ashton by charlie hastings. hello athens!!! this is my presentation of where i live…

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Ashton By Charlie Hastings Slide 2 Hello Athens!!! This is my presentation of where I live Slide 3 My Road Smyth roadMy House Top Right: 1968 flood Above: My house Right: Map of Smyth road My house was built in 1935, before the 2 nd world war. It is built on an inter-war landfill on a floating foundation. The park across the road from me, called Gores Marsh Park, has its name due to the fact that it used to be a flood zone. In 1968, there was a flood so bad, the water came to the bottom of the 1 st floor windows, because of that, a drainage system was installed that was so big, you could drive an articulated lorry through it. Slide 4 North street Above: Caf Sazz, a Turkish style caf Above Right: North street in the 1950s Right: Glass designs, sells handmade jewelry, mirrors and trinkets Bottom of page: The Lounge (caf ) Top of page: Marks Bread, THE BEST BAKERY EVER!!! Above: Paper village, a craft shop that sells most things from glass beads to card moustaches Below: Tobacco Factory, restaurant/bar on ground floor, and a theatre ontop Below Left: Ashtons estate agents. North street came together around the same time as the local primary school (Ashton gate primary), which was built 1876, 1881. where Aldi is now, there used to be some form of market or cricket ground, and in the 2 nd world war, St Francis church was bombed. The Tobacco factory used to be; a tobacco factory, but is now a caf/bar and theatre with a market on Sundays. Slide 5 Ashton court Above: Ashton Court house Right: The Balloon Fiesta (night glow) Below: The Balloon Fiesta (again) crowds Bottom middle: Ashton Court House (again) from a distance Above: Ashton Court Golf Course Below: Kite Festival The first owners of Ashton Court were the family de Lions, from Lyons in France. In 1495, the estate was bought by John Smyth, a wealthy merchant from Bristol. Thomas Smyth built the new south facade in 1632 and Sir John Hugh Smyth built the Neo- Gothic North West Wing in 1770. During the 1st World War, Ashton Court was used as a military hospital and in WWII Ashton Court was acquired by the War Office as a transit camp. The Smyths owned the estate for over 400 years before the last resident, Dame Esme Smyth, died in 1946. The estate remained abandoned for 13 years, before Bristol city council bought it in 1959. Slide 6 Ashton Gate Stadium Above: The crowds Left Below: An airel view of the football pitch Below: Inside the stadium Above: The Bristol City gorilla Left: Outside the gates Below: The stadium with the suspension bridge in the background Ashton Gate was the home of Bedminster F.C until they merged with Bristol south end, which played at st Johns lane, and the merged team alternated between two grounds until Ashton gate became the permanent home of Bristol city in 1904. Bristol rugby has played there on a number of occasions since the 1920s, the most recent being on the 27 th of December 2006. Several rugby internationals have been held starting with England versus Wales in 1899. Slide 7 Bridges and Rivers Left: The New Cut River Below Left: The River Avon Above: Clifton Suspension Bridge Below: construction of the floating harbour Above: Long Ashton Bypass Top Right: Ashton Swing Bridge Left: The Banana Bridge Built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the Suspension Bridge still stands today, an epic 148 years after the competition it was built for. Underneath it runs the river Avon, which joins onto the new cut, which was finished in 1809. Slide 8 Gores Marsh Park Above: Finished design Top Left + Left: Photos of Gores Marsh Park after development. Bottom Right: Gores Marsh Park used to be neglected, only having 2 swings and a see-saw that were often vandalized. It has recently been developed, and, after raising enough money, a few more extras are currently being added. Slide 9 Bye!!! Charlie Hastings Creator: Editor: Head of Research: