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  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Understanding and Using English Grammar


    Orientation (English version)

    Quick Start

    Microphone for Speaking Activities

    Before You StartWhat is Understanding and Using English Grammar Interactive?

    Course Screens

    HomeStudy Plan

    Chapter Contents

    Course NavigationAnimated Grammar Presentations

    Chapter PreviewCharts

    Exercise TypesListening

    Speaking and ListeningSkills Review

    Evaluation and AssessmentChapter Tests and Progress Reports


    Copyright 2008, Pearson Education, Inc.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Quick StartTo start your course immediately, please read:

    Microphone for Speaking ActivitiesMicrophone for Speaking ActivitiesYou will need a microphone to record your voice for the speaking activities in this course.

    Your computer should have a connection to plug in the microphone. Microphones pluggedinto USB ports are also supported.

    A microphone can be purchased at many stores. We recommend that you use a combinationheadset + microphone, which allows you to listen and record.

    Before You Start:

    We recommend that you check the microphone settings on your computer.

    PC Version:1. Click on the Start button, then click All

    Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Volume Control to display the VolumeControl box (see graphic below).

    Or, use your right mouse button to click on the Volume icon on your taskbar.

    Then select Open Volume Control.

    2. In the Master Volume box, set the Volume Control at least to a middle level. Also,make sure that Mute all is not selected.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    3. To set the volume of the Microphone, click on Options in the Master Volume box,then choose Properties. Finally, choose "Recording."

    The volume control will look like this:

    4. Set the Microphone Volume at a middle level.


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    Macintosh version:

    1. Click on the Apple icon and select System Preferences. Then click on the Speechicon.

    2. Select the Speech Recognition tab. If you are using a USB microphone, chooseDigital In": from the drop down menu next to "Microphone." If you are using an

    analog microphone, choose Line In.

    3. To adjust the volume, click on from the desktop.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    What is Under s t and ing and Us ing Eng l i sh Gr am m ar I n t e r ac t i ve ?

    Understanding and Using English Grammar Interactive is a dynamic interactive programthat allows you to study grammar as never before. Through an exciting combination of

    animation, audio, and voice recording, this multimedia program provides over 200 hours of

    grammar practice.


    The Course Outline in your Study Plan provides access to the chapters and the charts,

    exercises, and tests within them.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Course Screens


    Your Home page gives you information about your course and additional resources.


    My Course This panel gives you information about the course you are in, the lasttime you logged in, and a tutorial on how to use the course.

    My Study Plan This panel provides information on the last chapter you worked on, aswell as what's next on your list to complete. Click on the View link to g

    to your Study Plan, which lists all Modules and Chapters in the course.

    Click on the Chapter link below "Last Worked On" to begin or to resumthe sections of that chapter.

    My Gradebook This panel shows your scores for the most recently completed chapter.

    activities in a chapter must be completed for scores to appear. Click onView to go to the Gradebook Options screen where you can choose to

    view your Gradebook for the chapter exercises or chapter tests.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Other Resources Glossary: Click on this link to look up the definition and usage of wordin the course.

    Longman Dictionary: Click on this link to access the complete Longm


    Grammar Exchange: Click on this link to access grammar resources

    Games: Click on this link to go directly to the Games at the end of the


    The tab structure at the top of the Home screen is a quick way to get to the different sections of thecourse. These tabs are available on all course screens.

    Home Click on this tab to go to the Home screen from anywhere in thecourse.

    Study Plan Click on this tab to go to your Study Plan.

    Gradebook Click on this tab to go to your Gradebook.

    Settings Click on this link to go to the Settings screen where you can view

    information about your course. From this screen, you can join a

    different course and update your personal information, such as youmail address.

    Help Click on this link for Help topics to assist you in using the course.

    Logout Click on this link to log out of the course.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Study Plan


    The Study Plan is your guide to the content of the course.

    Chapters Click on these links to see the Chapter Contents andChapter Test for a particular chapter.

    Chapter Content Click on this link to see the complete list of charts

    and skill reviews in the chapter. Under the heading

    Total Activities you will see the number ofexercises for each chart.

    Chapter Tests Each chapter has a test covering all the grammar

    points in the chapter. Click on this link to access

    the test.Important: You can only take a test once.

    (instructor note) If the instructor note icon appears next to a chaptername, your instructor has left a note to the class for

    this chapter. Click on the icon to read yourinstructor's note.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Chapter Contents

    Each chapter in Understanding and Using English Grammar Interactive has its own contents.

    The image below shows how each chapter is organized.


    The Study Plan page below contains links to the contents of the chapter. Next to each topicname there is a button which will say View, Begin, Resume, or Try Again.

    Begin When the button says Begin, this means that the activities

    in this section have never been viewed. Click on the chartname or the Begin button to go to this section for the first


    Resume If the button says Resume, it means that the activities are

    in progress. Click on the button to go to the last page viewedin this section. Note that if you did not finish an exercise

    before logging out, your earlier answers will not appear whenyou resume.

    Try Again When all activities in the section have been completed, thestatus of the button will read Try Again. Click on the name

    or the score to go to that section of the course. You will beable to review your answers.

    Click on Take Again to reset all activities in the section. All

    submitted answers for all activities will be erased.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Outstanding! This message will appear if you score 100% on an activity.

    Submitted This message will appear after you submit a Chapter Test.

    Tests can be submitted only once.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Sample Course Screens

    Course Navigation

    Here's how you can move to new pages or go to the resources on each course page.


    At the top of any exercise or presentation page, there are tools which will help you to

    navigate to the different screens within the course.

    This navigation tool is also known as a "breadcrumb trail." Click on one of the links to goback to that section.

    This navigation tool will take you to the different charts within the chapter. The charts shown

    before and after the highlighted chart are what come before and after the chart you arecurrently in. To skip to other charts in the chapter, click on the drop-down menu and thenchoose the chart you want to go to.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    On all exercise screens, you will have access to extra grammar help in the form of charts.

    Click on the Charts button to see all charts related to the exercise you are in.

    To navigate from one screen to the next in a section, use the back and forward buttons atthe bottom of the screen. If you are on the first screen of a section, only the forward buttonwill appear. If you are on the last screen of a section, only the back button will appear. When

    you reach the last screen, use the section navigation at the top of the screen to go to thenext section.


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    Sample Course Screens

    Animated Grammar Presentations

    At the beginning of every chapter, and before each chart, lively animated Talking Headsprovide information about grammar and usage. Click the Play button to listen to the

    Talking Head as you read along with the text.

    Chapter Preview


  • 8/8/2019 Azar Orientation


    At the beginning of every chapter, right after the Talking Head introduction, there is aChapter Preview consisting of a longer listening and text featuring the target grammar. The

    target grammar is highlighted within the text. You can roll your mouse over the highlightedwords or phrases and an explanation will appear.


    All of the charts from the student book are included in each chapter. These charts can also

    be access