ayush arogya mela bountiful results. إ¸swarna prashana: pushya nakshatra in pushya masa is a very...

Download AYUSH AROGYA MELA bountiful results. إ¸Swarna Prashana: Pushya Nakshatra in Pushya masa is a very progressive

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  • The Ayush Halli Habba 2017 is being

    organised by Kamadhenu Telefilms Pvt. Ltd

    Exclusive Health Fair on Ayurveda, Yoga,

    Unani, Siddha & Homoeopathy

    th thOn 14 & 15 Jan 2017 @ Freedom Park, Bangalore

    Showcase the ancient Indian power delivered with the best

    use of advancement, global processes and how all brought

    together benefits to people's health.


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  • th thOn 14 & 15 Jan 2017 @ Freedom Park, Bangalore

    Visitor Profile

    Why Should You Participate..?

    The fair will attract stakeholders in Ayush such as Ayush

    practitioners, Manufacturers, Retailers, Consumer Healthcare

    Product Manufacturers and Publishers.

    Ayush Halli Habba 2017 th th

    Date : 14 and 15 Jan 2017, Timings: 11.00am to 8.00pm

    Venue: Freedom Park, Bangalore

    Ayush Halli Habba 2017 provides you a suitable platform :

    Ÿ Seminar by renowned Ayush professionals

    Ÿ To showcase the strength and potential of AYUSH

    Ÿ To interact with the consumer and other stakeholders

    Ÿ To create awareness among individuals about AYUSH

    Ÿ To interact with the wellness industry



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  • Exhibitor Profile

    Main feature of AYUSH AROGYA MELA

    Ÿ Pharmaceutical & Phytopharmaceutical Companies

    Ÿ Multi Speciality Hospitals

    Ÿ Education Institutions

    Ÿ Rehabilitation Centres

    Ÿ Yoga & Rejuvenation Centres

    Ÿ Naturopathy Hospitals

    Ÿ Physiotherapy Centres

    Ÿ Diet Clinics

    Ÿ Panchkarma Centres

    Ÿ Fitness , Wellness & Spa

    Ÿ Medical Learning & Training

    Ÿ IT companies of Healthcare domain

    Ÿ Health Tourism Travel Agencies

    Ÿ Health Insurance Companies

    Ÿ Health Media & Publication

    Ÿ Display and sale of Ayurveda products directly from manufacturers

    from India and all over the world

    Ÿ Free consultation from Ayurveda specialists

    Ÿ B2B meet directly with Ayurveda manufacturers

    Ÿ Medical plants expo and awareness of cultivation of medical


    Ÿ Health supplements and nutrition

    Ÿ Health tourism and resort

    Ÿ Beauty and wellness center

  • Display Profiles

    Display Profiles

    Ÿ Ayurvedic products

    Ÿ Yoga and naturopathy products

    Ÿ Unani Products

    Ÿ Siddha products

    Ÿ Homoeopathy

    Ÿ Medical plants

    Ÿ Food supplements

    Ÿ Health insurance

    Ÿ Therapies - Herbal Panchakarma

    Ÿ Books and publication

    Ÿ Health Tourism

    Ÿ Spa and wellness center

    Ÿ Herbal foods

    Ÿ Organic products

    Ÿ Research Institution

    Ÿ Health supplements and Nutrition

    Ÿ Health camps of different alternate medicines (Ayurveda, Yoga and

    Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy) will be organized during

    this occasion

    Ÿ Food courts serving delicious homely organic health foods will be


    Ÿ Talk Shows by renowned medical professionals

    Ÿ Folk arts of different forms.

    Ÿ Soothing Instrumental and Vocal music

    Ÿ Stand up Comedy shows

    Ÿ Community Radio providing health tips ial day, Swarna Prashana drops

    will be given to the children.

  • SRI SANKARA TV Presents

    AYUSH HALLI HABBA th th Programs on 14 & 15 Jan 2017

    Swastha Sankranthi Suggi Sambhrama Ÿ Statue of 25 Feet Tall Lord Balaji (Deity of Prosperity) will be erected at the

    venue for darshan of public. Special pooja will be performed to the lord on

    all the three days.

    Ÿ Statue of Lord Dhanvantari (Deity for Health) will be erected. Pooja and

    homa for the deity will be conducted for the health and well-being of the


    Ÿ A Special program of the students 'Saraswathi Kataksha' will be conducted

    and Godess Saraswathi will be invoked for the progress of students and reap

    bountiful results.

    Ÿ Swarna Prashana: Pushya Nakshatra in Pushya masa is a very progressive

    combination and good for children education. On this special day, Swarna

    Prashana drops will be given to the children.

    Ÿ Festive Celebration with theme and significance of Sankranthi Festival

    Ÿ Rekindling forgotten sports and games of yesteryears to the present


    Ÿ Cooking competition for ladies to showcase their talent

    Ÿ Exhibitions showcasing importance of Vegetarianism, Veganism, Cow and

    Animal protection.

    Ÿ Exhibition and Stalls of Ayurvedic and Cottage Industries.

    Ÿ Exhibiting art gallery by Chitra Kala Parishat

    Ÿ Exhibition on Cow Products and Manufacturing processes

    Ÿ A unique platform to showcase all talents depicting our Indian rich culture.

    Ÿ Exhibition on Importance of Education and various scopes of different

    subjects and courses

    Ÿ Healthy Bharat and Karnataka

    Ÿ Exhibition on healthy Karnataka and Bharath with disease free society.

    Platform to perform

    Suggi Sambhrama Halli Habba

    Education Exhibition

  • Entry is free for grand launch of the channel ! Sponsorship opportunities are open! Those interested can contact us



    For Marketing Enquiry

    Call: 9980011777 E MAIL: business@ayushtv.com



    8/5-2, New BEL Road,

    RMV 2nd Stage,

    Bangalore - 560 054.

    PH: +91 80 4001 1222


    #1941 ,18th Main Road

    Anna Nagar West


    PH: +91 44 4059 3399/88

    SPECIAL ATTRACTION On the eve of the grand launch

    25 ft Venkateshwara Statue

    8ft Dhanvantari Statue Saraswathi Kataksha

    Swarna Prashana

    Special pooja will be done on both days

    Dhanvantari Homa Special Dhanvantari Homa for overall health and well being

    of society by Vidwans.

    Ÿ Free Consultation by Ayush professionals on 14th and 15th January 2017

    Ÿ Stalls of Ayush products and services and special 'Organic Food'

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS •Payments to be made in favor of "M/s.Kamadhenu Telefilms Pvt Ltd” •Orders once accepted & released will not be eligible for cancella�on under this offer. •100% advance payment + service tax @15% or as per applicable charges. •All banner ads should be given by adver�ser. •M/s.Kamadhenu Telefilms Pvt Ltd reserves the right to edit/abridge ad ma�er as it deems fit and necessary. •Any telecast tariff once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances. •Adver�sements submi�ed must not contain material infringing copyright or other rights of persons or organiza�ons. •The telecast schedules are subject to change without assigning any reason/prior in�ma�on in case of any Live Coverage /special event or any other opera�onal exigency.

    STALL - RS.15000 + TAX (FOR 2 DAYS)

    Stall Space

    Ÿ Stall 10X10 Ÿ 1 Table + 2 Chairs Ÿ 2 Lights, Ÿ 1 Power Point Ÿ Banner Space

    * T & C apply