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  1. 1. Movie Reproduction of the Mind Mernielyn Deeds FA102a, Research and Brand Development
  2. 2. Assignment One, ResearchHow To Make Movies Of What The BrainSees
  3. 3. Assignment One, Research-Reproduction made using functionalMagnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) andcomputational models
  4. 4. Assignment One, Research-An fMRI is a technique that measuresbrain activity by detecting changes inblood flow
  5. 5. Assignment One, Research-It paves the way for reproducing themovies inside your heads that no oneelse sees, like dreams and memories.
  6. 6. Assignment One, Description of FutureProduct or Service Movie Reproduction of the Mind
  7. 7. Assignment Two, Naming Process1. Selected Words: mind, read, brain, movie, reproduce, dreams, memories, window1. Generated Names: DreamMindr (created by combining dream and mind) iDRM (created by using acronym for Dream Recorded Movie) Dream Player (created combining dream and play)Dream PlayerLiterally suggests what the product does ("it replays dreams"), and the words areboth visually appealing and easy to play around with (good for puns). Easy to sayand remember. Would encourage interest, purchase, and usage.
  8. 8. Assignment Two, Brand Character DiagramCharacter/Persona Tone Playful Insightful Honest EasyInspiringFriendlyVirtual DirectDream PlayerLanguage PurposeFun InsiderEntertain RemindVisualWhimsicalInformRead
  9. 9. Assignment Three, Logotype Research, Playful Playful
  10. 10. Assignment Three, Logotype
  11. 11. Assignment Three, Finished Logotype
  12. 12. Assignment Four, Social MediaBranding, Research Spotify: Herbalife: Kindle Fire:
  13. 13. Assignment Four, Social MediaBranding, Creating CommunityMethod: Shared the page to a selected few of my facebookfriends by sending them the link and a message asking them tolike and comment on it.
  14. 14. Assignment Four, Social MediaBranding, Facebook Pages
  15. 15. Assignment Four, Social MediaBranding, Facebook Pages
  16. 16. Assignment Four, Social MediaBranding, Facebook Pages
  17. 17. Assignment Five, Website Layout Researchfor
  18. 18. Assignment Five, Website Layout Researchfor
  19. 19. Assignment Five, WireframeSign in/join Short descriptionLogotypeTech Social media Buy NowAboutNewsSupport Specs links Photo with tagline text
  20. 20. Assignment Five, Tagline Researchim lovin it.Dont get mad. Get GLAD.( ( happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. ( in good hands.The fabric of our lives( (
  21. 21. Assignment Five, Homepage Visual Designin a Browser
  22. 22. Assignment Five, Lower Level Visual Designin a Browser
  23. 23. Assignment Five, Linked Prototype URL