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  • StartupCTO "We learned along the way, but it was painful because in our minds, marketing is marketing. Im an engineer; marketing is all that stuff that I dont want to do.

    "I really, really, really did not want to be sending that email saying, Thanks for an awesome ride; you got a week to vacate the premises. I hate those emails."

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    The future of Linux Containers

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  • Agenda: 7Lightning Talks 18:55 dots.: 19:00 (@shinodogg): Amazon Data Services Japan 19:10 (@iwata1985): schoo 19:20 (@ma_ogawa): Vivit 19:30 (@matsukaz): Translimit 19:40 (@ebisusurf): Retty 19:50 (@thekentiest): SORACOM 20:00 20:10 (@con_mame): Amazon Data Services Japan 20:20 (@seikoudoku2000): Gengo 20:30 (@tmtysk): 20:40 (@kajiken): MERY 20:50 (@ima_amataro): Timers 21:00-21:30 (`)

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    AWS(Amazon Web Services) 2015 Gengo


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    19:10 (@iwata1985): schoo 19:20 (@ma_ogawa): join1 19:30 (@matsukaz): Brain Dots at dots. - Brain Dots - 19:40 (@ebisusurf): ElasticBeanstalk1 19:50 (@thekentiest): 20:00 20:10 (@con_mame): Amazon Aurora 20:20 (@seikoudoku2000): Monitoring Gengo using SaaS 20:30 (@tmtysk): at 20:40 (@kajiken): MERY 20:50 (@ima_amataro): S3 SNS

    21:00-21:30 (`)