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1. Can you identify at least three configuration elements that comprise a VPC configuration?2. When creating VPC subnets, what type of access do they have to each other by default?3. How are you able to connect to ECZ Classic instances by VPC?

Benefits of VPC:Control over the network elements of AWSMultiple static ip addresses assignment of EC2 instancesVLAN like configuration inbound/outbound filteringincreased security - security groups + NACLs (Network Access Control List)Single tenant hardware optionskey to VPN configuration

Setting up VPC: Elements of :The master subnet must be between /16 --> /28Subnets : the "subnets" of the VPCinternet gatewayRoute TablesElastic IpsSecurity Groups - NACLsVPN connection

ConfigurationSelect the region of North VirginiaSelect VPC Dash board ->Start VPC wizard -> Single Public subnet ->

Click on Create VPC

Step2 : - instances - >launch instance ->ubuntu server ->Review and launch / configure instance details ->launch ->check box Acknowledge and click on launch instances

2. VPC : Te Nitty Gritty Configuration

1. What is the function of the VPC Table? How do you apply it?2. What Defines the VPC?(What is the primary attribute?)3. Are you able to manually configure (Non-Wizard) a complete VPC Environment?

6. VPC Design for High AvailabilitySummaryUnderstanding direct connect HA Design and CommunicationDesign for HA NATApplication and Session State HA

Do i know this?1. What AWS Elements creates HA for incoming request between Availability Zones?2. What is one draw back to boot strapping vs using a Golden AMI3. Do you have the ability to move an ENI between subnets/AZ?

Direct Conect is Partnet Data Center

Elastic Network Interfaces [ENI]:- it is a component of High AvailabilityAll Instances start with eth0 - cant move itusing ENI allows you to move interfaces quicklyAvoid DNS issues.simple fall backit works only within the same availability zone(az/ subnet).