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Auto Stamper: Stamp your Photo

Auto Stamper: Stamp your Photo Let your memories scintillate for you to rejoice it for life time

Auto StamperNow the question may arise that what auto stamper is all about and what is it related to ? auto stamper: stamp your photo is a photography android application. Auto stamper comes with wide range of functionality that has not been provided by any other app yet. It is the features that are part of the app which make the application unique. There are so many apps available in the play store that serves you with so many different features. Among which Auto Stamper is one of the top 10 photo stamp app that watermark your images beautifully with Date and Time, Signature and GPS (Global Positioning System) stamp using in-built phone camera. With Auto Stamper you are not required to mark the images after they are snapped. As it works with default camera you can stamp the images the moment it is being captured so no fancy stuff of editing is required after the picture is captured.

Capture Happy Moments

Golden Moments are Immortal. Its important to capture them and store it so that they can re-experienced in future. Add Signature to Photo so that they can be rejoiced as Picture Perfect for life long. Pictures speak that things which are not conveyed or expressed many times in life. Watermark Signature to the images for perfect remembrance.

Signature StampAuto Stamper allows you create your own signature stamp that you can use for images as per its background and image theme. Even there is also a feature where your all signature are stored so you can use them as and when it is required. So you don't need to create your signature every time. Stamp signature and secure your photos online so that there will no worry of people stealing it. Also there will be beautiful watermark signature on photos so that they scintillate like never before and stand out in crowd. Signature stamp is not only available for security reasons but also they are known for it wide use of name stamp, company logo, custom signature and many more which people are making use of.What is required by you is important for us and so we have came up with Auto Stamper: Stamp your Photo android application.

Personalized Signature Stamp

Celebrate your Lovely vacation with your loved ones, family and friends and capture it for perfect remembrance with Auto Stamper. It allows you to make your own stamp as per image background. Personalized stamp can be created with which you can adjust the stamp font, size and format.

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