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Dumpster Rental Secrets What The Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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What the dumpster rental industry doesn't want you to know. Avoid making mistakes that most Austinites make by asking these questions before you rent. Learn more at:


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Dumpster Rental SecretsWhat The Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Avoid Mistakes Most Austinites Make, By !Asking These Questions Before You Rent

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Did You Know?

Inside You’ll Learn!

• 14 important questions to ask to separate the good & bad

• What to expect from A+ dumpster rental Austin pros

• Differences between value & price (avoid costly ripoffs)

• And much more!

New municipal law states that hiring unlicensed waste haulers can result in: you being fined up to $2,000 and spending 1 year in jail.

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1. HOW DO YOU PROTECT MY PROPERTY FROM DAMAGE?You get my special wood driveway protection system so the dumpster never touches your driveway (see green bin).

It is a respect thing. My competitors roll the hard steel rolloff dumpster across your driveway. The steel roller can create scrapes, cracks, ruts.

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You can pack 30% more debris into my dumpster because I removed the slanted bottom “boat effect” that creates bulky dead space pockets.

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A. Significant space is wasted in 30 and 40 yard bins. Workers don’t pack trash as efficiently so you pay for unused space. Plus the whole “boat effect” comes into play too because of the way boards fit. That means dead air pockets.

My 20-yard bins can hold 30% more waste than my competitor’s. This makes it feel more like a 30.

B. Most fans choose our 20-yard over bigger bins because we come ASAP to swap out your full bin for a fresh, empty bin. This keeps the job site clean. Your workers won’t sit around doing nothing while they wait on a empty dumpster.

C. More efficient operations. Instead of having one dumpster far out in an open space, we can place dumpsters close to the building on two sides of the building for quick and easy access.

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4. HOW RUSTY, DIRTY, & STINKY IS THE BIN?It’s clean enough for my baby Scarlett to play in. Or you can rent from my competitors and get a bin that looks like this rust brown bin. This is not a “bad” picture, it is the their “average” bin.

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You have SAFE easy walk-in loading with my French rear double doors. They are easy to open and close. You only have an 8-inch step up to the bin.

But with my competitors bins you will be dangerously lifting heavy debris 3-8 feet over the top.

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Your delivery truck is a new clean regular-sized truck that can easily maneuver in tight spaces, down sloped streets, and under low hanging obstructions.

My competitors will be using a semi-truck to deliver the same 20-yard bin which is dangerous in residential neighborhoods.

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7. HOW RELIABLE IS YOUR COMPANY TO RESPOND? You receive fast First Class service. Count on us to answer the phone 24/7. We respond immediately (even for emergency deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday).

The industry standard is slow Third Class service. If you can afford to wait 3+ days for a call back, delivery, or dumpster switch out… you’ll love my competitors (and their cheaper prices).

You get what you pay for. Clients regularly say they switch to me because they simply can't get my competitors to answer the phone or call them back.

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8. HOW FAST DO YOU DELIVER & PICK UP THE DUMPSTER?Your should expect super fast delivery and pick up. Brian Weber of Clear Blue Sky properties called for the first time.

He wanted a bin for the house remodel construction debris. We delivered the kid friendly bin within 1 hour (even though the roads were icy and resulted in 250+ Austin wrecks in 24 hours).

How fast are my competitors? According to my friends at Crocker Crane, they waited 60 days to get a dumpster delivered by a competitor, and then it took the competitor two weeks to pick it up after Crocker called for dumpster removal.

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9. HOW DO YOU KEEP MY JOB SITE CLEAN?Your job site won’t look trashy with our bin. First, the dumpster is freshly painted and often washed before delivery so it smells fresh.

Second, we always sweep up and don't leave until it is perfectly clean... so it is like we were never even there.

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10. HOW DO I KNOW THE DELIVERY DRIVER WILL BE COMPETENT, FRIENDLY, RESPECTFUL?You can have peace in knowing that I (Shawn Mansur) will most likely be delivering your dumpster. I am an Eagle Scout, Christian, Husband, Father, and Community Volunteer.

If one of my team members delivers for you, know that we only hire friendly people who fit our family culture. The individual must be an outstanding citizen with a solid background and thorough training... like a off duty firefighter.

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New municipal laws make it illegal for people to haul waste without a proper permit.

You can only haul trash from your house. Otherwise you are subject to a $2,000 fine and up to 1 year in prison.

Code compliance officers sit at dump sites and check vehicles for the legal stickers. I am properly licensed, and insured for $3 million.

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12. WHAT IF I’M NOT HAPPY WITH YOUR BIN SERVICE?You will be absolutely delighted with my service, or I’ll cheerfully refund your money. That is my…

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee !

However, nobody has ever asked for their money back. So I take that as a good indicator that I deliver on my promises. I am the first, and only person in the industry to offer this.

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13. HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE FINAL ALL-IN, OUT THE DOOR? My price quotes are simple "all-in". Meaning, what I quote you is what you pay as long as you stay within the included rental period, don't put hazardous waste in the bin, and stay within the included weight.

If you go over the weight (which is very unlikely) then I just pass on to you the extra disposal fees that I am charged by the disposal center.

I HATE Bait-N-Switch just like you do.

So you can expect a higher initial quote from me. Many of my competitors appear cheaper. Don't be shocked when they send you a final bill with big surprises.

I'm higher priced, but it is backed by my 100% no-risk money back guarantee. If you're not absolutely delighted with my service, I'll cheerfully refund your money. !

If it's not right for you, it costs you nothing!

My price quote includes what my competitors don't: dumpster rental, environmental fees, weight fees, disposal fees, delivery fees, set-up fees, hauling fees, gas fees, and labor fees.

Last point: My price is at most 10% more than my cheapest competitor. But I'm 65% less expensive than big names like Waste Management.

Quick question:

If you had to use a port-a-potty, what would you choose: 1. the nasty one for $.09, or 2. the nice clean one with great service for $.10?

If you chose the nasty port-a-potty, then we are not right for you.

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14: Differences - 2 of 5

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14: Differences - 3 of 5

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14: Differences - 4 of 5

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14: Differences - 5 of 5

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You Get What Our TV Guys


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Reviews!What Clients Are Saying About Us

Windows & Siding Contractor, 512.973.0400

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Remodeler, 310.592.6705

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General Contractor, 214.679.9717

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Matt Davis, VP of Operations, 512.334.0445

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George Jenkins, Landlord, 210.723.8710

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Jim & Kim Discher, Realtors, 512.348.9393

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Brian Weber, Real Estate Investor, 512.992.7865

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Chip Gosnell, Contractor, 512.299.0009

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Kyle Sorenson, Outdoor Living Pro, 512.796.2201

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“This was our second time using Bin There Dump That Austin. Shaun and his family are awesome to work with! Still had a lot more stuff to get rid of thanks to bad renters. So of course we called the only company we knew and trusted for great service. Thanks again for being there whenever we needed you! The Duttons aka Eureka Airport.”

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Sal Alarcon, Remodeler, 512.585.0167

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Clint Barr, Handyman, 512.777.9079

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WHO ARE WE?Hello! My name is Shawn Mansur. In the photo below you see my amazing wife Shelley, and our baby girl (she is 1 now) Scarlett.

What inspired us to start Bin There Dump That Austin?

It was the trouble we had with finding a residential friendly solution for cleaning out 50 years of my Grandparent's stuff.

We didn't want strangers rushing us while trudging through our memories. We were afraid of having a dirty, stinky, and ugly dumpster in the driveway. When calling haulers, it felt like we interrupted their lunch break. It is a real dis-service to everyone.

That's why I decided to make a difference.

How? Be weird. Provide a "wow" experience unlike any other in waste management. Have fun! Guess what? It's working!

Now, we're your fast, affordable, residential friendly solution for removing unwanted junk and debris. Plus...

With Every Rental, We Plant A Tree In Your Honor!

As you learn more about us, you’ll discover that we are…

Austin’s ONLY dumpster pros where you get:

• Driveway Protection

• Double Doors for Easy Walk-In Loading

• Delivery Where Competitors Can't

• 100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

• And more!

After you shop the competition, come back to me. I will give you the best deal in town. My cheapest competitors charge 10% less than me. The billion dollar giants charge about 65% more than me. I'm higher priced, but I'm the only option where you pay nothing if it isn't right for you. Meaning...

You’ll be absolutely delighted with my service, or I’ll cheerfully refund you.

100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee!

Why not give us a try. Join countless others in the Bin There Dump That movement. Call me now at 512.253.2715 and it will be my pleasure to serve you. If the lines are busy, please call again.

With gratitude,