art 31 - straws (elementary)

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STRAWS Elementary

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Page 1: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)


Page 2: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)


•9 x 12 White Drawing Paper

•Color pencils


•Permanent Marker (Black)

•Pencil, Eraser and Sharpener

Page 3: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Step 1: Marker Lines

Begin by drawing two marker lines parallel to each other from top of paper to bottom.

Lines should be about ½” apart to look like a “straw”.

Page 4: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Marker Lines Continued

Do this two more times on each side of middle straw without overlapping or touching.

Space evenly apart, again from top edge of paper to bottom edge.

Page 5: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Marker Lines Continued

Create 5 more straws, this time going behind our first set of straws.

Page 6: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Marker Lines Continued

Space straws evenly apart to create a balanced image across paper from left to right.

Page 7: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Step 2: Pencil Shading

Use a regular drawing pencil to begin shading spaces across paper.

Spaces can not touch sides.

Shade darker at edges and lighter towards center of each space.

Page 8: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Pencil Shading Continued

Shade evenly across paper in at least 6 spaces, no more than 10.

Page 9: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Step 3: Color Pencil

Choose one color pencil to begin coloring in some empty spaces.

Just as with the regular pencil color lighter towards center and darker towards edges.

Page 10: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Color Pencil Continued

Complete coloring with first color, making sure edges do not touch.

Pick a second color to fill in remaining areas.

Page 11: Art 31 -  Straws (Elementary)

Step 4: Finish

If desired mount finished image on a piece of black construction paper.