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  • 1. Part AIn relation to a film

2. Todorov specified that there are fivedifferent stages of narrative. Equilibrium (normality) Disequilibrium (Conflict of equilibriumcaused by event) Recognition of disequilibrium Attempt to repair disequilibrium New equilibrium (New norm)By this Todorov meant the commonstructure of beginning middle and end. 3. These are the ways in which Equilibrium (Normality)is applied toArmageddon at the beginning Normal, everyday banter between manager and worker (normal) Here are men, at work, (normal) Sexual relationship between man and woman (normal)This conforms to Todorovs narrative theory as the beginning always startsof with a sense of normality 4. These are the ways in which Disequilibrium (problem) is applied to Armageddonin the middle of the filmAstronomers discoverthat an asteroid will hitearth and destroy theentire universe(problem) They learn that the asteroid is due to hit earth in 18 days(problem) This conforms to Todorovs narrative theory, as he states that there is always some sort of dilemma in the narrative of a film. 5. These are the ways in which recognition of disequilibrium is appliedto Armageddon during the middle of the film The best drillers, are called to help drill and destroy the asteroid (recognition of problem) The drillers are taught how to be an astronaut, so they can go to space and drill the asteroid, before it hits earth (recognition of problem) This conforms to Todorovs narrative theory as he states that the problem is always recognised 6. These are the ways in which the disequilibrium is repaired, coming tothe end of the film. The men are attempting to drill a massive hole in the asteroid to destroy it (Repairing problem) A bomb is put inside the asteroid and the whole thing is blown up(Repairing problem) This conforms to Todorovs narrative theory, as he states that in the narrative of a film the problem is always solved. 7. These are the ways in which New equilibrium is applied at the endof Armageddon Father and son are united and brought closer together. This is the start of a new father son relationship New equilibriumCouple are gettingmarried, symbolising anew beginning NewequilibriumThis conforms to Todorovs narrative theory, as he states that the narrative of afilm tends to end with a new normality 8. Part B 9. Strauss supposed that our world is madeup of binary of differences, contradictions,conflict or opposites.For exampleNight/dayGood/BadDaoppositesHe claimed that themes within storiesconsists rk lightMale/femaleWithout realising, we recognise theessential conflict in relation to narrativewhich is familiar in stories and filmsThese opinions are fundamental to ourability to make meanings of our lives 10. Action FilmOpposite 1Oppostie2 Why they are oppositesTaken 1)2) Male /female Parent /child Wise / naive Powerful/defenceless Mature /young 11. HorrorFilm Opposite 1 Opposite 2Why they are opposites 1) 2)Male/femaleChainsawFat/slimmassacreUgly/prettyBrown hair/blonde hairDominant/inferior 12. ThrillerFilmOpposite 1Opposite2 Why they areoppositesDrag me to hell 1)2)Old/youngHideous/attractiveEvil/goodpoor/wealthyVillain/victim 13. DramaFilmOpposite 1Opposite 2 Why they are oppositesSlum dog1)2) Bad/goodmillionaire sinful/innocent ugly/handsome 14. Part c 15. Film: The beachThis map immediately seemsquite mysterious as the audienceare eager to discover whereexactly the map leads to, and ifthe map is actually correct.Film: NarniaThis wardrobe, directly gives afeel of ambiguity. Theaudience want to learn what isso special about this wardrobeand what makes it differentfrom other wardrobes. 16. Horror/thriller DramaAction:A) Cancer patient laying in bedA) Shark swimming up to personB) Mother comforts herB) Person trying to escape from sharkAssumptionAssumptionA)Man will get bitten A) Cancer patient will dieB) Man will get eaten and killed. B) Mother will be deeply hurt 17. Colour = Black Wedding crashers (drama Wedding crashers (drama)The dark night romance)(action)Black suits connotesBlack bra is sexy anddeath and mornBlack consumeseductive symbolises power andauthority 18. Villain is usually adominant male who ishideous and horriblydisfigured,Victim is usually ahelpless female,usually of whiterace, with blondehair. 19. Iconographic features have clear connotations and meaningsto the audiencei.e. Horrific imagery, blood and gore = Horror 20. Here, rose is standing atthe edge of the ship, herred dress is symbolic ofdanger/hazard along withthe red notice sign besideher.Here, the heart shapednecklace that rose iswearing symboliseswealth and expenseThe whistle that rose isblowing symbolises beingsafety and survival (beingable to escape from thewater) 21. The way in which jack is holdingrose symbolises romance andaffection, the scuttle orange/browncolours in the background alsoadds to this and make the settingappear calm.Feeling positive and free, jack ishappy to be of the streets. (clearblue sky = freedom), as jack heis happy to be of the streets.Iceberg symbolises an obstacle/complication to prevent jack beingwith rose (essentially causes hisdeath) 22. Outside of text and knowledge, we commonly know to bring understanding of the meaningin the text. Often references to things in popular culture and historical events.In a modern day adaption of Cinderella, there are many modern interpretations that werecognize, that were not in the original story...Cinderella is using aStepmother is using a sun bed Step sisters are in a fancy computerpool 23. Part D 24. 1) hero 2) villain 3)Dispatcher 4)Donor 5) Helper 6)heroine 7)False Hero 25. On some sort of a quest.Usually male, but in this caseboth.Role is to restore disequilibrium(usually by defeating villain) 26. Starts hero/heroes on their way(usually to restore thedisequilibrium)He/she sends hero of so they canprove their worthEncourages hero and on theirside 27. Opposes the herocause of disruptionOften treat to safety of theheroineUsually male, rarely female 28. Helps Heroes by givingthem magic tools or giftsThe tool/gift may even beadvise, a skill or an objecti.e. (A weapon)This makes hero/heroesmore likely to win battle 29. Assists and helps hero/heroes inrestoring normality/equilibriumLike a sidekick (for the whole part ofjourney) (can meet on way) 30. Tempts one of the heroes At first seems to be caring andkind Keeps him as bait to capture therest of the siblings(heroes) 31. N/A 32. Part E 33. Juxtapose alternative versions of a story that may result from small changes in asingle event or group of events.1) This story then shows the events of what happens when she misses the train and is late for workThe woman misses her train, which results in her being late for workThe story keeps goingback and forth which2)makes it a forking path The story then shows the events of what happens when she makes the train, and is on time for workThe woman, just makes her trainand is on time for work 34. Organised as an abstract series or narrative anthology (collection of multiple stories)Two complete strangers, who are having relationship issuesswap homes.The story is then shown from the point of viewof both women, which makes it episodic. 35. Divide the scene into two or more frames, juxtaposing eventswithin the same visual field This scene from mean girls is an example of a split screen