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Aviary and Scribblar. Sam Hoff, Brandon Hollis, & Becky Lenz . Scribblar.com. What is: http://www.scribblar.com/ ?. Scribblar is a tool used for tutoring and also web collaboration. It’s free and designed for people to be able to work in real time with each other via the web. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aviary and Scribblar

Aviary and ScribblarSam Hoff, Brandon Hollis,& Becky Lenz Scribblar.comWhat is: http://www.scribblar.com/ ?Scribblar is a tool used for tutoring and also web collaboration. Its free and designed for people to be able to work in real time with each other via the web.There is an advanced version called Scribblar Pro that has a monthly fee ($99/ month $59 with educational discount). It offers additional features and a high level of customization. For example being able to change the logo and color scheme of the program to personalize the look and feel to suite your own personal style.

Features of Scribblar

A powerful multi user whiteboardText chat and also a user listDrawing tools Editing and text toolsImage uploadingChatting via audio

What can you do with it?Scribblar has many uses:Online trainingTutoringBrainstormingEditing artwork and imagesConducting interviewsSales and product demosTestsSome clients use Scribblar for remote training situations, presentations or demonstrations. In terms of training, a lot of materials these days are prepared as Powerpoint files which can be exported as images and uploaded to Scribblar. They can then be added to the whiteboard, marked up and discussed. Some users use phone based conferencing alongside Scribblar, others use the built-in audio.It's also handy for sales and marketing calls where the presenter can quickly give the online audience an overview about a particular product.(Direct quote from Stefan Richter, Founder of Scribblar)

Who can benefit from Scribblar?BusinessesTeachersStudents

What is: http://aviary.com/ ?It is a free website that contains online creation tools.In order to use it you have to create an account or use an existing one on facebook, twitter, etc.You can post creations and share them with everyone or just certain users.

FeaturesImage EditorScreen EditorVector EditorEffects EditorMusic EditorAudio EditorImage MarkupColor EditorWho is the target audience of Aviary?Anyone who wants to have a place to be creative through images, audio clips, etc. However, in order to successfully use the image editor, one would have to be skilled in PhotoShop or be able to figure the website out easily. Using this resourceIt was hard to figure out.Tutorials were not helpful because they did not give clear directions and just listed steps. The steps were for specific design ideas.While editing pictures, my computer froze many times and it took awhile for the effects to finally load.

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