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Attracting & Engagingyour Online Audienceby Marco AyusoMonday, May 30, 20113 rulesSelling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don't.Seth GodinMonday, May 30, 2011It takes timeSocial Media is not magicHow much are you going to wait?Monday, May 30, 2011It's all about peopleSocial = PeopleBusiness = PeopleYour customers are not numbers...They are peopleMonday, May 30, 2011The more you give, the more you getYou give value, you get valueIf you're not doing it, someone else isMonday, May 30, 2011Now what?Monday, May 30, 2011The Formula to Attract new Customers OnlineMonday, May 30, 2011Website +Monday, May 30, 2011Website + Traffic +(atracting)Monday, May 30, 2011Website + Traffic + Relationship(Engaging)Monday, May 30, 2011Website + Traffic + RelationshipMonday, May 30, 2011How do you stand out from the crowd?Be relevantBe authenticBe thereMonday, May 30, 2011The KLT factorKnowLikeTrust - pay attention to the trust gapMonday, May 30, 2011The Experience GapPeople are driven by emotions.Are you creating emotions?Not only "what" you do, but "how" you do it mattersMonday, May 30, 2011On transparency and authenticityKnowLikeTrust - pay attention to the trust gapMonday, May 30, 2011La frmula para atraer ms y mejores clientes por InternetSitio Web + Trfico + Relaciones(Propuesta Irresistible) (Audiencia hambrienta) (Enamorar al cliente)Monday, May 30, 2011MARCO, May 30, 2011