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ITEC 7530: Module 6


  • 1. Assistive Technology
    Tomeka Barron
    ITEC 7530

2. Assistive technology or adaptive technology (AT) is an umbrella term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices for people with disabilities and also includes the process used in selecting, locating, and using them.
What is Assistive Technology?
3. The term IEP stands for Individualized Education Program.
An IEP is a legally binding document that spells out exactly what special education services your child will receive and why.
Kids with delayed skills or other disabilities might be eligible for special services that provide individualized education programs in public schools, free of charge to families.
What is an IEP?
4. Inclusion is the educational practice of educating children with disabilities in classrooms with children without disabilities
What is Inclusion?
5. The least restrictive environment ensures that children are not unnecessarily removed from the regular classroom or isolated from other non-disabled children of their age.
What is the Least Restrictive Environment?
6. No Technology
Low Technology
High Technology
3 Categories of Assistive Technology Devices
7. "No-technology" or "no-tech" refers to any assistive device that is not electronic. No-tech items range from a piece of foam glued onto the corners of book pages to make turning easier to a study carrel to reduce distraction.
What is No Technology?
8. Specialty paper
Pencil Grips
Slant Boards
Color Coding
Examples of No Technology
9. "Low-technology" or "low-tech" devices are electronic but do not include highly sophisticated computer components, such as an electronic voice-recording device or a "talking watch" (Behrmann & Schaff, 2001).
What is Low Technology?
10. Calculators
Voice Recorder
Speaking Homework Wiz
Neo Portable Keyboard
Examples of Low Technology
11. "High-technology" or "high-tech" devices utilize complex, multifunction technology and usually include a computer and associated software.
What is High Technology?
12. Reading Software
Talking Calculators
Speech Recognition Software
Big Keys Keyboard
Touch Window
Examples of High Technology
13. Plan your activities ahead of time
Teach in simple steps
Offer directions in several ways several times
Allow more than enough time to complete an assignment
Model how an activity will be done
Give firsthand experiences
Things to Remember When Working with Children with Special Needs!