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Week 2 Assignment


  • 1. AssistiveTechnologyBy: Wendy Sammons

2. What is Assistive Technology? Devices and services that help individuals with specialneeds:SeeingCommunicationListeningRemembering Reading 3. Assistive Technology Defined! Assistive Technology is an umbrella term that includesassistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for peoplewith disabilities and also includes the process used inselecting, locating and using them (WikiPedia, 2014). 4. Laws Regarding AssistiveTechnologyAny service that directly assists an individual with disability in the selection,acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device, including: Evaluation Providing Devices Selecting, Customizing, Adapting, Applying AT solutions Coordinating AT with other providers services Training and Technical Assistance- Individual and Family Training and Technical Assistance- Professionals 5. Disabilities and AssistiveTechnologyThe following are disabilities that can require the use ofAssistive technology. Hearing impaired Vision impaired Learning impaired Physically impaired 6. Listening Devices for theclassroom 7. Help to amplify sounds Emits a blinking lightor loud soundHelps those who cant communicate express themselvesAmplified sound travels a loopcreating electromagnetic field andsent to a hearing loop receiver 8. Tools Used in the ClassroomAbbreviation ExpandersAlternative KeyboardsAudio Books and PublicationsElectronic Math WorksheetsFreeform Database SoftwareGraphic OrganizersInformation/Data ManagersPersonal FM Listening SystemsTalking CalculatorsVariable Speed RecordersElectronic Math Worksheets:These allow the user toaccess them on acomputer screen, offerimmediate feedback andremediation and audioexplanations 9. ReferencesAssistive Devices for People with Hearing, Voice, Speech, or Language Disorders. (2014, July). Retrievedfrom National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD): Technologies for people with Physical Impairments. (2014). Retrieved from General MedicalCouncil: Technology Act. (2009, December). Retrieved from National Dissemination Center for Childrenwith Disabilities: Technology for Kids with Learning Disabilities: an Overview. (2014). Retrieved from ReadingRocket: (n.d.). Retrieved from Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004: of Assistive Technology for Students with Visual Impairments. (2010, February 19). Retrievedfrom Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired: (2014). Retrieved from 8 Helpful Assistive Technology Tools for Your Classroom: (2014, August 27). Retrieved from WikiPedia: