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  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    cover paGe> LoGo, dates, contact inFo

    The 2016 AusTin Music Video FesTiVAlthe second annual austin music video Festival (amvFest) celebrates our long and expansive music video heritage. By creating a unique hybrid of both a film and music video festival, amvFest creates opportunities for the discovery of local talent while highlighting austins

    internationally renowned figures in the world of film and music.

    W h o : austin music video Festival

    W h A T : a festival highlighting, featuring and celebrating austin/ local music videos

    W h e n : sept 7th - 10th , 2016

    W h e r e : austins top venues including...

    alamo drafthouse, empire control room, vulcan Gas company and the north door

  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    d e M o G r A P h i c s / r e A c h / P r o M o T i o n sYour brand will reach over one miLLion people in the austin area

    via our marketing efforts and promotional partners.

    A M V F & P A r T n e r r e A c h


    do512 88,000 43,000 94,900 220,000

    KutX 11,254 6,600 8,457 1,200+

    statesman 88,861 6,500 155,000 30,000

    JuiceLand music 11,000 9,400 8,636 n/a

    eYe in the sKY coLLective + amvFest

    2,459 2,473 2,808 22,058

    BLastro 232,461 215 613 30,000

    TOTALS 434,035 68,188 270,414 303,258

    Grand totaL: 1.1 miLLion impressions

    d e M o G r A P h i c :event professionals, media

    i n d u s T r y l e A d e r s F r o M :Local and state Government, Film, music,

    technology, non-profit organizations and media [email protected]

  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    2 0 1 5 e V e n T s

    T h e F e s T i V A lthe 2015 austin music video Festival took place september 16-19 at several venues in downtown austin. the four day festival featured:

    screenings, panels, workshops, a vJ (video dJ) competition, and nightly parties with performances by select festival talent.

    AttendAnce: 2000+ Across 4 dAys of events At multiple venues

    s c r e e n i n G s | | P A n e l s | | V J c o M P e T i T i o n | | P A r T i e s | | A W A r d s s h o W
  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    lAunch PArTy / MonThly series

    M u s i c V i d e o P r e M i e r e s e r i e sto provide year-round visibility of content, creators and presenting sponsors amvF hosts a monthly premiere series featuring a curated

    music video screening from austin talent at venues throughout the city.

    l A u n c h P A r T yin February, 2015 we launched amvFest with a party at waller Ball-room. the event brought in over 1200 people, support from top spon-sors and featured music videos and live performances by notable local

  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    P r e s s / T e s T i M o n i A l s...spotlighting the best music videos made locally. - KXAn tv

    ...A new festival thatwants to honor someof todays visionaries

    - my KutXnew festival and seriesaims to connect Austins

    music, film scenes- Austin American-statesman

    ...production teams operate behind-the-scenes, low-key and away from the limelight. But the lack of recognition and celebration of these artists and their work is being corrected by [Amvf]. - ovrld
  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    s P o n s o r s h i P o P P o r T u n i T i e s

    sponsorship opportunities for our 2016 festival can be customized to meet budget and branding needs. amvFest offers a range of ways for your business, brand or organization to reach this creative target group through onsite, online, Branded content and print inclusion.

    packages and a la carte options are available and can include:

    presenting partner sponsorship (limited availability)

    screening sponsorship

    inclusion in media partnership Advertising

    onsite product Activation

    signage at event

    mentions from presenters

    social media mentions Giveaways & contests

    email campaign inclusion

    category/ industry exclusivity

    content Branding opportunities(videos, photos & promotional materials)

    to learn more please contact:[email protected]

  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    2 0 1 5 s P o n s o r s & PA r T n e r sa few of the amazing businesses and organizations weve worked with this year

    l o c A l B u s i n e s s s P o n s o r s

    c o M M u n i T y P A r T n e r s

  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    W i l d c h i l dT h e o c T o P u s P r o J e c T

    s P o o ns i G u r r o s

    A n d M A n y M o r e . . .

    o k k e rV i l r i V e r

    s h A k e y G r AV e s

    G A ry c l A r k J r .

    T h e B l A c k A n G e l s

    M o T h e r FA l c o n

    B r i G h T l i G h T s o c i A l h o u r

    F e AT u r e d A r T i s T s

  • AustinMusicVideoFestiVAl.coM [email protected]

    W h o W e A r eA d V i s o r y B o A r d

    margaret moser, austin music awards/ austin chronicle marc fort, texas music office

    robin lambaria, marfa Film FestivalJennifer sinski, rsvpster

    Kellie Goldstein, austin music Foundationmatt Bizer, robot Fondue

    T h e A u s T i n M u s i c V i d e o F e s T i V A l T e A Mthe amvFest team has years of experience in event production, talent booking, marketing, community partnerships and business sponsorship. we seek to create a festival that provides a unique

    experience, artistic exposure and enhances appreciation of the film and music culture of austin.

    Jeremy roye, co- Foundersamantha Gallion, co-Founder

    Anthony erickson, eye in the sky collective & Float Fest

  • We hope you can join us for the 2016 Austin Music Video Festival For details on how you can be involved, customized packages, sponsorship

    and our September Festival contact us at: [email protected]