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1. Arts and Craft Ideas for Kids to Do After School Most, if not all, children enjoy doing arts and crafts. They are left with nothing to do after classes, making them bored with the same old activities at home. While the school lets them learn the basics, it is also important for parents to recognize and nurture their growth with after school activities. These arts and craft ideas are fun, inexpensive and educational to help your kids express their creativity as they develop new skills. Edible Art Projects One of the best kids activities after school is working on edible art. Allow your child to have fun learning basic decorating in cakes, cookies or cupcakes. Your child can also learn to create sculptures out of fruits and vegetables, as well as finger painting using pudding or yogurt. Try Painting Painting is usually included in the list of after school activities for kids. They are presented with a variety of painting paraphernalia for experimentation, such as sponges, paint brushes, stampers and more. Kids will be encouraged to try these things to accomplish their masterpieces. They can also use cotton balls, Q-tips, feathers, bubble wraps or even straws. Clay Arts Clay art involves making pots and figurines. Trigger their creativity by allowing them to create clay decovartive beads for designing jewelry. They can also use paint to add style and identity on their artworks. For this activity, kids can use bread clay, salt dough, peanut butter clay or oatmeal clay. The Vital Role of Art in a Kids Life I troduci g art to your child plays a vital role i his or her develop e t. Doi g art i proves a perso s creativity, cognitive skills, imagination, problem solving skills, and so much more. Considering after school activities for kids in Dubai such as art programs will help your child achieve more in school and in life. It will also build their self confidence to face obstacles in their daily activities. These benefits are essential to create a competent individual in the future. -- FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit