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Assistive Technology Tools Accommodating Students with Learning and Math Disabilities. Lisa Kosh, Regional Disability Coordinator Maria Acevedo Correa, Mental Health Specialist, Puerto Rico Centers. Overview. What is a Learning Disability? Assistive Technology Overview Assistive Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Assistive Technology Tools: Accommodating Students with Learning and Math Disabilities

Assistive Technology Tools Accommodating Students with Learning and Math DisabilitiesLisa Kosh, Regional Disability Coordinator

Maria Acevedo Correa, Mental Health Specialist, Puerto Rico Centers

11OverviewWhat is a Learning Disability?Assistive Technology OverviewAssistive TechnologyWriting Disabilities DysgraphiaMath Disabilities DyscalculiaSample ScenariosResourcesQuestions


2What is a Learning Disability?A LD is a neurological condition that affects the way individuals of average to above average intelligence receive, process, or express information.

A LD negatively impacts the ability to acquire basic skills of listening, speaking, thinking, reading, spelling, writing, and/or mathematics.

33Common Types of Learning Disabilities Dyslexia Difficulty readingProblems reading, writing, spelling, speakingDyscalculia Difficulty with mathProblems doing math problems, understanding time, using moneyDysgraphia Difficulty with writingProblems with handwriting, spelling, organizing ideasDyspraxia (Sensory Integration Disorder)Difficulty with fine motor skillsProblems with handeye coordination, balance, manual dexterityDysphasia/AphasiaDifficulty with languageProblems understanding spoken language, poor reading comprehensionAuditory Processing Disorder Difficulty hearing differences between soundsProblems with reading, comprehension, languageVisual Processing DisorderDifficulty interpreting visual informationProblems with reading, math, maps, charts, symbols, pictures*resource - is NOT Considered a Learning DisabilityAnxietyDepressionEmotional traumaStressful eventsADHDAutism

55Assistive Technology ServiceAssistive Technology service is defined as:

Directly assisting an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device.66Assistive Technology DeviceAn assistive technology device is defined as:

Any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.7Types of Assistive TechnologyNo-tech/Low-tech assistive technology devices are typically low cost and do not require the use of a computer or computer software to provide a benefit to an individual with a disability.

Mid-tech assistive technology usually offers the same advantages of low-tech devices. They are often more lightweight and portable, allowing them to be used anywhere and are relatively inexpensive.

Hi-tech assistive technology devices are costly and more complex electronic devices, such as computers and specialized software. High-tech devices often incorporate multiple features and may be used to meet a variety of needs.

88Assistive TechnologyWriting Disabilities

9Signs of Dysgraphia

1010Types of DysgraphiaDyslexic Dysgraphia written work is illegible, spelling is bad.

Motor Dysgraphia insufficient fine motor skills, poor muscle tone and poor dexterity.

Spatial Dysgraphia lack of understanding of space. Illegible work, but may have normal spelling.11Pencil GripsRubber allows student to easily grip pen/pencilallowing for better positioningProvides stable gripIncrease coordination and accuracy when writing

1212Raised Lined PaperRaised lines allow for the student to feel his/her pen/pencil touch the boundaries of space they are writing inComes in a variety of colorscolor contrasting

1313Talking DictionarySpeaks/pronounces words and definitionsAdjustable type size and screen contrast

1414Removable Highlighter Tape

Temporarily highlight a sentence, a word, or part of a word in a book1515Wynn Wizard (Scanning and Reading Software)Reads text aloud Color codingWeb maskingHighlightingDictionary

1616Visual Graphic Organizers: InspirationHelps to guide thinkingFacilitates students learning by helping them to identify area of focus with a broad topicAllows students to organize their thinking and writing process

1717Word Prediction Software ProgramsHelps the student during word predicting a word for the user to typeSentence completion Built in speech dictionarySynthesized speech enginesEnhances typing speed minimizes key strokes for students that struggle with typing

1818Voice Recognition TechnologyImproves access to computerIncrease in writing productionImprovements in writing mechanicsDecreases anxiety around writing

1919Digital Voice RecordersRecord lectures and notes that can be printed out using the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice-to-print software

20DANA Wireless hand held deviceFull sized keyboard with a wide screenFull featured word processorSpell check and dictionary

21Smartpen:LiveScribe Echo SmartpenRecord and playback featureWritten notes become searchable when uploaded onto computerLinks to written notes to audioCan be used to draw onto computer screen

22Rapid Typing ZoneRapid Typing is a free software program ( to help students improve their typing skills through a series of lessons23

23BalabolkaBalabolka ( is a free text-to-speech (TTS) software programUses various versions of Microsoft speech (API) and allows users to alter a voices parameters (including rate and pitch)24

Assistive TechnologyMath Disabilities

25DyscalculiaA specific developmental disability affecting a person's ability to conceptualize and perform mathematics.


26Signs of Dyscalculia

2727Specialty Paper

Colored PaperProvides a better visual perception for information processing

Graph PaperAssists with keeping numbers aligned and math problems are kept in organized rows and columns

2828Talking Calculators

Talking calculators can assist students that experience difficulties with calculating math problems

2929Talking Tape Measurer

Announces the measured lengthMemory modeCan be used to measure consecutive distances Automatically turns off when it is not used for 15 seconds30MathPad & MathTalk Software*MathPad By Voice Allows students to do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisionReads back to student

MathTalk By VoiceAllows students to voice any math from pre-algebra , algebra, trigonometry, and calculus (also includes voicing graphs)Over 60,000 voice commands

3131Merit Solutions for Learning Disabilities SoftwareBasic Algebra Shape-Up and Word Prediction Shape-UpBreaks questions down into multiple stepsSelf pacedStudents receive immediate feedback as they work

3232GeoGebraGeoGebra ( is a FREE program that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics, and calculus.Easy to use interfaceAuthoring tool to create interactive learning materials as web pages

3333ScenarioMeet AmberAmber 19 years old Diagnosis: DysgraphiaExperiences issues with:Staying within the margins/lines when writing on paperHas illegible handwritingInsufficient speed when copying notes that causes her to fall behind in class

What are some assistive technology solutions to consider?

34Possible AT Solutions for Amber

3535ScenarioMeet JeffJeff 21 years old Diagnosis: DyscalculiaExperiences issues with:Mental calculationsBalancing a checkbookUses numbers out of sequence

What are some assistive technology solutions to consider?

36Possible AT Solutions for Jeff

3737Where Can I Order these Products?Therapro: www.therapro.comPencil grips

eNasco: www.enasco.comRaised line paper

Independent Living: www.independentliving.comTalking dictionaryTalking tape measurer38Where Can I Order these Products?Resources for Reading: http://www.abcstuff.comRemovable highlighter tape

Learning, Sight & Sound: http://www.lssproducts.comTalking calculators39Where can I Order These Products?Software programs for DysgraphiaWynn Wizard: prediction software programs: http://www.enablemart.comSoothsayerWordQPrototype

40Where can I Order These Products?Software programs for DysgraphiaVoice Recognition Technology: http://www.enablemart.comRapid Typing Zone (Typing Tutor): Balabolka:

Digital Voice Recorders:



4141Where can I Order These Products?Software programs for DyscaculiaMathPad & MathTalk: Merit Solutions for Learning Disabilities: GeoGebra:


43Regional Disability CoordinatorsBoston RegionLisa Philadelphia and Atlanta RegionsNikki Jackson Dallas RegionLaura Kuhn Chicago and San Francisco RegionsKim Jones

44Job Corps Disability Website

45Job Corps Learning Disability Website

46Learning Disabilities Association of America (

4747National Center for Learning Disabilities (

4848LD Online (

4949Job Accommodation Network (JAN) (




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