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1. Staying Relevant 2014 JETAA Oceania Conference 2. 1. Numbers and relevance 2. Events relevant to JET community 3. Networking 3. 1. Numbers and relevance 4. 550 20 10 4% 5. 100 1,100 2,100 3,100 4,100 5,100 6,100 7,100 AxisTitle JET Participants Total US UK Canada Australia NZ Ireland Other 6. - 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 AxisTitle JET Participants Australia NZ 7. - 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Hyogo Nagasaki Hokkaido Ehime Kagoshima Hiroshima Shizuoka Nara Hamamatsu City Yamagata Fukushima Saitama Niigata Mie Shiga Kyoto Wakayama Tottori Kobe City Aomori Akita Gumma Ishikawa Kagawa Kochi Fukuoka Prefectural Participants 8. Top 5 Prefectures 25% Other 75% Prefectural Participants 9. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2013 JETAA AKL Requirements Males Females 20-25, 70% 26-29, 18% 30-35, 9% Over 35, 2% 2013 10. Insights: Only 4% of community is engaged Increasing returnees in short term Five prefectures are home to 25% of participants 90% of new participants are under 30 years old Slight bias in female returnees 11. Opportunities in growing the chapters relevance: Plan for more returnees in coming years Feedback from current participants Focus on top 5 prefectures Understand 20 to 25 year old engagement Younger committee Decentralise / Regional sub-chapter Set a target engagement score (8%) Emergent planning to deliberate strategy 12. 2. Events relevant to JET community 13. Staying Relevant who are our stakeholders? 14. Staying Relevant - How do we know what events people want..? 1. Adhere to our constitution 2. AGM and monthly committee meetings 3. Networking Perhaps we should also survey members and stakeholders? 15. Japan day (organised by Nihonjinkai) Taste of Japan (organised by New Zealand Japan Society) Tsudoi (twice monthly conversation nights organised by NZJS) Hanami (with NZJS) Rotorua Ekiden (compete against an NZJS team) Tanabata at Stardome Observatory Bounenkai & other social dinner/karaoke Family sports day at park/beach Japanese and International Film Festivals Hiking weekend away (Tongariro, Tarawera) Promoting JET at University information sessions & careers expo AUT Japanese speech contest (assist with judging) High School video competition High School Hiragana / Kanji competition NCEA prep day / High School Japanese Support day 16. 1. Pub Quiz - $200 JETAA budget for prizes and token bar snacks on each table. - Free room hire, including TV screen to hook up power point. - Print out answer booklets (at work) - 100% of the entry fee to go towards the chosen charity. 17. 2. Tanabata Event - Visit Stardome for a family fun-day including games outside in the park and planetarium show - If 20 or more people, show at planetarium is $8 per adult ($7 child) - BBQ provided by JETAA - If charge $20 pp then rest can go towards chosen charity. 18. 3. Charity Dinner - Tickets cost $55 and include a 3-course set meal - Maximum dining capacity 100 people - $20 from each ticket to go to charity - Additional donations on the night of $550 - TOTAL given to charity of $2550 19. Presentation from a CIR who was living in Sendai at the time of the Tsunami Live music performance Note: donation bucket in background 20. - On 11th March, (or closest possible day) - Set up a table in prominent downtown location & have JETAA members fold 1000 Origami cranes. - Have information sheets & donation buckets. - Invite public to learn to fold a crane. - Promotes JET in the community while also raising money for Japan. 4. Senbazuru 21. Promoting your event Send an email to your database of members Ask your connections (other Japanese related interest groups, Universities, Japan shops, local council etc) to email, post on website or hang-up posters Post on all Japan related Facebook groups & twitter Submit a promotional article in E-newsletters/magazines Add social sharing buttons to your website Register your event with event websites e.g. 22. 3. Networking Its not what you know 23. What is an Alumni? 1. An organised group of members (network) 2. Sharing a common experience (commonality) 3. However, members may not share common interests, purpose and may come from diverse backgrounds (diversity) 4. Provides prestige, belonging, dialogue (mutual benefits) 24. Mutual benefits Commonality Alumni Diversity NETWORKING 25. What is a networking event? An event that provides opportunities for people to: To connect/reconnect Develop rapport Express themselves Make an impression Raise their profile Grow their circle of influence To develop long term relationships Mutually benefit 26. Types of face to face networking Cocktail / mixer networking Community group networking Speed networking Employment networking Breakfast / Strong Contact networking Chamber of Commerce / Casual networking Professional networking 27. Type of Networking Event Advantages Disadvantages Cocktail / mixer networking More comfortable for members Easier for people to connect on their terms Better for introverts Ease of planning Easy going atmosphere = lack of engagement Weak theme May not drive benefits for members Community group networking Opportunity for a stronger theme Chance to plan for compatible groups to interact More beneficial connections Theme may be too controlled Needs strong alignment between communities to deliver benefits More effort for planning Speed networking Increased connections Opportunity to meet all members Prevents members staying with familiars Too intense for introverts Highly structured Planning effort 28. Networking leverage JET strengths Japan has a broad fan base our knowledge is a popular platform Capitalise on our people skills Help returnees quickly connect Encourage others to step out of comfort zone Use our professional skills Facilitate communities We are leaders! 29. Networking keeps JETAA relevant to community: Focus on individual more powerful than group politics Members connect to others relevant to them Provides chapters an opportunity to better understand members Raises chapter profile if strategically aligning with other communities


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