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  • Group LifeEver wonder why the Trinity is so important to our faith? How does that belief shape our faith? Though we dont see the Trinity explicitly in scripture, it is there.

    Paul writes in II Corinthians 13:13, The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Throughout church history, the doctrine of the Trinity has remained importantthat we believe God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all one and yet all different.

    While trying to understand the Trinity remains difficult, we do know that at the heart of God is community. God is in eternal relations with Gods self. Simply put, the Trinity is the first small group. We know, then, that community is important to God.

    And yet, we dont feel like we are in community. We feel lonely, disconnected, and sometimes all alone. Those feelings point toward the brokenness in our society and ourselves. When sin entered into the world, it brought brokenness into our community with God and one another. We know that relationships and community are good and right but struggle to maintain them.

    At FVUMC, Group Life, our adult small group ministry, provides for us connection to community and to God. As a church that strives to form disciples in the way of Jesus Christ, we seek to be a church of groups. We desire for all who call FVUMC home to be in a group. Some have been in a group called a Sunday School class for years, some have participated in a Friday morning bible study, others get together and walk or ride bicycles while talking about

    their life in Christ, and this fall we will launch our Growth Groups. Whatever the title and

    focus of the group, each reflects the communal nature of the Trinity.

    The community into which the Trinity invites each of us is characterized by love. It is

    because of Gods love that we have community with God and one another. Again Paul writes in I Corinthians 13:4-7 about Gods love. It says that Gods love for us is patient, kind, isnt jealous, doesnt brag, isnt arrogant, isnt rude, doesnt seek its own advantage, isnt irritable, doesnt keep a record of complaints, isnt happy with injustice, but it is happy with the truth. Gods love puts up with all things, trusts in all things, hopes for all things, endures all things. Gods love never fails.

    Our Group Life desires to imitate this kind of love. To do so, however, requires a community gathered together to worship Jesus as He reveals to us the heart of the triune God.

    Pastor Matt Seaton, Pastor of Christian Formation & Missional Outreach

    The Wellspring

    Adult Ministriesat FVUMC

    Have You Ever Considered Leading an Adult Small Group?Come to the Centrum on Wednesday, August 12 at 6 pm to find out more about what it means to lead a small group. For questions, contact Matt Seaton, Pastor of Christian Formation & Missional Outreach, at or 919-552-4331, ext. 103. (Childcare available for those who register their children at

    August 2015Fuquay-Varina

    United Methodist Church

  • Living a Life That Is Fully Alive Pastor Gene TysonAs you may know, Valerie and I recently returned from my sons wedding in New York City.

    Many of you have asked about the weekend and how things went at this most joyous occasion in our familys life. It is always fulfilling to watch ones child as they move through the seasons of lifeparticularly when they take the step of marriage with someone whom they love and cherish.

    My response has been, it was absolutely perfect in every way.

    As I watched Josh and Laura speak their vows, exchange rings and be pronounced husband and wife, my heart leapt for joy for the both of them. As a parent, our heart for our children is for them to be happy and secure in life and to pursue their own dreams and passions. I must say I was a proud father that day and so pleased for them as they began their lives together.

    This is also true in our relationship with God. It pleases our heavenly Father when we find our niche in life, discover our passions and gifts, and live in union with Jesus as we journey through life.

    Jesus said I came so that they could have lifeindeed, so that they could live life to the fullest.

    St. Irenaeus, one of the early church fathers of the

    second century, is attributed with this saying, The glory of God is man (humankind) fully alive.

    So how do we live a life that is fully alive?

    The good news is God has given us a Game Plan for life, a strategy, a plan for living a full and fulfilled life as followers of Jesus Christ. That plan is found in the lives of those early Christian converts as they began to live into being followers of Jesus Christ.

    They worshiped regularly, developed meaningful relationships with each other, were taught how to live life through the teaching of the Apostles, and ministered and cared for each other. As a result, many people came to Christ through their witness.

    Our August sermon series is centered on this theme, The Game Plan. I hope you will make a point to join us for each of these messages as we discover and live into Gods Game Plan for our lives.

    Why not invite a neighbor to join you? Lets search the Scriptures together as we seek to be a Christ-centered community who is loving, learning, serving, and sharing God!

    See you Sunday! Gene Tyson, Lead Pastor

    Starting Point: Find Out About FVUMCOur Starting Point gatherings are an introduction to the church, pastors, staff and leaders of our

    ministries. Wed love to help you connect with the small groups, ministries, and activities that resonate with your life and interests. The Starting Point gatherings are open to anyone, whether youre new to FVUMC or have been attending for a while. Upcoming gatherings (please note date/time changes!):

    September 13 at 11:00am in room 117 on the Adult Wing. Childrens Sunday School and Nursery available.

    November 1 at 9:30am in room 125 on the Adult Wing. Childrens Sunday School and Nursery available.

    Come when it works for your schedule - no registration necessary! For questions, please call the church office at 919-552-4331 or email

  • Welcome Pastor Matt!My name is Matt Seaton, and I am the new Pastor of Christian Formation and Missional Outreach. (Say that ten times fast!) I am elated to be joining the FVUMC family.

    A little about me, I grew up in Rapid City, SD. I know! That is a long ways away. Though my family has moved away from there to various parts

    of the country, I still consider that home. If you ever have a chance to visit that area, I recommend it. Mount Rushmore and the beautiful Black Hills are nearby and worth a visit.

    I grew up in The Wesleyan Church, which is a cousin to the UMC. I went

    to college at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. My undergraduate degree is in Pastoral Ministries, and I studied theology, Christian history, and Pastoral Care. I graduated from there and attended Asbury Theological Seminary for a year.

    After a year, I decided that I had had enough of higher education. So, I went and served in the church world. I have served as a pastor in a variety of capacities, from solo pastor to associate pastor. Consequently, after having acquired my degree and served in the church, I was ordained in The Wesleyan Church in 2010.

    In 2012, I began my time at Duke Divinity School. I had always wanted to finish the graduate degree I began some years prior at Asbury. Another reason for finishing my Masters of Divinity was that the Lord was drawing me out of The Wesleyan Church

    and into another tradition. Long story short, the Lord has led me to The United Methodist Church and specifically to FVUMC.

    Most recently, I married the love of my life, Lacey. A few random facts about us are that we plan on adopting in the next few years and we are both vegetarians (Im actually 90% vegetarian, as I enjoy a White Castle hamburger from time to time).

    We look forward to meeting everyone!

    Pastor Matt Seaton, Pastor of Christian Formation & Missional Outreach

    Group Life: Adult Ministry

    Leadership TrainingAre you a group leader? Do you teach Sunday School or a weekly Bible study?

    Are you a future Growth Group leader?

    Have you wanted to refine your skills as a facilitator of a small group?

    Come to the church on August 22 from 9 am to Noon for a time of fellowship, and training for all those planning to lead any type of small group this coming fall and spring.

    Breakfast, snacks, and childcare will be provided. If you need childcare, please complete the form online at

    Questions? Contact Matt Seaton, Pastor of Christian Formation & Missional Outreach, at or 010-552-4331, ext. 103.

    Fall Kickoff for New Growth Groups On September 13, FVUMC will kickoff our new fall semester Growth Groups. Each Growth Group will explore further whats talked about on Sunday morning. These sermon-based Growth Group begin the week of September 13 and will end the week of November 15. During those 11 weeks, each group will

    celebrate together, serve together, and study together. This fall, we are studying the book of James and how faith and good works belong together. Enrollment is open August 23 to September 20. Sign-ups will be available online, in the lobby on Sunday mornings, or by calling the office at 919-552-4331.


  • 2015 Budget SummaryDetailed monthly financial reports are always available

    in the church office for your review.

    Total Annual Budget $ 1,514,405.35Budget needed YTD - 7/26/15