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<ul><li><p>AWESOME CV &amp; LINKEDIN 101B Y V U Y O S E R I P E &amp; L E R A T O R A P E T S O A</p><p>Brought to you by </p><p>Executive Placements</p></li><li><p>ABOUT US</p><p> was first launched a year ago and is part of the Group.</p><p> is fast becoming South Africas leading Jobs aggregator and gaining an international reputation with recruiters and candidates</p><p> The company was established 5 years ago and is ranked amongst South Africas top 5 recruitment portal</p><p> Lerato Rapetsoa is a Sales Executive who specialises in signing up recruitment agencies to the website and trains people to use the site efficiently</p><p> Vuyo Seripe is the Senior Writer who writes CVs and LinkedIn Profiles for people all over the South Africa and the world. She has been a CV writer for past three years and written over 1200 CVs for people in different industries; she has also been a copywriter for the past 8 years</p></li><li><p>SIGNING UP TO OUR JOB PORTAL</p><p> is a job portal where candidates upload their CVs and recruitment agencies source candidates from our database of CVs</p><p> Jobseekers can easily find jobs and apply to them through their personal account</p><p> It is very important for both candidates and recruiters to use industry-specific keywords</p><p> When you upload your details on the website please make sure you use specific keywords that would make it easy for recruiter to find your CV</p><p> That means if you typing in your JOB TITLE with (current) means you need to state what your JOB TITLE is at that moment</p><p> It is imperative to update your profile/job advert frequently so that your advert/job profile ranks higher in searches</p></li><li><p>HOW TO FIND US</p><p>Go to</p><p> Jobseekers go to Upload CV and add all of your information</p><p> Your CV is automatically available on our sister sites, Job Placements and Executive Placements (senior level candidates)</p><p> We have two sister websites Executive Placements that mainly caters for Executive, Professional, Senior level staff that earn more than R600k p/a. Executive Placements shares their database with another portal called JobPlacements that caters for candidates that earn less than R600k p/a</p><p></p></li><li><p>UPLOAD YOUR CV TO ZIGO.CO.ZA</p><p> So if you upload your cv on ZIGO.CO.ZA you have a high possibility of being found on either databases</p><p> We have prestige recruitment agencies that hire from us but you need to know exactly what to do for them to SPOT you faster that the next candidate</p></li><li><p>AWESOME CV 101You never get a second chance </p><p>to make a first impression. -</p><p>Unknown</p></li><li><p>YOU HAVE 7 SECONDS</p><p> The truth is: recruiters only spend a few seconds </p><p>on each CV</p><p> 100s of people may apply to the same position, </p><p>so you need to think about how to stand out at </p><p>first glance</p><p> The key is to get straight to the point; dont beat </p><p>about the bush and stay away from fancy text, </p><p>unnecessary graphics and photos</p><p> Tailor your CV to match your aspirations, be </p><p>clear about what it that you are good at, what </p><p>your skills are and what you are qualified in </p><p>because thats what may get you in the door</p></li><li><p>FORMATTING, FONTS AND LENGTH</p><p> Your heading should be your name, where you </p><p>reside and your phone number</p><p> Choose simple readable fonts; I recommend </p><p>Arial. Calibri, Times New Roman and TW Cen </p><p>MT are acceptable too</p><p> Make sure your CV doesnt have any borders, </p><p>unnecessary personal details and long job </p><p>descriptions keep it simple. </p><p> Your CV must be 1-2 pages, 3 at the most and </p><p>4 is ideal for highly qualified academics; at 5 </p><p>pages, youre bordering on a biography</p></li><li><p>COVER LETTER</p><p> This is your chance to make a great impression, </p><p>avoid repeating whats already on your CV</p><p> Make sure all your contact information is </p><p>available on the cover letter; either as a header </p><p>or as part of your signature</p><p> Ensure that the opening greeting is brief and </p><p>direct</p><p> State where you discovered job opening</p><p> Include why youre applying to the position</p><p> Consider adding two or three targeted bullet </p><p>points for emphasis</p></li><li><p>LINKEDIN 101</p><p> LinkedIn is gaining popularity in South Africa </p><p>and quite a few recruiters look to LinkedIn to </p><p>headhunt candidates</p><p> LinkedIn is also a fantastic way to network with </p><p>other professionals</p><p> Make sure you have a nice picture of you, </p><p>looking professional, a nice shirt doesnt hurt </p><p>and you should smile!</p><p> Tell people about you in 120 characters in your </p><p>headline</p><p> Describe what drives you, what youre good as </p><p>and whats next in your career in the summary</p></li><li><p>LINKEDIN 101 CONTD.:</p><p> Ensure that you list all your jobs youve held in </p><p>the past and what you have accomplished in </p><p>each position; if you have footage and photos; </p><p>add them</p><p> Detail your education, include extra mural </p><p>activities if youve had any along with any other </p><p>accomplishments</p><p> Dont be scared to add your volunteering </p><p>experience along with the causes youre </p><p>interested in</p><p> In the skills and expertise section, list every skill </p><p>you possess and try to get former colleagues </p><p>and managers to endorse you for those skills </p><p>and even leave a recommendation for you</p></li><li><p>KEYWORDS IN YOUR PROFILES</p><p> The right keywords give your CV a better </p><p>chance of being passed on to the HR</p><p> Analyse the job description (and also those for </p><p>similar roles) to identify particular qualifications, </p><p>skills, or types of experience</p><p> Ensure you're covering all possibilities, include </p><p>synonyms, examples or variations of the same </p><p>word in both your CV and covering letter. For </p><p>example, if you're applying for a Java </p><p>programming role, you could include program, </p><p>programmer, and Java</p></li><li><p>THANK YOU</p></li></ul>