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Art 21 Project

Art 21 ProjectNatalie Satche

Leonardo DrewOut of all the artist on the Art 21 site, Leonardo caught my eye because he uses wood, iron, cotton, paper, mud, etc.He goes through the process of weathering, burning, oxidization, and decay. He actually grew up doing projects when he was younger.

My brother and I actually worked on this cube together. We are using wood like material to make our piece of art just like Leonardo.

Janine AntoniCreates photos based on time and loss. She transformers everyday activities into art. She can make brushing your teeth look like a piece of art. She believes in using her body to create sculptures.An interesting fact about her is that she uses personal material from friends to create a rope.

I couldnt really come up with a photo that could picture time like Janine would.So, I picked a picture from the fall when I went hiking and I did walk about one third of the way into the darkness and turned right back around so that shows time and loss of that time.

Ai WeiweiAi is all about change.Hes an outspoken person and if you look at the rest of his art you will be able to tell right away that he is. Hes all about the spiritual and ancient Chinese topics that he has heard about.

Unfortunately, this was a big change for me. This happened today, Jan 28 2016 on my way to HCC. Normally. I wouldn'tt use this picture for anything but insurance. But, after really looking at it, I see how it changed my mood for the day and how the car changed because of the damages.