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Breakout session I gave at Mixwest 2014 in Indianapolis, IN. Mark Schaefer wrote about Content Shock on his blog, which freaked out a lot of marketers. I believe that if people stick with the basics AND become better writers, video producers, podcasters, we're going to beat the people who just churn out big steaming piles of mediocrity.


  • Survive the Coming Content Shock
  • First Principles Be First Be Right Be Credible Be Better
  • What is Content Shock? 10 hours/day consuming content 600% bigger Internet by 2020 High barrier to entry Deep pockets win
  • k of the Literate Ro
  • The Myth of Rising Content
  • 1. Write good content is still a stupid strategy
  • 2. Be Human
  • We will leverage end user learnings on a going forward basis. We'll use what you learned from now on.
  • We have created a frictionless user onboarding experience. Signing up is easy.
  • AYFKMWTS?! A commonly used product management go-to-market planning approach leverages the concept of a customer lifecycle delivery model. Along with ensuring a solutions technical readiness, a product manager must ensure that tools, processes, documentation and training are developed for sales, operations and customer care before declaring product readiness.
  • 3. Write Tight
  • For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.
  • 4. Seriously, Read a Book!
  • Title Text Body Level One Body Level Two Body Level Three Body Level Four Body Level Five Reading a lot teaches you what good sentences sound like, feel like, look like. If you don't know what good sentences are, you will not be successful as a writer of words.
  • 5. Partner Up
  • 6. Recycling Content
  • Unless you. . . Update old articles Revisit old topics Expand list posts
  • Title Text Body Level One Body Level Two Body Level Three Body Level Four Body Level Five 7. Curation
  • 8. Go Where The Competition Isnt
  • 9. Create Exclusive Content
  • 10. Marketing Automation?
  • Read me ProBlogService.com ErikDeckers.com @edeckers erik@problogservice Reach me Thank you!


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