b2b content concepts that inspire, incite and ignite: unleashing the power of ideation

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  • PRESENTED BY #C2C14 B2B Content Concepts That Inspire, Incite and Ignite Unleashing the Power of Ideation
  • #C2C14 Tonya Vinas, Senior Editor, Content4Demand Samara Hamilton, Director of Marketing, Instec Corp. Merrie Beth Salazar, Director of Marketing Communications, Cox Media Presenters
  • #C2C14 What Should Content Do?
  • #C2C14 INSPIRE!
  • #C2C14 INCITE!
  • #C2C14 IGNITE!
  • #C2C14 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideation_(idea_generation) Ideation is the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization. As such, it is an essential part of the design process, both in education and practice. What is ideation? B2B Marketing: Coming up with new ideas to further strategic goals.
  • #C2C14 Previously unreleased information Known information presented in a different way to create new knowledge Known information in new formats designed to raise awareness and/or incite action New content can come from
  • #C2C14 Ideation Is A Challenge For (About Half) Of B2B Marketers But its the most important thing in content marketing. (I have a slight bias.) Source: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks-N. Amc: CMI/Marketing Profss
  • #C2C14 Tactical Expertise Storytelling skills Subject matter knowledge Formats Delivery channels Strategic View Of Buyer Pain points and triggers Buying journey Behaviors and actions Ideation Requirements
  • #C2C14 Content4Demand Ideation
  • #C2C14 Instec and Cox Ideation
  • #C2C14 Instec Infographic
  • #C2C14 Instec Checklist
  • #C2C14 Cox Playbook
  • #C2C14 Cox Infographic
  • #C2C14 Get Started By: Meeting with your SMEs and Sales Team. Documenting what questions their customers are asking. Documenting what questions they should be asking. Assessing how conversational your current content is and if it is answering these questions. Assessing whether you are effectively using different content formatsextending beyond the core menu. Questions? Key Takeaways Creating content that inspires, incites and ignites is not easy. But it is possible.