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  • Artificial Grass for Dcor

    Maintaining a lawn can be quite a task. For a senior citizen, mowing a lawn could not only be timeconsuming but also difficult for the elderly to perform this task. The brand new variety of artificialgrass which looks as good as real does not need fertilizers, water, or mowing for that matter. You willhave a well maintained greener looking lawn. If you have an outdoor space and are low on water, itcould be quite a trying process to maintain a lawn. People living in dry weather could go for artificialgrass as it would ease their job of watering the lawn.

    Reduce noise and water

    Lawn mowers are noisy. In addition to mowing the lawn, you and your family does not have to dealwith a loud noise. Watering lawn takes nearly one third of the water stored for the residents. In dryweather when there is scarcity of water, this can be a real nightmare. Also, lawn mowers create a lotof air pollution. Sometimes, it has been reported in Ireland that might create problems with thelocals staying in that area and the municipalities might have to interfere. When you use artificialgrass, all these problems can be prevented.

    A Live appeal

    When the grass looks greener all the times, it gives a fresh and a live feeling to the lawn. You get aserene looking, beautiful garden. The landscape of the exterior of your home gets enhanced whenyou use artificial grass. They can be used in residences, offices, exhibitions, and any common area onthe roof or the exterior of a building.

    Good for pets

    Pets will find it easy to walk and play on this grass. You dont have to worry about fleas or bugs bitingyour pet when you let them frolic on the grass. No toxic elements from the fertilizers that are usedon the real lawn are inhaled by pets when you use artificial lawn. They are also long lasting and easyto maintain. You can put your mower aside for good!


    They are available in all lengths all over Ireland. They last for as long as 25 years without the need foryou to maintain them by watering or trimming. They are made from recycled plastic and are easy onyour feet even if you have to walk barefoot on them. You can also order for a topiary made fromthese blades of artificial grass. They are made available in a variety of textures, design, and colors.You can get grass and foliage in all lighter and darker shades of green. Have a fuss-free beautifullooking lawn.

    Outdoor soiree

    When you use a carpet of synthetic grass, you can arrange as many parties and soirees as possible.Most of the liquids are absorbed in this kind of grass. You can easily clean this grass after a noisyoutdoor party. This is the most robust turf that can sustain children, teens, adults, pets of all agesand built. One solution for all climatic conditions.