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  • 1. Art Heist Crafts

2. Question . The process of aligning the cotton fibers is called______. 10 points 3. Answer please 4. Question . In the context of printed books a sewn section of a book is called a 10 points 5. Answer please 6. Question . What is the opposite technique to repouss? Together they are used in conjunction to create a finished piece. 10 points 7. Answer please 8. Question . Aboriginal Cultures considered their x-ray paintings to connect to the universe and tapped their source of inspiration which was 10 points 9. Answer please 10. Question . Name one of the reasons jewelry has been worn throughout history? 10 points 11. Answer please 12. Art Heist Ceramics 13. Question . To ensure glaze works as intended it is important __________between glazes. 10 points 14. Answer please 15. Question . Bisque Ware that has been glazed then fired is called. 10 points 16. Answer please 17. Question . A small absorbing tool used for smoothing clay. 5 points 18. Answer please 19. Question . A12O3-SiO2-H2O 2 points 20. Answer please 21. Question . Forms can be defined in many ways; a form that is still and stable is referred to as. 10 points 22. Answer please 23. Question . The main structure of clay is made up of 20 points