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  • 1. Undergraduate Studiesportfolio Jessica Kleiser BA Psychology PSY492 UA

2. Personal Statement

  • After years of thinking it over and life changing events taking place I have made the decision to continue on to graduate school. When finishing my masters degree I would like to work for a hospital counseling children who have been diagnosed with illness that cause them to stay there. Eventually, I would like to go even further on to finish my doctorate but I am hoping just a masters degree will allow me to begin my dream. The only concern I have with pursing my degree would be to find enough time to concentrate on my studies learning and comprehending everything I am taking in. I am a full time mother of two babies who take up an extremely large amount of my time but I am more than willing with the help of my husband and children to continue on with my education.
  • Being a child with many medical problems I grew up in the hospital needing many surgeries along with a lot of patients and drive to make it through. I feel one of my best abilities to contribute to the job would be the ability to listen and understand. Although the diagnose may be different than mine I know where they would be coming from when it comes to missing out on normal childhood activities. Living in a hospital when other kids your age are going to school and making new friends can be rather depressing. Personally I feel it would have been very helpful to have someone to express that to besides my family. This leads me to believe my dream profession is the way to go for me and many others.
  • Although I havent experiences much when it comes to the career I would like to peruse but I have lived on the other side of it making each class I take and complete much more interesting. I hope to take everything I have learned over the past four years and use it in my graduate courses along with my psychology career. Personally I feel skills are something you take with you as you grow learning to communicate with the people around you which can make for an easy time in this profession. Listening is also a skill that needs to be studied and perfected in order to make for a good psychologist. Loving my profession is something I strive for, I want to enjoy my day at work and come home to my loving family watching them grow and mature into the people they are going to become.
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3. Personal Statement Continue.

  • Further more the graduate school I would like to continue my degree at is Capella University where I will there study child and adolescent development. As you can see helping children is something that I really would like to do and by doing so I honestly feel that I will be helping myself. Looking back now there are a lot of things about my childhood I would like to change and cant but I do feel helping others who suffered like me will allow me to heal as well.
  • As research shows I will not be able to start right in the position that I would like to but any entry level job leading up to that is fine with me. I am willing to start at the bottom of the food chain and work for my goal because I know nothing comes easy and there will be optical and challenges I will have to over come. Writing this assignment has made me come to a lot of realizations on how close it really is until I graduate from my undergraduate program. Making the big step to continue on to my masters degree later completing my goal in being a child psychologist in a hospital.

4. Resume

  • Jessica Kleiser
  • 7210 West Huff Blvd, Frederick, MD 21702
  • 201-953-1122
  • [email_address]
  • Objective:
  • Psychology
  • Education:
  • Argosy University, September 2008 - March 2011
  • Major: Psychology
  • Montclair State University, January May 2008
  • Major: Psychology
  • Rider University, September 2006 December 2007
  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Special Education
  • Job History:
  • September December 2008 Bath and Body Works
  • Job Title: Cashier
  • April - September 2007, April September 2008 Cape Island Campground

5. Resume Continue.

  • Job Title: Childrens Activity Director
  • June 2004 July 2007 Bath Time
  • Job Title: Cashier
  • December 2004 January 2007 CD World
  • Job Title: Cashier
  • Honors:
  • Deans List, Fall of 2006
  • Skills:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Organization Skills
  • Activity Planning

6. Reflection

  • By attending Argosy University I have learned to organize my time and deadlines in a reasonable manor. Between remaining a full time student and a mother to two babies I need to be as organized as possible and by the University setting a weekly routine it has helped me in other aspects of my life as well. Also, I am much stronger when it comes to writing and composing research papers, I have learned the correct steps and process in doing so which is something I will take with me from here on out. But even though I am mastering this technique I am still lacking the APA format. For some odd reason it is not something I can get a grasp on receiving full credit with each assignment. I hope by continuing on with my education I will be able to learn it properly making me a better teacher and psychologist.

7. Table of Contents

  • Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy
  • Research Skills
  • Communication Skills: Oral and Written
  • Ethics and Diversity Awareness
  • Foundations of Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

8. Cognitive Abilities:

  • Jessica Kleiser
  • Professor McLean
  • Cognition and Learning PSY 360 UD
  • October 9, 2010
  • Marias approach to teaching her students on how to take in information and use it towards a presentation was very well organized. Using a graphic organizer will help the students work on the final project making it prefect when presenting it to the class. I think the best strategy when gathering information towards the project she has assigned would be the learning concept. Our lecture states if you are learning about a concept, ensure that you are able to generate the following information:
  • The name of the concept this is for reference.
  • Relevant and irrelevant features and attributes of the concept.
  • Definitions referring to a general category and the concepts defining attributes for example, A fruit is afood we eat that has seeds in the edible parts.
  • Examples and nonexamples these make the boundaries clear and illustrate the features and attributes.
  • Additional examples and representations of the concepts pictures, diagrams, concept maps, andelaborative descriptions (Argosy University 2010).
  • Gathering all of this information I feel would be enough for the students to put together a good presentation for their class. The learning concept will teach the students exactly how to break down the passages they are reading into outlines later followed by a presentation.
  • Although Maria did teach them a lot already on how to gather information and organize it in a graphic organizer I feel her next step should be to teach them the learning concept mentioned above. Next, moving onto ways to keep this concept more organized by using as note cards. By putting all the information gathered onto note cards they will be able to find it when ready to use exactly the information needed. Also, they can put the note cards in order of how they want to present their information later being able to flip through them writing their side notes into sentences.

9. Cognitive Abilities Continue.

  • Because she children she teaches are some what of a young age it may take many tries for them to get this strategy down but in time and with much practice I am sure it can be done.
  • Then once they have learned both the learning concept and the note card trick I would want Maria to double check and make sure they have caught all the information in passages that are important to use in the presentation. Once reviewing their facts Maria should do a study session showing the students how to take the information gathered and put it onto a poster board, power point, or how ever they want to present their project. Due to their age this might be one of the first group projects they are doing on their own without the full help of a teacher and if I was her I would want to make sure they are doing it correctly for their own good. The steps and strategies Maria is teaching them are ones they are likely to take with them forever and she should make sure that they have the right idea from the beginning so they do not have to be retaught in years to come.
  • Like I said above I think Maria has a very good start when teaching her students the steps to take in order to make a group presentation but there are others she should follow through with just to make sure the end project is done just as well as the beginning project.

10. Cognitive Abilities Continue.