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History of guilts featuring artist, Faith Ringgold.


  • 1. Baltimore Style QuiltS!
    Featuring Aunt Sallies Quilt- Shepherdstown Historic Museum
    Baltimore Style
  • 2. Baltimore Style Add Title
    A quilt style that was popular in Baltimore, Maryland, in the mid-nineteenth century.
    Nearly all of these quilts are on a white/off-white background with the designs being mostly red and green.
    They were usually made by several different quilters, as a gift for a special person such as a bride!
    2 Main Colors: Red and Green
  • 3. Consider SHAPE!
    Baltimore quilts are very ORDERLY
    featuring a checkerboard design!
  • 4. The origin of Aunt Sallie is unknown. Some believe Aunt Sallie might have been a real person, while others speculate that Aunt Sallie might have been the name of a quilting bee group!
    Quilting bees began in the 19th century as a way for women to assemble and socialize!
    Who is Aunt Sallie?
  • 5. Quilts inspire artists!
    Picnic on the Grass
    Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles
    Faith Ringgold
  • 6. Rag quilts- made from old clothes.
    Passage quilts- made from the clothing of some one who had passed to a new place either through birth or death.
    Free Form Quilts!
  • 7. Students will create a replica of Aunt Sallies quilt found in our own Historic Shepherdstown Museum!
    Student shall design their own square.
    Students will honor the Baltimore style of Aunt Sallies quilt by using RED and GREEN and one color of their choice.
    Students will master how to create a GRADATED VALUE in drawing while practicing how to control their tones while shading.
    In all other areas, the student must press down hard to create a velvety texture with their colored pencil.
    Art Lesson
  • 8. Step 1: VALUE SCALE
    Control your pencil,
    dont let your pencil control you!
  • 9. Step 2: Design a square!
  • 10. Quilts are a great way to teach symmetry!
    Quilts are a way to learn about geometric shapes!
    Quilts can teach you about fractions!
    Other lesson extensions: TANGRAMS!
    Quilts and GEOMETRY!
  • 11. Voila!
    A beautiful paper quilt is born!
    300 Paper- Pieced Quilt Blocks
    by Carol Doak