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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>B2B Marketing PartnersB2B Marketing Partnershttp://www.b2bmarketingpartners.com77 Water Street, 8th Floor, Manhattan, New York, 10005Phone: 800 530 1130</p> <p>B2B Marketing Partners lets you connect with people across the globe with innovative ideas, for over two decades we have been providing various e-mail marketing services to individuals and organizations who actively seek to connect with people in order to promote their brands and products. Our ideas are coupled along with the cutting edge technology to deliver the finest of service to our clients.</p> <p>About Us</p> <p>E-MAIL CAMPAIGN</p> <p>NEWSLETTER CAMPAIGN</p> <p>NEW CAMPAIGN</p> <p>LEAD GENERATION</p> <p>LIST MANAGEMENT</p> <p>VIRAL MARKETING</p> <p>SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING</p> <p>PPC CAMPAIGN</p> <p>Our services ADVERTISING</p> <p>WEB DESIGNING</p> <p>DATA MATCHING</p> <p>B2B DATA MATCHING</p> <p>B2C DATA MATCHING</p> <p>E-MAIL MATCHING</p> <p>TELEPHONE AND FAX MATCHING</p> <p>REVERSE DATA MATCHING</p> <p>DATA CLEANSING</p> <p>Our Services </p> <p>E-MAIL LISTSINDUSTRY SPECIFIC LISTS</p> <p>HEALTHCARE E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>FINANCE &amp; BANKING E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>INSURANCE E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>TRAVEL E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>HOSPITALITY E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>MEDIA E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>AUTOMOTIVE E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>MORTGAGE E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>Our Services TECHNOLOGY SPECIFIC E-MAIL LISTS</p> <p>ERP VENDORS E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>CRM USERS E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>DBMS VENDORS E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>GROUPWARE E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>CENP E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>SOFTWARE USER E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>BI VENDOR E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>OS VENDOR E-MAIL LIST</p> <p>Our Services </p> <p>E-mail Campaign Are you still hunting to find an absolute way for your promoting activity? Then your search stops here, B2B Marketing Partners have discovered cost effective solutions to reach to your customer. </p> <p>Our e-mail campaigns are unique; we wish to bring difference in all our endeavors this separates our great email campaign from a good one. We offer incomparable real time marketing solutions based on individual needs, </p> <p>E-mail Campaign made easy</p> <p>We involve state of the art software to initiate an e-mail campaign activity as well to track the response rate; moreover it increases the visibility of our customers brand and product, based on the accurate analysis </p> <p>We are delighted to offer you with:- </p> <p>Conceptualized e-mail templates</p> <p>Impressive content </p> <p>Time and cost effective marketing tools</p> <p>Instant customer support</p> <p>Post campaign tracking service</p> <p>Managing customer feedback</p> <p>High delivery rate</p> <p>B2B Marketing Partners</p> <p>Time and cost effective marketing tools</p> <p>Instant customer support</p> <p>Post campaign tracking service</p> <p>Managing customer feedback</p> <p>High delivery rate</p> <p>E-mail Campaign made easy</p> <p>Choose any of the below to activate your e-mail campaignRun new campaign with 100 % delivery rate.Track your result and response after the blast.Catchy e-mail templates, contents, and designs.Post campaign services to improve performance</p> <p>With our lead- gen serviceGet Real Time Sales TriggersDevelop Quality Sales LeadsGain Competitive IntelligenceIdentify Key ExecutivesView Key Industry TrendsDevelop Quality Sales LeadsAnalyze Financials</p> <p>LIST MANAGEMENTWith our services you can:Cleanse and update your lists.Segregate details as per your wish.Gain easy access.Get your database managed by experts with little investment, talk to our experts anytime and get your ideas implemented. </p> <p>B2B Data Matching is a unique service that generates the contact information of business prospects from a wide array of industries and helps you connect with them instantly.At B2B Marketing Partners we offer you unique data matching service to match your data with our master data to fetch the most current contact information about your customers. Benefits:Highly reliable data for marketing usage.Opt-in data ensuring legal and individual privacy.Reap huge profit on your investment. Custom-made solution for organization of all sizes. DATA MATCHING</p> <p>Contact UsWe value our customers relationship and provide a great platform for successful email campaigns, this enables us to give the best than any of our rivals could afford. So if you are interested on acquiring innovative ideas to reach the ideal people faster and better then TALK TO US NOW to know more about our services and offers which we have for you.Reach us at (phone number) or mail us at info@b2bmarketingpartners.com and our team will be right at your service to meet your requirements. </p>