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  • 1. Assistive Technology for Use with MathematicsMark Smith EDSE517Adapted from work by Jeff Sisk

2. Math Skills Math skills are essential for many daily life activities, not just for work and school. Calculating Finances Understanding SpatialRelations Measuring Memorization 3. Characteristics of Students with Mathematic Learning Disabilities difficulty learning the meaning of numbers(number sense), trouble with tasks like sorting objects by shape,size or color recognizing groups and patterns comparing and contrasting using concepts likesmaller/bigger or taller/shorter learning to count, recognizing numbers andmatching numbers with amounts difficulty solving basic math problems usingaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division they struggle to remember and retain basic mathfacts (i.e. times tables) trouble figuring out how to apply their knowledgeand skills to solve math problems 4. Characteristics of Students with Mathematic Learning Disabilities difficulties in visual-spatial skills difficulty putting math facts down on paperin an organized way Language processing disabilities can makeit hard for a person to get a grasp of thevocabulary of math it may be hard to visualize patterns,different parts of a math problem oridentify critical information needed to solveequations and more complex problems 5. Handheld Devices Calculators & Graphing Calculators Perform basic and advanced math calculations Integrated data entry for spreadsheets and other computer documents Information can be shared among calculators 6. Drill & Practice Software Mighty Math Number Heroes Four exciting activities that encourage students to learn and master skills in fractions, multiplication, division, 2D geometry, and more. Develops investigation and experimentation abilities. Price: $29.95 7. Drill & Practice Software Wild West Math Helps students in grades 2 - 6 develop and refine fundamental math skills. Memorization of basic math facts to the process of long division. Program activities can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of learning needs. Tutorial help screens provide carefully structured assistance.Price: $41.94 8. Simulations Math Heads Help students develop pre-algebra skills; solve word problems Make mental calculations Compute fractions, decimals, percentages, and equivalences Build estimation skills Use logical thinking skills.Price: $79.95 9. Simulations Astro Algebra Develops familiarity with whole and rational numbers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportions, and percents Introduces expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, and graphs Covers points, functions, equations, and inequalities with number lines and coordinate planes Price: $69.95 10. Simulations Cosmic Geometry Virtual Manipulatives help students make the connection between concrete and abstract concepts Grow Slides automatically present more advanced topics and problemsPrice: $69.95 11. Simulations SMARTBoard Virtual Manipulatives help students make the connection between concrete and abstract concepts 12. Simulations Internet Resources Virtual Manipulatives help students make the connection between concrete and abstract conceptsClairvoy Delicious 13. Math Word Processor Math Type Provides added toolbar in Microsoft Word Allows common math symbols to be placed in a document as picture characters Price: $49.95 14. High Tech Manipulatives Intellimathics Tool for manipulating onscreen attribute blocks, tangrams, base ten blocks, geoboards, or fraction pieces Environment for manipulating any type of graphic, from bugs to balloons Add sorting bins, counting boxes, and Venn Hoops to your activities Gives verbal and written feedback to students as they make their selections 15. High Tech Manipulatives Intellimathics Price: $139.95 16. Low Tech Manipulatives Buckets of pattern blocks Trays of tiles and cubes Collections of geoboards Tangrams Counters Spinners 17. Other Low Tech for Math Graph Paper Number Stamps Raised Number Rulers Math Line Color coding for maintaining columns Big number buttons and large keypads 18. Software on T221 Laptops IntelliTools/Math Money Skills Premier/Talking Calculator SMARTBoard MathType


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