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This presentation is about products available for phyiscally handicap individuals.


  • 1. Vanessa Allen EDAE 637 Online Technology Dr. Andrew PageMarch 24, 2009

2. Quote With over 15 years market experience, OriginInstruments has established itself as a global providerof assistive technology enabling people with physicaldisabilities to access and operate computers andalternative augmentative communication (AAC)devices. The company's flagship product, HeadMouseExtreme, has seated Origin Instruments as a leader inhead-pointing technology. Origin InstrumentsCorporation 3. Information About OriginInstruments Corporation Our assistive technology products enable hands-free computer and augmentative communication device access for many disabled individuals with conditions resulting from: spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, ALS, repetitive stress injury, muscular dystrophy and other physical disabilities. The Origin Instruments offerings are provided to the market direct through our online store and through a qualified network of domestic and international channel partners. Origin Instruments Corporation 4. HEADMOUSE EXTREME 5. HeadMouse Head-Controlled Wireless Computer Access. Replaces computer mouse for people who are physically handicap and have limited use of their hands. It translates a persons head natural movements into proportional movements of the computer mouse pointer. HeadMouse has a wireless optical sensor and tracks disposable target the size of a centimeter placed on the users forehead, glasses, and hats. 6. HeadMouse 2 Users head motions controlled the mouse pointer. HeadMouse Extreme resolution is controlled to the minimum pixel perfect computer display. This allows users to perform such tasks as graphics, CAD, drawing and even gaming. It is powered by a host device through a USB connection and no special software is required. Integrated electronic tilt sensor can easily mount anyway. HeadMouse can be used with other adaptive switches such as: Sip/Puff and Beam. 7. HeadMouse 3 It can also be used in conjunction with Softype or KeyStrokes on-screen keyboards, which HeadMouse provides head controlled access for the users keyboard and mouse. Mounts are available for flat panel displays, notebook computer and Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices. 8. HeadMouse Extreme Photos 9. SIP AND PUFF 10. Sip and Puff Ideal for people with limited or no motor capability enabling them to operate augmentative, computers, environmental control systems and devices accessed or controlled by scanning. Used for wheel chair navigation. People with severe motor disabilities can easily activate control over devices through a simple sip and/or puff into a mouth tube. 11. Sip and Puff Product LineFollowing are two photos which show the Sip and Puff Product Line. 12. Sip and Puff Product Photos 13. BEAM 14. BeamWireless Switch Transmitter Uses low powered infrared light to communicate with HeadMouse or Swifty just like a television remote control. Built-in receiver to HeadMouse Extreme and located near one of the HeadMouse logos behind a small window. Beam is used by those who operate with adaptive switches and want to break the hard connection between the switch and the HeadMouse. 15. BEAM 16. Citation Origin Instruments Corporation Assistive Technology Products