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  • The Melbourne Backgammon Club International Invitational will be held in Melbourne from the 20th-25th January 2019. This first-time event will see Australian and International Backgammon players compete in what is set to be one of the largest payouts to date. The Main Event entry fee will be A$5000 (about $3750 US), with 50% of the total prize pool going to the winner! There will be a welcome cocktail party, satellites, exhibition matches, celebrity doubles, smaller tournaments, and many interesting and fun side events such as Swiss Rules and chouettes, all subject to demand. There will also be a A$1000 tournament commencing after the Main Event.

    We have combined with the Hachem Management Group to run this high- class, unique event coinciding with the Australian Open Tennis Tournament, as well as the Aussie Millions Poker Championships. The event schedule has been planned to ensure you enjoy all there is on offer throughout this highly anticipated Australian Summer.

    Our Events Team (introduced later in this flyer), will be available to arrange any local requests. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL REQUIRE A VISA TO ENTER AUSTRALIA. This is a simple process that you can complete online.

    To apply for a Electronic Tourist Authority Visa go to: Select section “Travel Visas”

    Apply in section “ETA Tourist Visa”



    VENUE INFORMATION The Trust 405 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000 The Trust, located in the heart of Melbourne, is a high-profile, heritage-listed venue perfectly tailored for a Backgammon event. With its old world atmosphere, large capacity, comfortable seating and communal vibe, the Trust is a unique and adaptable venue for this occasion. The Trust also boasts a Chef Hat awarded must visit dining experience, with stylish Italian food and delicious cocktails on offer.

    Make sure to stick around on Thursday 24th for the

    Official After Party! Starting after the end of the days

    Cash Games and Chouettes

  • TOURNAMENT DETAILS Hospitality/Entertainment & Registration Fee - this will be significantly lower than indicated in the initial brochure, as we are not having to wear the costs of an overhead Tournament Director, we are therefore able to significantly lower our costs. Please note this is a nonprofit event. If there is any excess this will be donated to charity.

    Our Tournament Directors will be playing in the events – so we will have several to ensure there is integrity. In the unlikely event they are involved in a game that needs a decision, we will require an alternate Tournament Director and we have chosen only those who are fully respected on an international scale. All of our Tournament Directors receive zero $ for their work. Tino Lechich and Michihito Kageyama, and for the A$1000 Melbourne Backgammon Club Championship Event, David Kinston.

    Post-event we will release a breakdown of all costs and how registration and hospitality fees are used. $5,000 Main Event - hospitality and registration fee is $300. $1,000 event will be $100

    50% of the total prize pool along with a P40 backgammon board will be awarded to the winner. The balance of the prize pool will be split, with 25% awarded to 2nd and 12.5% for both 3rd and 4th place. At present, we have 16 players confirmed to enter the Main Event, over half of those players being international.

    Tournament Directors have the discretion to expand to a 32 player draw. Subject to final player numbers, there may be a rebuy option available. Main Event 15 point games per round, finals to be 17 point game. Clocks may be used at discretion of Tournament Directors

    A full set of rules will be provided, but highlights include: legal moves, one pair of dice, baffle boxes preferred; dice on checkers is legal; strict enforcement of schedules with penalty points and a forfeiture after 30 minutes.

    Following the Main Event there will be a A$1000 Melbourne Backgammon Club Championship Event.

    All Finals will be played on P40 Boards who we thank for partnering with us for this event. We are going to live stream all finals and feature match ups will be streamed using only P40 boards and baffle boxes. Each of the 2 Main Event winners will receive a P40 commemorative board. We will have on top of above structured events Swiss rules 5 point matches, chouettes with a wide selection of $, commencing at $10 point and upwards.

    On Sunday 20th we will also commence running games/ satellites for anyone to enter the $1k, $5k or just wanting to play.

    Round 1 of the $5k commence Sunday evening. With 16 players already entering, and at the discretion of the tournament directors we intend to lock the event at a realistic maximum of 32 unless there is significant interest above that number.

    Hachem Group will assist in event management - this will be something unique in Australia and the world. We are planning a high class event. will offer discounted tickets to the Australian Open Tennis Tournament. For anyone arriving pre-event, Lucy will assist with complimentary tickets or ground passes before backgammon events commence.

    Crown Casino and Hotels will still offer discount rooms and there is a separate VIP package if playing large poker events.



    TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE Daily From 12pm We will be offering a range of events to assist those looking to still enter the main event subject to availability. These include :

    8 man satellites, 5 point, 3 point, 1 point matches all subject to demand Chouettes will also be run daily throughout the tournament days for those interested.

    Sunday 20th January 12pm Satellites commence 6-7pm Welcome Drinks 7pm Main Event Round 1 15 points

    Monday 21st January 12pm Satellites commence 2pm Round 2 15 points 7pm Round 3 15 points

    Tuesday 22nd January 12pm Satellites commence 2pm Round 4 15 points 7pm FINAL 17 points 7pm Round 1 Melbourne Backgammon Club Championships (A$1000)

    Wednesday 23rd January 12pm Re-entries & side games and events continue 2pm Round 2 MBCC 7pm Round 3 MBCC

    Thursday 24th 12pm Cash Games and Chouettes / OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY!

    Friday 25th January 12pm Cash Games and Chouettes

    Note – schedule subject to change depending on entry numbers. We are intending to run each day with a 2pm and 7pm start time for each round to allow everyone to have some certainty on when they will play. Again this is out intent and dependent upon player numbers. There will be a final updated shcdeule closer to the event


    FORMAT Entry Fee Hospitality/Rego Fee Opening Rounds MAIN EVENT $5000 $300 15 Points

    Melbourne Backgammon Club Championship Event (with consolation)

    $1000 $100 9 Points

  • Tony Hachem Management Company Tony is the Managing Director of the Hachem Management Group, an elite Sports Marketing & Event Company based in Melbourne. Former PokerStars Pro Tony will be organising the cocktail party, the celebrity appearances and the venue management, required for the tournament to run smoothly, efficiently and to ensure everyone has the most fulfilling experience possible. Additionally, Tony has organised several offers and discounts for players.

    Brooke Warne Executive Assistant Brooke has been working at the Hachem Group Management for quite some time. Similarly to Lucy, Brooke will be able to assist players in a variety of ways including answering to any questions, queries and requests

    Lucy Lechich Executive Assistant Lucy is the daughter of acclaimed Backgammon professional, Tino Lechich. Lucy was born in Melbourne and has been around Backgammon and Poker for the entirety of her life. She will be able to assist you with any questions, queries and requests you may have regarding the tournament, scheduling, restaurant reservations, sightseeing and recommendations of what to do in Melbourne.

    Karina Jett Event Co-ordinator Having grown up in Las Vegas, Karina has been in poker most of her life since her parents are avid poker players, and has been on the poker scene for over 23 years . She won The Said, She Said - Poker After Dark VI and has multiple WSOP cashes in her career. Karina placed 2nd in the WSOP ladies event in 2011 and to date, her total live tournament winnings exceed $500,000. She is an advocate for women in poker and the industry as a whole. Karina has been the celebrity host of Ante4Autism annual charity tournament since 2012 and has made several television appearances on Poker Night in America. Karina will be hosting the event and assisting players and the organisers.




    Tino Lechich Tournament Director Tino Lechich was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been one of the

    most acclaimed backgammon players globally over the last 40 years. Tino is a respected gaming veteran and understands the intricacies

    of backgammon


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