attracting, engaging and converting in the buyer 2.0 world

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NavigationArts Senior Consultant Mark Davenport shows you how to optimize your website for an effective online marketing and sales funnel. Learn how to attract, engage, and convert prospects.


  • Webinar Mark Davenport Senior Consultant April 6, 2011 Attracting, Engaging and Converting in the Buyer 2.0 World
  • What Well Cover
    • The Current State of Demand Generation: Buyer 2.0
    • Guiding Principles for this Evolving World
    • Getting Focused Attracting, Engaging and Converting Prospects
    • Next Steps A Roadmap to Get there
  • Once Upon a Time
    • There were only a few media channels
    • The same people owned them all
    • Their friends in the agencies were the gatekeepers
    • Marketing meant coming up with a catchy jingle
    • Your salesmen (yes, they were men) had to convert awareness into revenue
  • Buyer 2.0 This Isnt Your Fathers Demand Generation
    • The Web changed the marketing landscape, and now Web 2.0 is changing it further, forcing companies to adapt their selling approaches
    • There are many channels, and no one gatekeeper
    • The buyer has more information than ever before and is in control of when and how they engage with you
    • Vendors must meet prospects where they are and begin a conversation that they will want to continue
    • Marketing must engage throughout the process
    DG F2F Tele Web Demand Generation Tele/F2F Sales Web B2B Funnel 2000 2011
  • Buyer 2.0 Does Not Rely Upon a Vendor or its Website One-to-many marketing has been replaced with many-to-many, and you are not in all of the conversations going on about you
  • The User Experience Now Spans a Digital Ecosystem
    • Organizations must provide a coherent story across myriad online properties, some they own and many they dont.
    Owned Campaign Sites Newsletters Partner Sites Earned Social Online Media Blogs SEO Paid Pay-per-click Banners Paid Blogs Website
  • Guiding Principles for the Buyer 2.0 World
    • Creating integrated persuasion
    • Shifting emphasis to inbound marketing
    • Actively managing and nurturing leads
    • Testing, measuring and refining
  • Guiding Principle Create Integrated Persuasion
    • Weave a coherent, compelling story across your digital ecosystem
    • Focus on educating buyers, not just selling
    • Integrate inbound and outbound
    SEO Does your story make sense? Campaign Site Website Peers, Experts Website Newsletter Sales Reviews $$$ Audience Prospects Leads Opportunities
  • Guiding Principle Shift to an Inbound Mindset
    • Cast smaller, more focused nets (less spray and pray)
    • Generate opt-in and market to this audience
    • Choose the right amount of awareness for your industry
    • Outbound tactics
    • Broadcast
    • Print
    • Outdoor
    • Events
    • Direct Mail
    • Telemarketing
    • Inbound tactics
    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Social
    • Blogs
    • Videos
    • Newsletters
  • Guiding Principle Actively Manage and Nurture Leads
    • Follow leads through the entire funnel to revenue
    • Serve the right content at the right time
    • Employ progressive profiling and lead scoring
    • Leverage technology, but dont overlook people and process
      • CRM or Marketing Mgmt software is only as good as how you use it
    $$$ Audience Prospects Leads Opportunities
  • Guiding Principle Test, Measure and Refine
    • Focus on predictive metrics, rather than backward-looking
    • Aggregate numbers are meaningless must be segmented
    • Measure whole lifecycle, tie to revenue
    15% 15% .1% 15% 16% 1% Targets __________ Conversion Rates __________ Conversion Rates __________ Conversion Rates Responses MQLs Wins Segment 1 Segment 3
    • Assessment
    • Low response rate may be due to lack of awareness or poor messaging
    • Recommendation
    • Improve off-site visibility and messaging, SEO, PPC, Blogs, Social
    • Assessment
    • Conversion at each stage is strong
    • Recommendation
    • Candidate for more top-of-funnel demand generation
    • Assessment
    • Pointed bottom of funnel shows poor conversion of leads to wins
    • More nurturing required in pipeline
    • Recommendation
    • Candidate for pipeline acceleration programs
    7% 12% .8% Segment 2
  • Getting Focused: Attracting, Engaging and Converting
    • Marketers must master several critical new activities
    • Keyword research, selection and optimization
    • Social media community building
    • Content creation and dissemination
    • Creating pathways for conversion
    • Measuring, analyzing and optimizing performance
  • Attracting qualified website visitors Keywords
    • Use keywords that quality prospects use (sofa vs. couch 5MM +2.7MM)
    • Dont just guess, use PPC campaign to test
    • Use your keywords offline, too
    • Mix mass keywords and longtail phrases
    • Understand what keywords tell you about the buyers journey
      • Digital Camera 4MM searches/month
      • Digital Camera Reviews 368K/month
      • EOS 5D Mark II 200K/month
  • Attracting qualified website visitors Social Media
    • Have a creative concept
    • Provide a value exchange
    • Make the experience authenticuse experts
    • Augment social with offline
    • Optimize for mobile social
    • Galvanize your employees it takes a village
  • Engaging Audiences with Relevant Content
    • Use automation and self selection to segment
      • By audience
      • By stage in the process
      • By behavior
    • Adapt mobile version of your site to user context (Toyota)
    • Extend the conversation
    • Pay attention to tonality
  • Converting them into customers Offer pathways
    • Provide them with relevant, actionable next steps
      • What might someone on this page want to do next?
      • What would I want them to do?
      • Review analytics where did people actually go?
  • Converting them into customers Incremental Steps
    • Offer incremental next steps that allow visitors to test the waters
      • Shorter forms
      • Progressive disclosure gives and gets
      • Case Study : Walden University
      • Online Application completion increased by 88% with a streamlined application
  • Converting them into customers Analytics
    • Close the loop between revenue outcomes and content-based engagement
    • Figure out WHAT is valuable and track it
    • Figure out WHO is important and track them
    • Assess WHY important visitors do valuable things
    • Extrapolate HOW to improve your sites financial contribution to the organization
  • Bringing it All Together
    • Buyer 2.0 forces you to think more holistically about your digital ecosystem
      • Create a coherent story that spans channels
      • Draw people in with relevance and earn a conversation
      • Measure everything and test alternative approaches
  • Next Steps
    • This week: Walk in your customers footsteps how do they experience you?
      • Search for yourself on Google, follow your links on Facebook, find a conversation about you online that you didnt know about; follow these links, sign up for a newsletter -- do visitors get a compelling story?
    • This month: Set up goals and segments within your analytics software
    • This quarter: Conduct at least one A-B test and follow results through your funnel
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