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After a semester of being marketing consultants for the Center for Women & Enterprise in Boston, the team prepared final recommendations for the problem they asked us to solve. The team prepared several deliverables through the process.


  • 2. SUMMARY Objective: Develop a marketing plan for both women owned businesses and corporate partners to attract more interest in and awareness of the Womens Business Enterprise National Council certification Process to Recommendations: Interviewed women owned Company analysis of Researched businesses and current practices industry corporate partners
  • 3. KEY FINDINGS Low Brand Disconnect About Sense of Awareness Matching Process Abandonment Client website Feedback from Feedback from sample & analysis women women owned Feedback from businesses & businesses women owned center employees businesses Competition Website Design Analysis Website Comparison to Analysis competitors
  • 4. Resonance Clients dont feel a strong connection No customer loyalty Choose CWE because its the only option for certification Judgments: Quality of the program is not Judgments | emphasized, added benefits do not seem Feelings valuable; credibility is not justified Feelings: Sense of abandonment, clients are wasting time & money at events (no results) Performance: Low penetration of eligible market, low corporate match rate, no metrics for legit statistics, clients are not Performance | guaranteed results Imagery Imagery: Confusing (too many acronyms), website seems confusing (poor representation of company), no recognition on client websites, no unique brand associations No recall OR recognition Client needs are not being Salience satisfied Internally company is aware of problems, clients see thisBrand Equity Pyramid
  • 5. RECOMMENDATIONS AGENDA Increase Promotional Ideas Wordmark Communication Designate Educational For Center for representatives programs Women and Programs in Sponsor an event Enterprise other areas Raise brand (CWE) Monthly updates awareness Comparison to Website Refresh National Partners Events Website Log In comparisons Interactive Chat Continue research
  • 6. INCREASE COMMUNICATION RECOMMENDATION #1 Designate Offer events and representatives for training/counseling each region of New programs in other England areas of the region Send monthly emails/pamphlets to certified business
  • 7. PROMOTIONAL IDEAS RECOMMENDATION #2Educational Programs Market the Center For Women and Enterprise and the certification program as a tool to educate women and grow and improve their businesses market the matching making as an added bonus Use testimonials from certified women owned businesses in distributed literature and at eventsSponsor an Event Focused on potential clients Learn information about WBENC through the centerRaise Brand Awareness Create networking opportunities
  • 8. WEBSITE REFRESH RECOMMENDATION #3Login Information Highlight Benefits Additional options Put on homepage WBENC Certification Instant chat with the center Market login as a positive Highlight the center services employees and specific benefit Show insights of companies representative ex.) Be able to access a who have enjoyed the Chat with other businesses list of current companies services and corporations and corporations Show potential corporation Automatically become a matches online and get part of an email chain that the companies talking sends reminders about through instant message upcoming events and center programs
  • 10. WORDMARK RECOMMENDATION #4WordmarkDevelop a wordmark that is mandated to be featured on all center clients websites Back Links Links back to center website where potential clients can learn about the center and the certification program Benefits Free marketing More awareness
  • 11. UTILIZE OTHER REGIONAL PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS RECOMMENDATION #5 In addition to researching their Constant websites, the Center for Women and Contact Enterprise should contact and stay in contact with the other partners By establishing a relationship with the other partners, the Center would be Relationship able to incorporate fresh ideas, Benefits potentially gain new clients, and increase networking opportunities