There is a 2 by 2 array. What is is? **Clue** This tool keeps you cool! Draw a picture: </p></li><li><p>There is a 2 by 3 array in the PE and music hallway. What is it? ________________________________________ Write a number sentence: ________________________________ What is the total? ____________________________________ Draw a picture showing your work: It is time to go outside! Find an array that equals 6 that you will see before you leave for recess. What are the dimensions? Draw a picture and label it. </p></li><li><p>Its time to go to the lunch room! Can you find a 20 by 2 array? What is the total? _____________ Draw a picture and explain your thinking: **Clue** Are you thirsty? Let us sneak into Mrs. Smiths room. There is an array that equals 12. What is it? __________________________________ Where is it? __________________________________ Number sentence (equation) _________________________ Draw a picture and explain your thinking: </p></li></ul>