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Robert Musik * Australia and New Zealand

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Australia and New Zealand


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Robert Musik

*Australia and New Zealand

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Gulf of Carpenteria

Canberra(Capital of Australia)

Mount Kosciuszko

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, located on the Australian continent, which is the smallest of all continents. Its capital is Canberra. The highest peak is Mount Kosciuszko named after its discoverer which rises 2228 meters above sea level. Area of Australia is 21 times greater than the total area of the Polish.

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Mount Kosciuszko

Capital Canberra

Gulf of Carpenteria

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New Zealand is an island nation located in the south-western Pacific Ocean,1600 km southeast of Australia. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington.Some of the larger islands in the North Island, South Island, Stewart Island.New Zealand is rich with many beautiful beaches and tropical forests

Wellington(Capital of New Zealand)

North Island

South Island

Steward Island

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capital Wellington

The west coast

Beautiful mountains