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    Angelos Kottas

    Sr. Director, Salesforce


    November 30, 2016


    Salesforce App Cloud + AWSDeliver Engaging Experiences with Custom Apps

    Built on Salesforce App Cloud and AWS

    Erik Thomson

    Sr. Director, Zayo Group


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  • What to expect from the session

    What is Salesforce App Cloud?

    How do the Salesforce and AWS platforms integrate?

    Why choose Salesforce + AWS?

    Customer success: How Zayo extended

    their Salesforce deployment to AWS

    via Heroku

  • Customers expect smart and engaging experiences







  • A lot goes into building smart experiences





    Trust and security


    customer data

    Developer skills

    User experience



    integrationsOpen APIs

    The geology of IT

    Artificial intelligence

  • Salesforce customer success platform

    Run your business

    on a trusted platformInnovate with

    clicks or code

    Delight customers

    with smart apps

    Empower employees

    to be their best

  • Build experiences people love with SalesforceEverything you need to move faster, trusted and together






    User experience







    No code Code



  • Salesforce customer success platform




    Sales Service Marketing AnalyticsCommunity Apps Commerce IoT

    Predictive analytics

    Machine and deep learning


    processing and generation



    Development platform

    AI platformservices


    Email, calendar and social data

    CRM dataIoT events


  • The expanding Salesforce + AWS relationship

    App Cloud on AWS

    with Heroku

    The Alexa Toolkit for


    An integrated enterprise IoT solution:

    AWS IoT + Salesforce IoT Cloud

    Analyze Amazon Redshift data

    with Salesforce Wave Analytics

  • Salesforce Clouds

    Native integration with all of our clouds

    for a seamless experience

    Third Party Public APIs

    Webhooks to any public

    standard API via HTTP REST

    AWS IoT Cloud Connector

    Out-of-the-box connectors to connect

    with AWS IoT Device Shadow

    AWS IoTDevice management

    Data connectivity

    Data transformation

    Salesforce IoT CloudBusiness logic

    Customer context

    Action and engagement

    IoT data sourcesDevice hardware



    How AWS IoT works with Salesforce IoT CloudConnectivity between connect devices and customers

    AWS IoT

    AWS IoT

  • What is HerokuA cloud application platform to build modern apps

    Best-in-class developer experience

    Allows developers to focus on code, not


    Open and extensible

    Build apps in any modern language and leverage

    an ecosystem of over 150 add-ons

    Connected to Salesforce

    Easy connectivity to Salesforce data creates a

    single view of the customer

  • Heroku Private Spaces: Secure and controlledNetwork-isolated apps and data in a dedicated runtime

    Dedicated isolated runtimes

    Application infrastructure,

    provisioned for your apps

    Dedicated private networks

    Private, isolated networks for

    internal services

    Private data services

    Keep your data more secure and

    private in your internal network

    Selectable regions

    Tokyo, Frankfurt, Oregon, and

    Virginia (Sydney in beta)

    Stable outbound IPs

    Securely connect apps to other

    clouds and data centers

    Trusted IP ranges

    Limit app access to users only

    on trusted networks

  • Heroku flow: Staging and automating app deliveryStructure, support, and visualize continuous delivery

    Heroku PipelinesClear and structured workflow for apps that share the same codebase

    Heroku GitHub deploysAutomatic (or manual) deployment to staging apps on every push to a specified branch

    Heroku review appsautomatic creation of a disposable review app for each new GitHub pull request

    Heroku CI (coming soon!)Tightly integrated automated test suite built right into Pipelines

  • Heroku Connect syncs directly to Salesforce appsSeamless two-way data flow between Salesforce and AWS

    Productivity appsEngagement apps



  • Heroku is built 100% on AWS

    Heroku serves as a managed service provider on top of AWS, implementing AWS best practices in

    architecting, deploying, and scaling enterprise services on top of underlying AWS infrastructure






    Route 53

    Elastic Load






  • Developers write code

    in Node, Ruby,Java, Go, Python, PHP ...

    Uses the CLI, Github, or

    continuous integration

    to push code to a build system,

    which produces an app that's

    ready for execution

    Apps run in dynos

    smart containers with curated,

    automatically patched language


    150+ add-ons

    Third-party services extend apps with a

    range of functionality such as data stores,

    logging, monitoring, and more

    Heroku Data Services

    Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis,

    and Heroku Kafka are fully

    managed data services operated

    by Salesforce

    Users access your app

    from any device, over HTTP

    (including WebSocket) and API


    routes HTTP requests sent to

    your apps hostname(s) to

    your app's dynos

    AWS Services

    Use AWS services like Amazon S3,

    Amazon Redshift, Amazon

    CloudFront, Amazon DynamoDB,

    Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Lambda,


  • Why add Heroku to AWS?

    Accelerate developer productivity

    Reduce time to market through a richset of app and data services, includingcontinuous integration and continuousdelivery

    Lower ops complexity and risk

    Reduce cloud operations and loweryour costs on potential outages andsecurity incidents by letting Salesforcemanage your platformSeamless extension of your Salesforce data

    Build engaging experiences that extend andenrich your 360 view of your customers,partners, and employees

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