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Attracting money with healthy chakras


Attract more money with your root chakra (I'll explain)

Attract more money with your root chakra (I'll explain)

By Guest - Posted on 09 October 2008Recently, I asked a healing intuitive if there is any condition in the body/energy system that can keep people from manifesting money in their lives. She responded: Yes,a closed root chakra.

As many of you know, chakras are the energy centers in our bodies, and the root chakra is the most basic one at the bottom of the spine. It is connected to earth, the legs, the feet, physical survival of the individual and the tribe, feeling grounded, connected, safe and secure, and yes, money.

If the root chakra is closed, means its flow of energy is restricted, we feel unsafe, disconnected, and have trouble to attract material abundance.

Here are 10 ways to open and balance your root chakra. Try any or all of them, and do it on a regular basis.

1. Get connected to the earth, to gravity. Stomp your feet, press your legs and feet into the floor while you are sitting,go barfoot, imagine roots growing out of your feet into the ground,indulge ina foot massage - you get the idea.

2. Sit straight in a chair and let your attention plunge down to your pelvic floor. Feel the stable heaviness; imagine what your root chakra looks like. Is it red (it does not have to be), shape, movement - whatever comes to mind.Make it a habit to be aware of this part of your body.

3. Stand with your feet more than shoulder wide apart, toes and knees pointed out in a way that is comfortable. Now bend your knees as deep as you can and come up again. Move up and down 5 to 10 times. Do this several times a day.

4. Squat down without shoes and just sit there as long as it is comfortable. Do this often (well, yeah, you should get out of that tight skirt, too).

5. Kegel exercises: Contract the muscles of your pelvic floor for three seconds, then release for three seconds. Repeat ten times. Nobody willbe aware of what you are doing,so go ahead in the grocery store when you are waiting in line. The muscles are easy to find: They are the ones that you use to stop the flow of urine.Kegel exercises are beneficial for a host of female health problems "down there", too.

6. Vibrational chakra toning or tuning withsound. There are many ways togo, from chanting, tuning forks,to MP3 downloads. Google it.

7. Special chakra flower essences. Google it.

8. Sit down, press your index fingers and thumbs slightly together (yoga mudra), and chant LAM.

9.Deep, full body breathing. Pay special attention to exhaling.

10. Eat foods that feed your root chakra: 1. Hot spices 2. Root vegetableslike carrots, potatoes, parsnip, onions, garlic, etc. 3. Protein! Yes, red meat if it feels rightto you. Many lightworkers shy away from these "primitive"foods, a practice that can make them highly unbalanced (not to mention prone to having money problems...).