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  • 8/12/2019 Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent With SAP E-Recruiting



    Taking Talent Relationship Management Beyond

    Applicant Tracking

    Todays corporate leaders recognize that an organizations

    strength rests on the shoulders of its employees. This has

    increased concerns about locating and attracting top talent in

    all markets, today and for the future. Succession planning and

    growing and grooming the workforce of tomorrow are com-

    mon corporate themes. Talent relationship management is a

    cutting-edge approach to enhancing your ability to attract and

    acquire the talent you need to build a skilled and educated

    workforce. SAP bases its software for recruiting on a talentmanagement strategy that seeks to optimize the core processes

    in managing a workforce: attracting, acquiring, educating, and

    developing talent; identifying and growing future leaders; and

    aligning and motivating talent with corporate objectives.

    Keeping Up in a Fast-Paced Field

    The search for tomorrows workforce is becoming increasingly

    demanding for several reasons. Some industries are facing

    shortages of needed skills, while others are challenged to replace

    their aging workforce. Worldwide competition is increasing

    for the best personnel. Searching for exceptional candidates

    places a difficult burden on HR directors, many of whom are

    being deluged with unsolicited resumes. Organizations can

    tackle these issues by embracing a talent relationship manage-

    ment approach that includes employer branding, smarter

    personnel marketing, and streamlined Internet-based recruiting


    Savvy organizations worldwide

    recognize the value of hiring

    and retaining excellent employ-

    ees and contractors. These

    organizations are enhancing

    their recruiting strategies to

    ensure they can maintain their

    brand, overcome talent short-

    ages, and build the staff on

    which their future depends.

    Like you, they are competing

    for a finite supply of skilled

    employees from a constantly

    shifting global pool of candi-

    dates. The SAP E-Recruiting

    application supports the inte-

    grated electronic recruiting

    management strategies you

    need to create the workforce

    of tomorrow.

    SAP Solution Brief

    mySAP ERP Human Capital Management

  • 8/12/2019 Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent With SAP E-Recruiting


    Organizations that seek to acquire talent in the most efficient

    way possible must integrate their external and internal recruit-

    ing efforts while adding freelancers, consultants, and other

    temporary workers to the mix. Smart organizations are using

    the Internet to integrate new online recruiting methods into

    their business practices. This enables them to target and

    approach appropriate applicants quickly and implement

    a more cost-effective recruiting procedure.

    SAP E-Recruiting Increases Recruiting Efficiency

    and Productivity

    The SAP E-Recruiting application offers organizations the

    recruiting management functions needed to locate appropriate

    talent, including intelligent electronic screening, filtering,

    sorting, and ranking. Versatile and easy to use, the application

    not only opens new recruiting possibilities but also decisivelystrengthens the contribution that the recruiting function makes

    to your companys overall competitiveness. SAP E-Recruiting

    takes talent relationship management beyond organizational

    borders by creating a talent warehouse that serves as an effective

    sourcing channel that can help you develop early relationships

    with your potential workforce inside and outside your


    The software helps you manage the whole recruiting process

    chain, from planning and budgeting to attracting candidates,

    hiring, and retaining employees. It involves all participants in the

    recruiting process, including hiring managers. SAP E-Recruiting

    optimizes recruiters work patterns and increases their produc-

    tivity and eff iciency. It also provides sophisticated mechanisms

    for measuring and mapping recruiting efficiency.

    By supporting the integration of recruiting processes with inter-

    nal HR systems, SAP E-Recruiting can automate the flow of

    information and processes. In addition, the application provides

    new Web services that link external recruiting instruments, such

    as online recruiting service providers, and provide the ability topost employment opportunities on external job boards.

    Additional new functionality automates the generation of

    HR administrative forms to quickly and efficiently support the

    hiring of new candidates. The result is collaboration of all

    internal employees and external partners in the recruiting chain.

    Paving the Way for a Future-Oriented Personnel

    Marketing Strategy

    SAP E-Recruiting helps you accelerate and streamline the

    recruiting process more than any of the traditional methods

    of applicant management by employing collaborative methods

    to promote cross-enterprise cooperation. Through browser

    interfaces (which can be tailored to the requirements of specific

    roles, countries, companies, and so on), candidates, line man-

    agers, and recruiters all have efficient access to the information

    and services they need to fulfill their tasks or roles in the

    recruiting process chain.

    Thanks to its wide variety of innovative functions, SAP E-Recruit-

    ing is paving the way to future-oriented personnel management.

    The following elements, core functions of modern recruiting,

    form the backbone of the application: talent warehouse, recruiter

    tool, and analytics.

    Talent Warehouse Enhances Opportunities

    with Self-Services

    Talent relationship management is a forward-looking approach

    to managing candidate relations that documents their desires,qualifications, and potential on a long-term basis. In the area of

    recruiting, the foundation for relationship management is the

    With SAP E-Recruiting, we can

    improve personnel selection while

    maintaining a high level of efficiencyin our back-office processes. Our

    initial experiences have shown that

    were on the right track.

    Christoph Griesshaber, Human Resources Manager,


  • 8/12/2019 Attracting and Retaining the Right Talent With SAP E-Recruiting


    talent warehouse, an advanced talent database that enables

    recruiters to plan for, find, track, and manage potential em-

    ployees and external candidates. Extensive navigation functions

    make it easy for recruiters to search for and match talent to

    personnel requirements. The talent database also improves

    their ability to manage prospects and find suitable candidates

    for open positions by providing advanced searches for ideal

    candidates and clear classification and ranking of candidates.

    The self-services that applicants use to access the talent ware-

    house are just as user-friendly. Candidates can use the talent

    warehouse to upload resumes and CVs, register their interests

    and skills, and even create a personal page. Using the informa-

    tion that candidates provide, organizations can establish and

    maintain long-term relationships with candidates as well as

    submit job offers, which applicants can access.

    The talent warehouse in SAP E-Recruiting integrates external

    and internal recruiting into a single global view. Candidates

    can increase career options while line managers can gain a larger

    pool of potential job candidates in their own country and

    abroad. The talent warehouse provides recruiters with a wealth

    of possibilities for maintaining positive, active relationships

    with candidates. Finally, the talent warehouse is the basis for

    dedicated talent segmentation. Using the information provided

    through the talent warehouse, organizations can define their

    own groups of talents and implement targeted services and

    processes for different groups.

    The Recruiter Tool Provides Faster, Easier Administration

    The recruiter tool is designed to make recruiters administrative

    tasks easier by introducing functions that noticeably increase

    speed, eff iciency, and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire

    application process. Support from the recruiter tool is available

    right from the job requisition stage and continues through to

    the closing of the job offer. A dashboard-type view enables

    recruiters to quickly focus on tasks that must be completed fora specific requisition, a specif ic date, or other factors.

    Requisition management functions enriched with planning

    and workflow tools enable an automated flow of information

    and tasks, streamlining the entire requisition process. An array

    of self-service functions significantly improves your recruiters

    efficiency by enabling them to create and submit job require-

    ment profiles for approval; view candidate shortlists, profiles,

    and application data; and respond to questionnaires about


    SAP E-Recruiting assists your recruiters in managing various

    posting channels. For example, job postings can be directed

    automatically to internal channels and transported via an

    XML interface to external job boards. Your recruiters can work

    through applications that come in from