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Artist Pitch – Guillotine Harry Arnold

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Artist Pitch Guillotine

Artist Pitch Guillotine Harry Arnold

Background Guillotine are a grunge rock band from South East London that formed in January 2013. They consist of Sid Rivers (vocals and guitar), Dom Chehal (bass) and Tom Ross (drums). The band were formed when Rivers met Chehal at a party and they discovered they had a love of grunge and other forms of rock and metal music. The two began jamming songs together and eventually begin writing their own songs. During this process they met Ross and they wrote their first EP together. On the 8th June 2013 the band played their first gig at the Hope and Anchor in Islington. From here they began gigging as often as they could, building a fan base and self releasing their first EP. In the 2014 signed a three album contract with roadrunner records. They chose this label as they allowed them to have complete creative control and they liked other bands on the label. The bands sound has been described as a modern take on 90s grunge music. They dress like a 90s grunge band and love being on tour getting to play gigs around the world. The band are due to release their debut album on Roadrunner Records late 2016 along with two singles and music videos to correspond and help promote the album.

Mood board

This mood board shows all things that are related to my artist. This includes their fashion style, instruments they play, and their interests as a band.The logo of the band is also clear seen in the centre.

Here is the logo for my artist. This font was chosen as it represents that artists image well. It has almost a rough and scruffy handwritten look to it that the artist also has. The font chosen also represents the artist well as it is fairly simple and not over complicated just like the artists music.

Music Video PlanThe plan for Guillotines music video for their new single territorial will include psychedelic visual effects and colours for the bands performance. An odd narrative will be used to match the weird lyrics of the song that reference paranoia, religion and the feeling of wanting to escape.