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  • HKIA’s iconic architecture inspires young artists during the International Children Painting Competition at the airport.



    藝術天才 妙筆生花

    Passing the torch 薪火相傳

    A handover ceremony marks the transition to the next Airport Ambassadors. 機場大使交接典禮標誌着新一屆大使正式就任。

    ISSUE 064 第64期 September 九月 2013

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    Food savers 惜飲惜食

    Surplus food benefit the underprivileged via HKIA’s support of the Food Angel Programme. 香港國際機場支持惜食堂的「食物回收及援助計劃」,


    Bonus experience 雙倍體驗

    HKIA Educational Visit Sharing Programme winners delight in a return trip to the airport. 參觀機場 分享見聞」活動的得獎者再次到訪機



  • It was another busy summer season for Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), attaining monthly record highs in both passenger throughput and air traffic movements of 5.6 million and 32,395 in August respectively.

    Not only is HKIA one of the world’s busiest airports, it is also one of the largest employers in Hong Kong. It contributes to the Hong Kong job market by directly employing over 65,000 people. This number almost triples when indirect and induced jobs are taken into account. Together, they represent over 5% of the workforce in Hong Kong.

    We have recently completed the latest Report on HKIA Workforce Survey, which covers around 400 companies operating at the airport. The report shows that over 70% of employees currently working at the airport belong to the skilled and low-skilled sectors, reflecting HKIA’s significant contributions to the employment needs of Hong Kong. Our business partners anticipate that to cope with their expansion plans, there will be a 20% growth of the workforce over the next three years, of which more than half will also go to these sectors.

    We always encourage and attract residents of the neighbouring communities to come work at the airport. I am glad to learn that currently close to half of our workforce resides in the nearby Tung Chung, Islands, Tsuen Wan, Kwai Tsing and Tuen Mun districts. To recruit more people from these communities to work at HKIA, we have been working with different communities around the airport to actively promote job opportunities at HKIA. For instance, in September we participated in a job fair organised by the Federation of All Sectors of Tsuen Wan Community, providing a platform for the district’s residents to learn more about the job openings at HKIA, ranging from aircraft maintenance and airport security to customer service and ground handling operations.

    We received more than 3,000 enquiries at the job fair and it was especially heartening to see a good number of young applicants opting for a career in the aviation industry. This was similar to what we saw in another recent job fair organised by Job Market magazine where many young people showed interest in aviation-related opportunities.

    To fill vacancies that exist and to cope with future expansion needs, we will continue to promote career prospects at the airport with our business partners. We hope that through concerted efforts, the airport industry will continue to recruit the right people to support the successful long-term development of aviation in Hong Kong.

    香港國際機場度過了另一個繁忙的夏季,8月份的客運量 及飛機起降量分別達560萬人次及32 395架次,同創單月 新高。

    香港國際機場不但是全球最繁忙的機場之一,也是香 港其中一個最大的僱主。機場直接聘用員工超過65 000人, 為本港就業市場作出貢獻。若計及間接及連帶職位,職位 數目將增至近三倍,合共佔全港就業人口超過5%。

    最近我們完成了最新的香港國際機場工作人口調查 報告,當中涵蓋約400家在機場營運的公司。報告指出, 現時在機場工作的僱員有超過70%屬於技術及低技術界 別,反映機場對本港的就業需求貢獻良多。機場的業務 夥伴預計,為了配合他們的擴展計劃,在未來三年將增聘

    20%人手,當中超過一半職位將屬於上述界別。 我們時常鼓勵及吸引鄰近社區的居民到機場工作。我

    很高興知道,現時有接近一半機場員工居住於鄰近的東 涌、離島、荃灣、葵青及屯門區。為了招攬更多來自這些社 區的居民到機場工作,我們一直與不同的鄰近機場社區合 作,積極推廣機場的就業機會,例如於9月,我們參與了由 荃灣各界協會舉辦的招聘會,為區內居民提供平台,讓他 們了解更多有關機場職位空缺的資料,這些職位包括飛機 維修及機場保安,以至顧客服務及地勤服務等。

    我們在招聘會收到超過3 000項查詢,亦有不少年青求 職者選擇投身航空業,實在令人鼓舞。這個情況與在最 近由《求職廣場》雜誌舉辦的另一個招聘會所見的相似, 很多年青人亦表示有興趣從事與航空業相關的職業。

    為填補現有職位空缺及應付未來擴展需要,我們會繼 續與業務夥伴推廣機場的就業前景。我們期望,藉着大家 同心協力,機場行業將可繼續招攬合適人才,以支持香港 航空業的成功長遠發展。

    行政總裁許漢忠Stanley Hui Hon-chung Chief Executive Officer



  • A group of young artists unleashed their creativity at the International Children Painting Competition in Hong Kong 2012/13 held at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) on 28 August. As one of the on-site painting locations for the second phase of the competition, 80 talented artists from 15 countries and regions demonstrated their drawing skills at Terminal 1 and the SkyDeck to bring to life the iconic landmarks and diverse scenes at the airport with brushstrokes and colours.

    Organised by the Promotion of Young Artists Foundation, the competition was open to emerging local and international artists between 12 to 18 years old. Its aim is to strengthen international art and cultural connections, as well as provide an opportunity for the youth to express their creativity through painting.

    Young artists were enthusiastic to have the acclaimed architecture of HKIA as their subject for the competition. Chai Thing Ong from Malaysia noted, “The airport is very big and the design is very special. I am very impressed with it.” Meanwhile, Kwong Ho Long from Hong Kong said, “HKIA is very grand with a unique roof design that could not be seen elsewhere.”

    Following the drawing session, a panel of 12 international judges immediately reviewed all entries to select the winners of the day. With a unique take on HKIA’s expansive terminals, Aleksandra Agnieszka Lysiak from Poland stood out to take home the “Best of the Day” honours. In addition, four other exceptional paintings were awarded with the “Merit of the Day” accolade.

    The Airport Authority (AA) also presented special awards to two outstanding drawings that caught the judges’ eyes. One of the awarded artworks vividly captured the green features of the airport in a lively manner, while another drawing portrayed a passenger sitting alone at the Departures Hall which reflected the candid emotions that can be seen at the airport.

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    香港國際青少年繪畫比賽2012/13」於8月28日在 香港國際機場舉行,讓一群青少年畫家翱翔畫上, 發揮創意。香港國際機場是這項比賽第二階段現場 寫生的地點之一,80位來自15個國家及地區的小畫 家,在一號客運大樓及機場展望台一展繪畫才華, 以巧妙的筆觸將機場的地標建築物及不同景致活 現紙上,栩栩如生。

    這項比賽由「青少年兒童畫家培育基金」主辦, 參加者為本港及國際有潛質的畫家,年齡介乎12至 18歲。比賽目的是加強國際間的藝術文化交流,讓 青少年有機會透過繪畫發揮創意。

    比賽以香港國際機場這座備受讚譽的建築物作 為主題,參賽的青少年畫家對此表現得十分雀躍。 來自馬來西亞的Chai Thing Ong表示:「機場很大, 設計亦非常特別,令我留下深刻的印象。」來自香港 的鄺灝朗則說:「香港國際機場非常宏偉,客運大樓 頂部設計獨一無二 , 在其他地方從未見過。」

    寫生環節結束後,由12位來自世界各地的評判組 成的評審團即時評選所有參賽作品,選出當天的優 勝者。來自波蘭的Aleksandra Agnieszka Lysiak憑 着精妙的畫工,繪畫機場客運大樓廣闊的面貌,脫 穎而出奪得「每日最佳畫作」獎;同時評判團亦頒 發 優異獎」給四幅傑出畫作。

    此外,兩幅令評判留下深刻印象的出色作品,獲 機場管理局頒發特別獎項。其中一幅得獎作品生動 地捕捉機場充滿生機及環保的特色;另一幅畫作則 描繪一名旅客獨坐在離港大堂,流露機場所見的動 人情境。

    Aleksandra Agnieszka Lysiak of Poland garners “Best of the Day” honours in the painting competition. 來自波蘭的 Aleksandra Agnieszka Lysiak的 作品,在繪畫比賽 中奪得「每日最佳畫 作