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Attracting & Retaining STEM TalentNereida (Neddy) Perez, Principal, D&I Creative Phone: 832-216-8836

ObjectivesOverview of the MarketplaceGenerational DifferencesNew ApproachesResourcesQuestions

Marketplace Trends

Skills Gaps

More than $1 trillion dollars spent on STEM % of graduates in the Sciences and Engineering has only increased 2.6% in the last 5 yearsHigh School graduation rate has maintained by 78% Hispanic Males have highest dropout rateAfrican American Males second highest dropoutAsian, Latina and White Females have highest rate of graduation White and Asian males account for largest number of talent in STEMSkills Deficiency 70% lack Computer Technology69% lack Problem Solving Skills67% lack basic technical training60% have poor math skills

State of Manufacturing Study by Deloitte

Generational DifferencesMost ImportantBoomersGenXersMillennialsGenZWork environmentRespect Good pay StabilityRespect for work Value my experienceAdvancement opportunitiesIndependenceGood payNeeds a road map for career managementFlexibility at workMentor/CoachEqual partnerNeed access to learnGive me chance to prove myself I can figure it outFlexibilityMeaningful workCollaborationEntrepreneurial environment.WorkplaceFixed office locationClean reporting linesStructure is important

Work on my own timeNeeds own space Access to technologyLikes to figure things out on their own will ask advice if I need it.Work at own pace Flexible hoursOpen environmentAccess to technologyentrepreneurialWork anywhere on my own timeOpen environmentAccess to technologyIts okay to fail it just gets you closer to a solutionMarketplaceSolid company StabilityReputable productsReputation Commitment to environmentDiversityCommitment to the environment Commitment to the communityDiversity is a givenCommitment to the environment Commitment to the communityDiversity imbeddedEconomicsStabilityRetirement benefitsHealthcareStability is nice but willing to jump for next opportunityPortable retirement benefitsWilling to move to right companyMoney nowPortability of benefitsWill figure out retirement laterPay me wellLet me bring my pet Pay for me to take a vacationNot concerned about retirement

ImmigrationH1B Visas - 886K applications received in March 2017Uncertain Immigration Policy U.S. Brain Drain

Not just about Mexicans & Middle Eastern Communities - Indian and Asian Communities are impacted too.

New ApproachesPump-up and invest in employee referrals65 70% Improved retentionAuto mentoring buddyStreamline the recruitment process with one-step applicationsLinkedinIndeedGo mobileLeverage Business/Employee Resource GroupsInterviewsExpect a casual environment

New ApproachesRecruit at the High School Level internsPartner with Colleges 2 year programs or create a programsThe return of Co-ops and Apprenticeship ProgramsLeverage National Manufacturing Day to promote job opportunitiesLink company scholarship programs to internships

New ApproachesFix Onboarding New hires quit between 30-60 days because of culture fitSteps to take: Welcome letter from CEO & CHRO after being hired video or email messageProvide information about company before start dateProvide buddy for onboarding Create opportunity for new hires to connect with each otherLeverage Business/Employee Resource Groups an opportunity to connect and befriend new hireIf they leave maintain an open door Employee Alumni Association

ResourcesElectronic Footprint is Critical: GlassDoorLinkedinFacebook SnapchatSpecialized websites for undergraduates and early career graduatesSociety of Women EngineersNations Society of Blacks in EngineeringNational Society of Hispanic EngineeersAssociation of Asian Americans in EngineeringAssociation of American Indian Scientists and Engineers Black Data Processors Association (BDPA)Other groups exist for Accounting, Legal, Supply Chain, SHRM Targeting Directors, VPs are on Linkedin, Zoom InfoMilitary Lucas GroupExecutive search firms best for SVPs, EVPs

ResourcesCentral Piedmont Community College ( Carolina School of Sciences & Mathematics ( North Carolina STEM Plan Innovation Forum ( STEM Center ( Executive Exchange Program, National Urban League (HBCUs) Winds of Change Magazine (Native Americans)


Nereida (Neddy) PerezPrincipal, D&I Creative Phone: 832-216-8836