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To ensure proper public service and citizen feedback. The Ombudsman automated its operation to make it serve effectively and efficiently the public of Kenya


  • 1. Presented by Nixon Mageka Gecheo Chief ICT officer Commission on Administrative Justice AUTOMATING THE OMBUDSMAN

2. WHAT IS AN OMBUDSMAN ? ...TRIBUNE PLEBIS 3. IN KENYA, ROLE PLAYED BY COMMISSION ON ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE (CAJ) The Commission investigates complaints received from members of the public against Government institutions, inter-governmental conflicts or on its own initiative may investigate any matter arising from the carrying out of an administrative action Is independent, impartial and provides a free service Investigates complaints when something has been handled badly or unfairly, making someone suffer as a result 4. THE CAJ HAS AUTOMATED THESE PROCESSES WITH 5. Step 1 Public lodges Complaint with CAJ 6. Step 2 Complainant interviewed and requested to provide supporting documents 7. Step 3 CAJ determines that issue is within their mandate 8. Step 4 Issue is logged into CMIS and Assigned to MDA Liaison 9. Step 5 MDA Seeks to Resolve Matter With Complainant 10. Step 6 If Matter Not Resolved Within 20 working Days it Escalates within GOK 11. local redress integratedReport centre c o m p l a i nt in preliminary analysis by EACC KNCHR NCIC CAJ KNCHR NCIC NGEC Others Direct feedback/Information flow inter-agencyrouting if seek more inform/feedback stop feedback EACC re-routing CAJ Stoop INTEGRATED PUBLIC COMPLAINTS REFFERAL MECHANISM OBJECTIVES 12. Participating Agencies


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